Thursday, December 27, 2007

The 'After Christmas'

Ok, I know I only posted 2 days ago, but I was so rushed...a little one doesn't give a mother much time. So I figure if I blog a bit more often, but not as much as before, its still just as good right?

We've had a nice quiet day at home. I got out for a walk in the am with all 3 kids, Bryan in the sling, and the 2 girls walking. My neighbor Cheryl joined us, and it was lovely to chat about the Christmas celebrations we both enjoyed, and about family we'd seen. We went for a walk that by myself I can do it 20 minutes....but with Grace walking, took us about an hour! But I figured, we were all getting fresh air, had nowhere to go, and the girls had fun stopping to put mitt prints in the snow, and dig up sticks.
The girls are busy enjoying their gifts. Gracey go new pots and pans and dishes for the play kitchen. She has been very busy 'cooking' up stews and coffee. Only, strangely enough, those stews contain her much beloved Tigger and Piglet:).
Angelina has been busy painting with a new paint set, and refusing to let Grace use her new 'cell phone'. Girls will be girls! She received lots of princess things for Christmas. Socks, shirts, books, hair do dads, and the like. She puts on the items, and says things like, " I'm a beautiful princess!" She is our very girly girl.
Bryan is enjoying wearing some new clothes that Santa brought! LOL! And other than that doing alot of sleeping. He has a bit of a cold, and is being a bit of a monkey at night. With his snorting, grunting, and raspy nose breathing, he's doing a great job of keeping mommy up to worry! Not really to much, but with him being a new born I do worry a bit. On the flip side, he is getting stronger! When I prop him up against my hand to 'sit' he has been working very hard to hold is head up. He can do it now for short periods, and he turns his head back and forth to look around. A bit wobbly, but its coming. He also tries to lift his head up when he's on his tummy, but I know this is much harder for them to do and it will be awhile before he has great success at it.

That's all the news we have for now. Post again soon with some pics!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone
From the littlest one!

Here is Gracey, breastfeeding 2 babies at one time!

Ok, one is Winnie the Pooh, but is all the same to her!

Here is Angelina, King...No, Queen of the Castle!

And here is all our wee ones, enjoying a bath Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas everyone! And it has been a wonderful Christmas season, and day for us. Christmas with a new born, just makes the season and day that much more wonderful!

First of all Bryan is growing and doing well. Sylvia came last week Thursday and he weighed in at 9lb5oz. So he is gaining just under an ounce a day, which is perfectly normal. He is beginning to follow objects with his eyes, and he looks for voices as they move around the room. He's been busy looking at the lamp in the living room, and I noticed today he had a bit of a flat spot on one side of his head at the back. But that is quickly fixed by just turning him the other way so he has to turn his head to look at it. Funny really, the things you forget with babies. He is out growing his newborn clothes and moved up to 3-6 month stuff. He is still in the newborn fitted cloth diapers I had purchased for him. But he may get another week out of them if I am lucky!
And Gracey and her babies. LOL! She has taken to nursing her dolls at turn. Sometimes when I am, sometimes just because. In that picture I just happen to catch her nursing 2 dolls, which has become quit a habit. From Santa she received some Winnie the Pooh figures. Small hand held ones. And what do you suppose she was doing? Nursing Tigger on one side, and Piglet on the other. Oh, she makes us laugh!
Angelina has enjoyed the snow we received the last week or so! She is busy climbing and sliding, and having snowball fights. I admit, I was one that taught her that game! We had an open house for my daycare parents the other day, and she enjoyed seeing and playing with her friends again. And in the end of the evening she sent them all home with Christmas play dough and some fun cookie cutters!
As Christmas Day comes to a close I am thoughtful and thankful. I thank God for my healthy family. 2 growing, happy girls, and a new baby boy. I have a husband that loves me and our children. We have a home to call our own, and we are in a country that is save. We have extended family around us to call on in time of need, and celebrate in times of joy.
I am thoughtful as to what the future holds. But I can't change it. I can only wait for time to takes its course, and enjoy each new day as it comes.

And on saying that, I am going to end the day with an evening spent with Goran, in my new Christmas PJ's!

Merry Christmas, from my family to yours, hope you had a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

His Belly Botton Fell Off!

Reading stories and nursing!

My darling son, sleeping the afternoon away!

The girls catching a few minutes with the baby brother...and as you can see Grace slowly warming up.

Yeah to the gross smell belly button. It fell off and Bryan is left with a nice innie belly button like the rest of us! And he is fitting in with our family very well. He does what most babies do. He eats, and sleeps, and poos. He has fit in with a our daily routine nicely. Going from 2-3 has been a breeze! Maybe because I've done daycare, and I am use to the juggling act. Maybe because I am just that much more relaxed. I don't really know why, its just been easier. I remember I was terrified of being alone with the 2 girls after I had Grace, but I had none of those feelings of anxiety this time. So for me, this had been a very nice transition to a family of 5. I think Angelina would agree with me. She luvs to hold Bryan, and kiss him. She will go to him when he is crying and try to sooth him. She tells me often, "I luv having a baby brother, Mommy." Now Grace I am sure feels much different. She has had the hardest time adjusting to Bryan. She wants to sit on my lap when I have him. She wants to nurse when I am nursing him. And any time I say, "Just a minute," she dissolves into tears. But it is coming. As the days have gone by, she is a bit more patient while I am nursing, and will even look at him now. Sometimes I will catch her standing by his chair, and she'll touch his hand, or lean over and look right into his face. She is checking him out. Still deciding if he's ok or not. I know in the end, it will be ok with her. So right now I just watch and smile, knowing she is slowly falling in love with him as well. And Goran has been great. He has been helping me, making sure I have what I need, and taking care of the household chores. This has been wonderful as I am able to focus my energy into taking care of Bryan, spending time with the girls and getting my rest. And he luvs having a son.

Well I think that's it for now. I don't have a whole lot of time, but I will try to post again soon.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Son is Here!

I started to write a post on Monday about how bummed I was, but something stopped me. I decided to get somethings done instead. Grocery shopping and some baking was on my list. But once I got to the grocery store I was 'crampy', differently than I had been the past week or so. Not really really painful, but different. So I finished my shopping and went home. I gave the girls some lunch, and put them down for a nap. Still the same sort of thing, so I thought I should lay down and see if it goes away. It didn't. I slept on and off but the 'cramps' kept waking me up. I got up at 3:00pm and got the girls up. I messaged my mom on the computer and told her something strange was going on. I had been timing my contractions on and off during the day, but there was no real pattern to them yet. I timed them again. 3-5 minutes apart, and they were lasting longer...45 secs min. but often longer. I had a few loose stools. I knew that was a good sign. I put a movie on for Angelina, and started doing things in the room. I hooked up the hose, moved the bed around, put down a plastic sheet, set up some candles, and all in between 'cramps'. During my 'cramps' I would sit on my ball and rock around. I kept going to the bathroom looking for some 'show'. I kept thinking, "If I have that, then I know this is the real thing." But every time I went I was disappointed. My mom called at 3:45pm. We decided she would call again in about 1/2 hour and see. But I told her I would feel better if she was here. She could watch the kids and I could concentrate. And the roads were not to good, so I didn't want her rushing. If it turned out to be nothing, then at least we would have a good night together. I had called Goran just after 3:00, and told him I thought 'maybe'. He had an interview at 4:00 which I told him to go to, and then come home. "If I need you sooner I'll call you," I had told him. I called Sylvia to give her a 'heads up' that maybe something was happening. We discussed what was happening, and she said it looked good, but it could slow down and stop. I told her, "I just wanted to warn you because the roads aren't to good." I told her I would call back when I was sure. I called Kristyn and Cheryl to give them a heads up. "Maybe," I said, telling them to I would call back when I was sure.

Suddenly at about 4:10, I just knew. Or maybe I just 'accepted' that this was it. The contractions were 3 minutes apart now, and 50+sec each. I started to call everyone and tell them, "Yes its time, come when you can." I called my mom first, then Sylvia, then Cheryl. I knew Kristyn was on a time line with work so decided to wait to call her. I was still working on my ball, and the girls were just there in the room with me. The pool was filling up, and Goran came home around 4:45pm. We talked a bit while I worked through the contractions, but he seemed to realize this was it, and got work with me. He was busy getting me water, helping the kids, and rubbing my back during contractions. He actually got the kids bathing suites on, and they played in the pool for a bit! My mom came next, and she got the kids dressed and took them upstairs for super. I called Kristyn and l told her to come when she could. Sylvia came at about 6:00pm. She did a quick vag. examine and told me I was 7 cm. Yeah! 3 cms to go. I knew I was in transition. Contractions were longer and more intense and I was shaking. I began to feel like maybe I couldn't do it. Cheryl came. Katie, the second midwife came. Kristyn came. Goran was still with me 100%. He was rubbing my back during contractions, and I was humming, moaning low tonnes. I read that helped to relax and open the cervix. Between contractions Goran would get in front of me and tell me to relax against him. He was awesome. Supporting me the way I needed, just when I needed it. Its hard for me to ask for help, and he knows that. He just took charge and did what I needed.

I had been on the ball for along time, and I knew my labor was stalling abit. I was tired. Sometimes a contractions would 'get' me before I could get a good handle on it, and I would cry out in pain, and fear. My body needed a new position. The midwives were suggesting things, and Goran was too. But it hurt, and I knew getting up would hurt more. The ball was 'flexible support' for my perineum. Goran suggested the shower, and the tub. The midwives suggested having a few contractions on the toilet. I was passing dirty looks around to each of them. Didn't they understand, moving hurt! But I knew it was time for a change. I knew the more it hurt, the sooner my baby would be here. I finally agreed and jumped in the tub. I was right. It hurt, more. Different. The midwives suggested breaking my water. Maybe that would speed things up. I really wanted them to break on their own. I had gone into labor on my own (finally!) and I really wanted my body to do the rest on its own too. I moved around in the water. I moaned and groaned, and leaned on Goran through contractions. I was contemplating what the midwives were saying about my water when suddenly I felt something...pressure, urge to push, and then something bulging just inside me. It was the bag of water. I asked if I could break it myself and they said, yes if I could, to go ahead. I managed to pinch and tear it with my finger nails, and slpush, more water was in the tub! I reached inside of me and could feel my baby's head. He was almost here. I worked through a few more contractions, trying to focus, but it was hard, it hurt so bad. Finally during a contraction I felt the urge, and began to push. " Good, Kathryn," Katie told me. "Listen to your body." Oh, it felt good to do 'something', but burned at the same time. With the next contraction the urge to push came sooner, so I pushed for longer. I could feel my baby's head crowning. I knew with the next contraction the baby would be here. The next one came and I pushed with all I had in me. I felt his head 'pop' out of me, and knew the shoulders had to come. I pushed for those shoulders, and I felt him slither out of me. I could here the excitement in the room. The midwives were talking fast, and my mom and Cheryl were cheering. I had been leaning on my knees on Goran, so I had to lift up my leg, to take my baby in my arms.

" ITS A BOY!" I cried out. I leaned back in the tub. His cord was short so I had to be careful not to to pull to hard. I looked at Goran, "Its a boy, a son!" I told him. He was crying before I even had him in my arms. They put a hat on his head, and I gathered him to my breast with a blanket. I was instructed to keep him in the water to keep him warm. It was 7:46pm.

We've named him Bryan Alexander. He weighed 8lb15oz. He is beautiful. He is strong.

Friday, November 30, 2007

My Last Day of Work

So today is my last day of work for the next 3 months.At times it has been hard. I'm uncomfortable, and my patience has been low with the kidz on occasion. But now that I'm at Nov. 30th I am so glad they have been here! They have kept my mind busy, and kept my spirits up. They have given me a reason to get up daily and kept the day in a predictable routine. They accept me as I am each day. Whether I'm in a great mood, or I'm feeling a bit cranky. As this week comes to a close, my biggest question for myself is "What am I going to do next week?" LOL!!
Its really bitter sweet. I look forward to the time off, spending time with my 2 girls, and bonding with the new baby(when he/she comes). But on the other hand, these kids have helped me get through a tough week. My over due week. A week that would have been much harder without them. I am going to miss them. And as much as I look forward to my time off, I look forward to their return in March just as much.

And as for being over due...what can ya do? Crying doesn't help just confuses my children. "Why is Mommy crying?" Crabbing at Goran doesn't help, just makes us crabby at each other. And honestly he has been my rock. He has been supportive, and understanding. Giving me an extra hug when I need it, ordering supper out a few times these past few weeks, and offer to help out around the house. I don't want to be crabby with him. I tell him "Thank you Hunny," and hope he understands how much it all means to me. So I just remind myself, 'Baby knows best,' and I keep on going. The only thing I hate (and I mean hate) is the inducton questions from near strangers. I did not want to walk Angelina to school yesterday. I just KNEW that this one woman was going to get on my case. Just like I knew, she saw me and says, "Oh, you haven't had your baby? When is the doctor going to induce?" I'm smiling through clenched teeth. Boy I wanted to hit her.
"I'm not inducing," I replied.
Her eyes just about popped out of her head. "You can have very serious complications from leaving the baby in there to long. Did you know that?"
This is my 3rd baby. Does she think I am stupid?
"I am only 3 days over due at this point," I smiled at her. "And my midwife supports my decision 100% to wait at this time."
"Oh, right. I forgot, your doing all this at home," she sorta rolled her eyes and left.
My blood was boiling. Its only 3 day! This could be a miscalculation of dates! Baby's heart rate was good, baby responds to stimulation, and baby moves around like crazy.
Just wait...I'm not done my story. When I picked Angelina up, the same woman had the guts to inform all the other moms and dads that I was not 'very happy' about being over due.
Really what bothers me, is some uniformed person warning me about how dangerous it is to go over due. She doesn't know the complications of inductons are far far greater.
So that is it for now. I am working one last day, have a parade to go to tomorrow, and I am visiting Kristyn and Mark on Sunday. I do not plan to sit and wait all weekend. That would drive me nuts!
So ta ta for now, and I will keep you all posted!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

1 Day Over!

Well, my due date, came, and went. And I really am ok with it. I know that babies come when they are ready and I want my baby when he/she is ready. The start and stop labor is hard. It can get pretty intense. Last night it was intense enough I had to do my breathing exercises and focusing. I put the girls to bed, layed down, and woke up 1/2 hour later. It had stopped. But every time it starts I wonder, is this is? And the thing is, that is how it will start, and it will just keep going, instead of stopping. I saw Sylvia yesterday, and I was 3-4 cm, and 85% effaced. So the 'early labor' I've been having is making things happen, just not fast enough for me:)

Since last week when I posted, we celebrated a birthday! Angelina turned 4. We have had several B-day parties for her to get in all the relatives, but yesterday was the official day. What we like to do is buy a gift for the birthday person, and Goran and I wake that individual up before he goes to work and give them their gift. So yesterday we woke her up, and gave her her gift. Its this Dora/Mermaid thing, that sings and turns around...she saw it on TV a few weeks ago and requested it. I honestly think she had forgotten about it, so she was delightfully surprised yesterday morning! Its just a few minutes that we get together with our Birthday Girl. And we get to make their day with that 'special gift' from Mommy and Daddy! And it really did make her day. She showed her friends, took it to bed for nap, and when I woke her up it was the first thing she played with. I'm glad that we as her mom and dad can make her so happy!

I have my daycare kids for the rest of the week if I see it through. I am really really glad! It is a wonderful distraction! They really have no idea whats going on, and are happy, and smiling, and a nice joy through the day! They nap in the afternoon, and the routine keeps the morning flowing quickly.

Well that it for now. I will post again, either next week, or sooner if this little one arrives! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Picture!

Me and the girls just enjoying eachother, and the belly!
Any guesses to what we're having?

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Waiting Game

Sorry I am a bit late in posting. I really really thought I would have had this baby by now. Being 3cm last week, and 75% effaced...contractions coming and going. But Sylvia was sorta on call on the weekend, depending on when, so I think my body just stopped, knowing I wasn't guaranteed to have her at the birth. I did see Sylvia yesterday, and there was not much change from last week. My GBS swab came back and thankfully it was negative. She did do a stretch and sweep, and I was uncomfortably contracting for the evening, but again, things slowed down and stopped by bed time.
I am still working, the kids coming in each morning is a nice distraction. I am really glad I have them to look forward to. They keep me busy, and my mind going, so I am not upset about not having had this baby yet. The prospect of getting up with nothing to do is very bleak.

So I will sign off for now. I am feeling peaceful, and relaxed, and want to get as much rest as I can, as soon I know I will need my energy. :)

I will post again for sure next week if I haven't yet had the baby, but hopefully before that with a story of a great birth!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So the great news is, Baby has flipped!! Good to know that all the walking I have done in the last 5 days has increased gravity and brought that little head down to where it should be! Its been an intense 5 days, on the phone with Sylvia, discussing options, and declining, discussing and more declining. I understand and appreciate their position, but I still have the right to refuse, and let my body work. Which it seems to be doing quite well I must say! I was 3 cm's dilated today, and 75% effaced. I saw Pauline, and she did a stretch and sweep to active some hormones, and we will have to wait and see if anything happens in the next few days.
There is lots more to write, but its late, and I just wanted to give a quick update about the progress. I will write again on the weekend to fill in all the rest that's been going on.

Have a great night!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Breastfeeding, Breech, and Snow

I've been waiting for it, and its happened. After I had Grace, Angelina would sit and breastfeed her baby dolls. I understood that she didn't remember breastfeeding and that's why it was after I had Grace, and she saw it, that she did it. It made me so proud! I would tell her, "Good girl, that's how we feed out babies, right?" And she would respond, "Yep!"
So I have been waiting for Grace thinking maybe she would do it sooner, because we are still a 'nursing couple'. Well the other night Goran and I went out together, and my parents came to watch the girls for us. When we came home, there was Gracey, all freshly bathed, in her PJ's, nursing her baby 'Belle". I almost cried. Mom said that a little while before, she saw her tugging and trying so hard to get her shirt up, to nurse her baby! The way I figure it, she likely missed me, and was missing the 'connection' of breastfeeding, so went ahead and nursed her baby. Again, it makes me proud that she 'breastfeeds' her babies. But also she understands the connection and still needs it from me. I luv her so much. I am so glad I decided to nurse through this pregnancy, and I am still able to enjoy this with her. An added benefit, they say siblings that nurse together, share a special bond!

Now our next topic.
Sylvia came today for home visit, and after we chatted, had tea, and baked good, we got down to business. Blood pressure, weight, I did the GBS swab, ect. Then she checks baby's positioning, and it appears baby is breech. All I have to say is YUCK! But I have had a few hours to think this out. I declined all interventions at this time. Why you may ask? Here is why,
  1. Baby could have 3 weeks to turn around yet
  2. So far baby has been head down every time, except this one time
  3. If we do an external version, and baby turns, but baby's cord gets trapped, and heart rated drops, I end up with a c-section.
  4. I have a very adequate pelvis, and I know, and my midwife knows I can do it!(thank you Sylvia for giving me the power to trust my body!)
  5. The % of baby's breech in labor is 3-4 %. So my chances are low.

So there you have it. In 3 weeks if baby is still playing silly, then I may rethink my decision. But right now, I want to enjoy my last few weeks, and trust my body. Its really hard. Everyone seems to get pretty worked up about this. What if this happens, or that, what if, what if, what if? And 99% of the time the what ifs never happen and baby turns, and comes out just fine. And many times a baby is this way for a reason, a tight cord, cord around the neck, ect. I remember now with Grace, it was hard to enjoy the pregnancy because of how she layed. The last month or so was filled with worry, and in the end she came out perfect. I bit strangely, but everything worked out just fine. Right now my plan is to think positive, and enjoy the last few weeks.To soon its over, and I will be wishing I was pregnant again:)

And the snow! November 8, the first day! Wow! I am so surprised! The kidz absolutely luved it! Really all they did was walk in it, and eat it, (another yuck)but they luved it none the less. Angelina kept saying things like,"Look, its on the trees!" and "Its covering the ground!" Boy, is she in for a surprise after our first good snow fall!

Well I'm off to the TV. Hope every ones week is going well, and I will post again soon!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Angelina is quit excited about donning on her costume, and taking to the streets. Grace, I'm sure will be happy to tag along. Here they are ready to go in their costumes.

The midwife apt. was yesterday, and everything was splendid. Baby is head down, low, but not engaged as I had thought. Next week Sylvia will come for a home visit to 'check things out'. I always luv when they come into the home. So much more personal. I make tea, and home baked goods to share...its really like a visit with friend.
I also blew up the pool, 'just in case' I go early. I can always hope! Goran is getting the downstairs shower functional, and putting in a nice spray shower head for if I need that for some pain relief. He is also brushing up on his coaching skills, by reading "The Birth Partner" by Penny Simkin. He read it while I was pregnant with Grace and requested it to read again. I'm also gathering supplies. Bedsheets for the futon, old towels, receiving blankets, hats for Baby, space heater, so it can be nice and warm, just birthing stuff. Its nice to be doing something in preparation.
I have also started nesting. Going, room by room, and giving a good cleaning. Clearing out closets, going through cloths, that kind of thing. With both the girls I did this as well, and it was a few weeks before birth. I am also cooking casseroles, and baking breads, cookies, and muffins for the freezer. This way after Baby comes I won't have so much to do. I can put a casserole in for supper, get muffins out for guests, all that sort of thing.
As it turns out Angelina guiltily told me yesterday that she wants to go to Cheryl's house to see her house. It has nothing to do with the baby, and she would actually like to see the baby, and maybe watch some TV when the time comes. So when the times comes, I will just let her come and go from the room as she pleases and see how she handles that. I told her after Baby comes she can go to Cheryl's and tell her if its a boy or girl. She said that was great.
Daycare is going well. My friend, from down the street, and I had a Halloween party for the kidz on Monday. We sang songs, played games, did a craft, and decorated cookies. They had a GREAT time. I am scaling down activities and crafts abit, as I am getting more tired. I am still doing them, as the kids LUV them, just some simplier things. Gluing, coloring, free flow stories and songs through the day, that sort of thing. We are still going outside every day, and walking Angelina to preschool and back on Thursdays.

I have 9 wool soakers complete. I just have to wash and lanalize them. I have enough wool for one more, so I am working on it now, and when I'm done it, that's it for now. I have a few different sizes, and varied that pattern a bit to figure out how to do one I really like. I am happy with what I learned, and with what I made. This way if I do really like them, I can make some bigger sizes when Baby needs them, and I will know just how to do it.

I 'm still feeling good, tired, but nothing unusual. When I get a whole nights sleep I'm good. But if Grace has been up a few times, I'm a bit ruff the following day. Sometimes I think I would really like to be done being pregnant, but then a day like today, I'm ok with a few more weeks. But I guess whether I like it or not, Baby will come on his/her agenda, not mine:)

Following is a picture, as the girls make my tummy into a pumpkin/jack-o-lantern. Such a blast!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

34 weeks and 5 days, Pics!

Here is a few pictures I promised.

Here we are for the Hiemstra Family Thanksgiving walk. The tree behind us is the tree that we usually climb and have a picture done in, but, well, I wasn't quite up for climbing this year:)

And here I am, just last night. Its amazing to see myself. How much my baby belly has grown, and see the 'drop'. Now that I see it in a picture, I can really see the slope of my belly, and how low it is.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Sing Along

I put the baby car seat in the van. In preparation for the baby's first care ride. When I did it I also switched the girls around. Grace is in Angelina's old spot, and the baby car seat is beside her. So they are both in the middle. Angelina is in the back. It is much easier getting them in and out. I don't have to run around from side to side to buckle them up. (I don't know how people did it when vans only had one side door.) And they can't fight either now. I always kept them together thinking they could play, and keep each other company, but they just fought more then anything. Everyone needs a little space, right?
So, off I went shopping last night. Each one in their 'new' spot. On the way home I caught Angelina singing to the music. Just a kidz CD I have in the car. It was very cute. She didn't know all the words, but when the chorus came on, I could here her trying so hard to get the words in time with the CD. She's grow, and becoming such a preschooler.

As for me, I am getting uncomfortable. During the last week, my pelvis pressure has increase. By the end of the night the inside of my thighs are throbbing, and my back is really starting to hurt too. Its almost like a nerve. Just the way Baby sits sometimes...and I can hardly more, it hurts. And the braxton hicks are becoming more frequent, and a wee bit uncomfortable. A few weeks ago, I was getting tired and all that, but I wasn't ready for the pain of childbirth quite yet. I was willing to put up with pregnancy as trade of for that. But now, I would just like to sleep on my back, walk without waddling, and be able to get up off the couch with out help, or grunting, go 3 hours between trips to the bathroom....So now I am ready. I am willing and ready to accept and embrace the pain of childbirth, because when its over, I will feel sooo much better. And I would really like to hold my baby in my arms. Watch the love in Goran's face as he see his new child for the first time. See the wonder on the girls faces when they see their new baby...
Yes, I am ready for that now. But all in good time. Babies tend to have their own time table;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yesterday I was resting on the couch, and I got up to get ready to wake the kidz up. Suddenly I had the urge to pee so bad, I almost didn't make it from the couch to the bathroom. I thought to myself, "That was strange." But continued about the afternoon.
"Oh, my goodness!"exclaimed one of my mom's who was picking up her son when she saw me. "You've dropped."
I started thinking about the when I had gotten up off the couch. Hummm.
So when Goran got home, I lifted up my shirt and asked him, "Does it look like I dropped?"
" Yes!" He exclaimed, pretty much the same way. "Big time!"
And honestly, I can feel it. The past week or so I have had a hard time catching my breath, and my bra has been really digging into me by the end of the day. But, I can breath better! And Baby's feet feel just a bit lower then before when he/she goes on a kicking spree. And, and I can feel extra pressure in my perineum, that is in a different place than before.
So it looks to other people like I dropped, and it feels like it to me. "Dropped" referes to the baby's head descending in to the pelvis in preparation for labor. For a first time baby it is quite normal for it to happen at this time. Usually with 2nd, 3rd, ect baby's it doesn't happen until the woman goes into labor. But, its not unheard of to happen now, and it likely means I will have lots of prodormal labor. This is a lot of start and stop labor. It means changes are happening in preparation for labor. It usually results in a shorter labor, when labor really does kick in. But in the mean time it can be very tiring, and the woman, (me) is in a constant state of alertness.
But, knowing all this will give me an advantage. I am a prepared, and ready to get my rest.
My mom predicted that I would go early. I kept saying "No." But now, I think she might be on to something. Only time will tell. And really, it doesn't mean that much, I could still hang onto well into December!!

The rest of the family is doing well. Grace is still getting up to pee at night, but goes to bed right afterwards. And I am usually up once or twice anyways, so no big deal. Angelina does as well, but she is old enough she does it all on her own. Goran is busy, as usual. He is looking for a deep freezer for me. Just a smallish apt. size one, so I can put some extra food in it, in preparation for the baby's birth. This way I won't have to do to much cooking afterwards. I could make some bread and freeze it too.....

Well, that's all for now. I will get Goran to take a few pics, and post them to see if anyone else notices the difference.

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Great Visit

I had a great visit today at the midwives. Sylvia said everything is running along on course, and baby is doing well. I am 33 weeks today!! I can't believe the time has gone by so fast. It has been such a busy summer, and with the late arrival of fall weather, it is surreal that impending birth is only about 7 weeks away. I see Lisa my 3rd in 2 weeks, and 2 weeks after that Sylvia comes for a home visit. I will be 37 weeks then, and after that point, anything goes! Wow, sometimes I can't believe that by Christmas time our family will be 5!

Grace came down with a nasty virus, and was running a high fever all weekend. So there was some sleep, but mostly broken into a few hours at a time. One night I was up every 4 hours giving her Tylenol, and last night she slept from midnight to about 6:30am, but when she woke she had soiled herself. YUCK! What a thing to deal with at 6:30 in the morning. So needless to say, bedsheets were washed, toddler was washed, and everyone smelled much better after that. Her fever broke, so she is feeling better, but still very tired. She actually went and crawled into bed on her own tonight. I just put her jammies on, kissed her, and let her go.

Angelina and I had 'talk' about the baby's arrival. She really isn't looking forward to it, and when I asked if she would like to go to Cheryl's when the baby 'comes out', she responded with a very definite yes. I was disappointed, but I understand that this is all very hard for her to grasp. So I, with a heavy heart, agreed she could go. But I also reminded her if she changed her mind, she could stay.

So that is really it for me. My comfort level is still good. With the ruff week and weekend past, I've been tired, but my energy is building again, and I feel ready for another 7 weeks.

Have a great week all, and I will post again soon.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Adventures Continue.....

Here is my grumpy girl yesterday morning at 6:15 am. Just as grumpy as mommy!!

And she is this morning, at 7:30ish, feeling much better!

So last night wasn't as bad, and she lasted until 3:45ish am. I heard her pad off to the bathroom on her own, and held my breath hoping she would go back to bed. Nope. After a few minutes I heard her playing with a squeaky book. I waited. A few minutes later I can still here her. OK, so I have to get up. I sit down across from her.
"It's night time. We have have to go back to bed." I tell her.
"Ma ma, pee pee," she says getting off the potty.
"Great," I said.
'But that is not the point," I think to myself
But out loud I say, "You can have a smarties and go back to bed."
She nods her understanding. Off to the kitchen. As I give her her smarties, I notice she's a bit warm. Like Temperature, hot warm. Maybe this explains the last few nightly wanderings. Maybe something is bothering her. I give her some Tylenol, and off to bed.
"And you have to be quiet," I tell her as I slip her into bed, "Or mommy will put you in the playpen." I point to in the corner, so she understands.
She just smiles at me.
I hit the sack, hoping, praying that is the end. Nope. 15-20 minutes, just I am dosing off I hear her voice carrying some off note tune of a song she remembers. Time to follow through.
"Sorry Hunny, you are going to have to sleep in the playpen," I whisper, as I pick her up, her pillow, blanket, and baby.
I gently place her in, put her blanket on, and tell her, "I luv you Grace, have fun."
I know she is safe now, and the mumbled singing doesn't bother me. I didn't hear her after awhile, and eventually drifted off to sleep.
Well, much better. We all woke up at 7:30. Great!! Much better. I will keep working on it. I know she can get through this.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Graces Nightly Adventures

Of course, as it goes, you get over one hurdle and there is another one waiting, right? The potty stuff is done. Hurdle conquered. But now my little monkey has decided that about 1:15 am is a great time to play, and sing, and read stories. But not without several trips to the bathroom. Ok the first 2 nights I struggled through, trying to keep my cool. Yesterday I was very tired and cranky in the morning, but had a mental break though think how lucky I was to have 2 healthy, (beautiful) girls, and be pregnant again! Wow, what a miracle. So I put her to bed bit later last night thinking that might help. Nope. 1:21am I here her little feet pad across the wood floor to my room. "Oh no, not again!" I think to myself. I keep my eyes closed, hoping she thinks I'm asleep and goes back to bed. (Can she even have those complex thoughts?) " Fat chance. I tried that the last 2 nights in a row, why would it work the 3rd night?
"Ma ma!" She sputters around her soother, and hits my hand. "Pee pee," She says as she pats her bum. She's got some books in her other hand, so she has plans.
"Ok, lets go," I say, as I struggle to get up in my large aquard, 8 months pregnant way. Off the the bathroom. I figure I'm here I might as well go myself. I'm pretty sleepy, and have a hard time keeping eyes open. Ok, when we've both finished, I tuck her in to bed, and go off myself, hoping this is the end (just like the last 2 nights.) The sagga begins. For an hour and a half she sings and plays, and I think to myself, 'I'm so lucky to have children. Some people can't.' And I get up 5 -6 times, tuck her in nice, and tell her to go to sleep. The 7th time, (its now 2:51am)I think to myself (as she pads to the bathroom) 'Ahhhhh! This is nuts!!I'm so tired I can't think!'
I go to the bathroom, waddle waddle waddle.
"Grace, if you want to play, you will have to go in the crib," I tell her. "Its night time, time to be sleeping. And its not safe for you to be wondering around playing in the dark."
In she goes, with her pillow, and blanket, and baby.
Ok, she wasn't happy, (but either was I by this time.) She cried for 30 seconds, and quiet. I woke up, unhappily this morning, with head ace. But, I luv my children, and I know I am lucky to have them, and we are going to get through this together.
My plan today, is to make sure she is tired and hope she sleeps though the night. So I had a very unhappy girl up at 6:15am this morning, and she struggled through her nap. But she made it awake. I did put up the playpen in the girls room.
I showed her the playpen, and told her "If you want to sing and play at night time you will have to play in there. Its safe in there for you." She shook her head, no. She is very tired.
Wish me luck, I will post tomorrow with how it goes!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A little disappointed on my Birthday :(

Well my midwife appointment was suppose to be today. But we had to reschedule due to the midwife being at a birth. I understand these things happen, really I do, but it is still disappointing. I always look forward to the apt.s, and I send all the kidz in my care, home early. So we rescheduled for next week, but that means taking more time off, and asking my daycare parents to take time off.....oh well, what can I do?

All in all, its turning out to be a great day. I was pleasantly surprised by Goran, and friends this morning, and Angelina gleefully wished my a happy birthday. I tried to get Gracie to sing to me, but she would here nothing of it.

I am 32 weeks yesterday. I am starting to feel large, and uncomfortable more often then I feel comfortable. I am not walking as often or as far, because honestly, after running after 5 kidz all day I really don't have the energy to walk for and hour. Even the 10 minutes walk to the park with the kidz in the morning, and then home again, seems alot to me right now. But the end is insight!! 8 weeks to go. My tummy is stretching and growing, and the indigestion is becoming more frequent during the day. I keep a bottle of Tums beside the bed...and I really have to take my calcium pills or I get painful leg cramps. But on the upside, Baby is active and busy. Stretching and turning every which way. It feels now like not a few minutes go by without a kick or a roll to remind me of the life inside me!! And that is awesome!

I have now finished 4 wool soakers, and started on my 5th. I received some colored wool for my birthday, so I have started number 5 in a turquoise color with some white striping in it. A friend of mine told me I was doing such a good job I should start selling....we'll see. I think I have enough on my plate for now:) And I also bought some pins! I have some prefolds, which will be handy if I run out of the newborn diapers, so I thought I should have some pins on hand to help hold them nice and snug under the soakers. Goran thought the whole thing was a bit primitive, but I am pretty adamant about using cloth. And I would rather use pins then disposables.

Well I know this is short, but its all I have for now. I will post next week after my midwife apt.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Woal Soakers

Here are my 2 finished wool soakers!Beside it is one of the infant cloth diapers I bought off a friend who used them for her son. She said they lasted about 3-4 weeks and he out grew them!!

And here is me. I didn't think I had grown that much until I saw the pictures. And I still have 2 months to go!!!

I have now begun my wool soakers. I have 2 completed, and a 3rd on the way. 'They' say you should have 6 in rotation, so that is my goal. But I'm thinking 8, because the 2 I have done I did on smaller needles than what the pattern calls for, and they are very small. But that's ok, I'm really enjoying it. It is a bit addictive, and quite relaxing. And it feels good to make something for the baby. Its different then buying things. This is a much different feeling of satisfaction. I'm doing something to prepare....if that makes any sense. Now I would like to knit a whole wardrobe.....:)

I'm tired and cranky this week. The weather is really getting to me. The air pressure is bothering me, and the heat is a little drawn out at this point. I'm not sleeping to well, and I'm not feeling rested when I wake up. Mostly because I'm hot and sticky, and usually have a head ace. But we are suppose to get some rain today to break the heat, and then I should be feeling much better. Baby is as active as ever!! About 4 pounds, and gaining 1/2 a pound a week until the last 2 weeks now. But as far as that goes, I still feel comfortable in my body, and I am enjoying Baby's movements.

The family is doing well here. Angelina is enjoying preschool. She went to Sunday school this past weekend and loved it just as much. Grace is doing splendid with the potty. Now if I could get her to sleep through the night a bit more often....:) Goran is busy looking for a new car. His car is really had it, and we've decided that we would rather not put any money in it at this point. We were both a bit disappointed on the weekend about it all; he was suppose to go look at a car, and it was sold before he could get there :( Oh well, there will he another one I'm sure.
Well that's it for now. I will post again next week after I see the midwife. I see them every other week now....boy (or girl), time is just flying by...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

30 Weeks - The Home Stretch

I am 30 weeks today!!! 1/4 of the way to go!! Baby is definitely getting bigger, and stronger. My research tells me that at this point Baby is generally 3lbs, 12oz or more, and up to 16 - 17 inches in length from head to toe. The other night I was laying in bed, probing my tummy, and I could feel that little foot again. I called Goran over, and had him check it out too. He could definitely make out something as well, but he wondered if it was a knee. Honestly I don't know. Maybe Baby's head up and it was a little fist, punching at me telling me to leave him/her alone so they could get some sleep:)
I am still feeling good. Very busy! My days are calculated to the last minute with daycare and the extra kids, and I am very grateful to hit the pillow at night. The last few evenings on my walk I have feeling that extra pelvic pressure a bit stronger, and I've noticed that when I have to pee, I REALLY HAVE TO PEE! Goran and I have started practising some birthing positions so that when the time comes we both know where to stand/sit, and it feels natural and comfortable. It also helps us feel connected to each other and Baby. Getting up off the floor is getting to be a bit more challenging, after sitting with the kids, and running up the stairs by the 10th time of day is a bit exhausting. The skin on my tummy is REALLY starting to stretch as well. I can feel this, and is not very pleasant. But really all things that go with the territory, and nothing that I certainly can't handle.
My visit with the midwife went super. Baby is head down again!! Yeah! Blood pressure was fine, and my weight was good. Slow and steady gain. I have a goal weight in mind that I don't want to go over, but that is only 6lbs away. But I think as long as I watch what I eat and continue being active, I can do it!! It was sooo nice to see Sylvia!! I haven't seen her since my 13 week apt. so it was very nice to catch up, and 'visit' a bit. Because, really, with a midwife, that's what its like. We talked about if the baby does go breach, but I am still pretty determined to do it at home. I know it can be a very serious thing but because of the way Grace came out, my pelvis is well proven, and there is no doubt on my part or the midwives part that I could push out a breach baby. But it appears at this time, that Baby knows the way out, and is going to co-operate.

Grace is doing splendid with the potty! Really, she gets it, and tells me, and accidents can now we counted by the week instead of by the day. I had to buy her some 2 piece PJ's. All I had were some one piece ones that have a zipper or buttons, and she peed 2 mornings in row with those on. So I went and got 2 pieces and it stopped. I think it was a bit of a mental thing. I think she worried how she would get them off, and then just couldn't hold it. But, happily now the problem is solved. Although, she won't sit on the big toilet and I have to drag that potty with me everywhere I go, if I'm going to gone for more then 3 hours.....but I guess one thing at a time. Not to many 21 months old are really 'potty trained'.

Angelina continues to grow and change as well. Her growth is a little more suttal at this age, but non the less, I pick it up. Her imagination is really coming out. I can here this as she plays with her friends. We have this toy crocodile thing. Angelina pretends its a pet, and she lets the other children 'taking care of it'. She takes it for walks, and asks grown ups (mostly me, or other parents picking up) if they would like to 'pet it'. Funny kidz!!

Well thats really it for me. I will post again soon, with some pics of the growing little one, and the other 2 girls!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

First day of Preschool

So off she went, with a smile on her face. I was missing one daycare child today, so the walk was quick. We got there, she turned to me, waved, and went through the door. Never looked back. So afterwards, like any mother, I asked her, "How was your morning? Did you have fun?"
"Yep," she said
"Well, did you do circle today?"
"Yep," she replied as we walked.
"What did you talk about?" I continued to probe her.
"I don't remember," she shrugged.
WHAT!!! I'm paying $10.00 a day for 'I don't remember?'
Ok, ok, lets try again.
"Did you talk about bumble bees?"
"No!" she laughed. "Leaves." Short and simple.
"Well, what do they do?"I asked.
"Fall off the trees," she giggled like little girls do. At this point we met her friends and she was off. So I didn't get much out off her. But then at lunch time, all she could talk about was the little girl she played with, and she didn't play with the boys, but Jemma and Payten weren't there. (They were friends in last years class.) And on and on....but nothing educational, it was just about friends ect. But then I guess that's why she's going. The social aspect of it all. I did mention to the teacher that she is missing JK, and could they work on her name with her. She said absolutely, and then asked, "And when are you due?"
"Uhh?"I actually had to stop and think a minute. First what is she talking about? Oh yes, the baby, and then, the date? Oh yes November 26th.

Honestly, I am so busy, I really don't have time to sit and think about Baby. I know he/she is there. Baby is moving and my belly is large, but really, I feel good. I'm up and down alot, and walking with the kids every day, my body feels great. And Baby is busy, but I feel more comfortable then when I was pregnant with both the girls.

That's really it for now. I will post next week after I see Sylvia. Have a great weekend.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Quick Update

I just wanted to post a few quick updates.

Grace is dry through the night!! She's been doing it on and off the past 2 weeks, and last night was so upset that I was putting a diaper on. I asked her, "No diaper?"
"NO DIAPER!" She wailed.
So I took it off, put on the panties, and she was dry this morning. And even when she had to go it was no big rush to the potty either. Just a small part of her morning.

I took Angelina shopping for new "school" clothes. She got some really cute shoes, and a cute little jean dress to wear with it. She is counting each day that goes by. I will be sure take a picture her first day and post it.

And me, I'm just growing and stretching. I can feel more and more that my skin is stretching as each day goes by. Baby is very active, sometimes enough to make my whole belly move! On Tuesday I'm 29 weeks! Once I hit 30, I'm in the home to speak.

That's it for now, I will post some pics at the end of the week.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A few pics

Here is a few pics from the weekend.

1. Our little Hollywood girl catching the rays!

2. A peaceful nap after an afternoon in the sun.

3. A little quiet time and some singing.

4. All packed up and ready to go.

5. Good-bye hugs as we head off home.

Tick tick tick.....

That's what the days and weeks are doing. Slowly ticking by it seems. But then when I look back on it all, I'm like, "Wow, where has the time gone?"
Baby is 28 weeks old now. 'They' say that Baby is just over 2 pounds now, and about 15 inches long. (These are averages. Feels like 10 pounds and 30 inches long at times.:))Also, Baby can see the difference between light and dark. If I stand it the direct sunlight with my belly exposed, Baby can now 'see' the sunlight filtered through my tummy. I've always thought it was cool when I reached this stage with the girls. The baby can see! I am feeling more pelvic pressure as each day goes on, but nothing as bad as with Grace. My skin is also stretching as it grows, and I can feel that. One spot on my tummy will hurt for a day or so, kinda like a scratch, and then, POP, oh a stretch mark! But my overall comfort level is still good, considering I am 7 months pregnant. When I have had a good day, and I don't have any disturbances at night, I get a great sleep.
Daycare is going super good. The kids are all back from summer vacations and program is in full swing. They are enjoying new songs, and crafts of painting, gluing and colouring.
Angelina is signed up for preschool to start on the 13th. It is every Thursday morning, for 2 hours and 15 minutes. She went last winter and luved it. She is very excited about going and asks everyday if this is the day. We are going to buy some new running shoes for her to wear the first day!
Grace is doing spended with the potty! She now tells me when she has to go, by telling me "Mom mom, potty," and as she says it her words fade to a whisper. She pats her bum at the same time. She has 1 to no accidents a day. She is dry during nap time, and most mornings when she gets up. All I can say is, "Way to go Gracey!!"
We had a great weekend camping with Kristyn, Mark and Abby! The nights were not to bad at all, and there was so much food.....I put on a few extra pounds! But really its all baby :) Little Abby hurt her leg, so it was a quick pack up and head home on Monday morning. But reports are that she is recovering quickly.
Mean well Goran was very busy here at home! He did a wash on the deck, fixed the lattes fencing we have, and stained it all. It really looks like a new deck! I couldn't be more happy with it.
Well that's about it for me now. We have a busy evening ahead. The girls and I have a dog waiting for a walk, and then we are going to the library to return some books and get some new ones. So, have a great week and we'll see ya soon!

Friday, August 31, 2007

The Potty Business

I just wanted to make a quick note. This potty thing has gone extremely well. The work and constant peeing with Angelina had me a bit afraid, but Grace has had 2 days, with only 1 pee accident. She was even dry through the night last nigh! This was a feat that Angelina just over came last spring. So Grace is in panties all day, and her accident was today at nap time. She is telling me on occasion, by patting her bum and saying, "Mum, pee pee." I just can't believe the difference in her over all disposition in the last week really. She is communicating more then ever. And if I don't understand what she is saying she gets close to me, and looks me in the eyes, and she will say the word again. Its almost like her little eyes are pleading with me, "Please understand!" Her newest one I think in the last few days has been 'sue sue' for soother. She is just so urgent when she needs it.
We are off to camping tomorrow. Angelina is very excited. We went to buy some groceries today, and she had to have the jelly candies! She was singing through the whole store about the jelly candies, until we found them. Then she was a very happy go lucky girl.

As for me, I'm really just tired. I am starting to feel the tiredness of pregnancy, and just can't seem to catch up on my sleep. Baby is getting quit exaggerated in movements. Angelina was laying against me the other day, and she even felt the BUBOOMB! I know that last 3 months are the most uncomfortable, and its gets more and more so as each week goes by. But I know it is all well worth it in the end.

Hope you have a great weekend, and I will blog again next week with camping pictures!

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Foot!!

The other night (my day with the girls) I was on the couch, and my belly was popping out here and there, as Baby was feeling rather energetic, (that's were all my energy went!) and kicking every which way. I could see one particular spot, close to the top, that baby was aggressively kicking, and seemed to be favoring. So after a few minutes of this, I decided to show Baby who's the boss. Baby kicked, and I pressed my fingers into the spot Baby kicked and said, "Hey you!" Bong! Right back into my fingers, still pressed to my belly. And I could feel Baby's foot!! I was in awe!! Each pregnancy is new. You forget about all these things until it happens again. So instead of being annoyed at my energetic child, we 'played' for a few minutes. Baby kicking, and me pressing down, feeling that wee little foot. And then suddenly Baby decided enough was enough, and limbs 'disappeared' and Baby was still. Tired I suppose and catching a cat-nap. Preparing for his/her 12:00am 'Awake time':)

The last week or so, maybe 2, I've had a hard time relaxing and falling asleep. I'm tired. Oh so tired. But I'm excited. I am actually excited about the birth. Who's all gonna make it here in time? How long will it be? Will I have all the back pain? How am I going to handle it? Will I be able to focus and stay in control? I know that last one depends alot on weather the kids will be able to manage my labor. If I'm in good control, and keep my verbal sounds to a minimum, they will view it all in a much more positive light, then if I'm screaming, and carrying on. So I really want to be able to do that, for both of them. And then the big question, what gender is Baby? Will the first outfit be the blue one, or the pink one? And I'm so excited about cuddling, and holding, and nursing my baby.

So anyways onto the apt. today. Everything is going great. I am still measuring large, in the 90%. But my babies so far have been in the 90% in their own weight so it really makes sense. And its still within normal range, just high, normal. We talked about if the midwives don't make it on time and Goran and I end up delivering on our own (which I think would be very exciting) . In that case the midwives recommend calling the paramedics, and they will assess and monitor Baby and me until the midwives get there. My concern was going to the hospital(which I really really don't want to do). The only reason they would take me in is if there was an emergency situation, such as Baby not breathing, or myself hemorrhaging. But in that kind of situation, I would be very grateful for the help:). Babys heart rate was in the 150's today. This is normal, but the girls always dropped, until about 120 or so, and I think 150 is up from last time (maybe a sign of a boy?). Baby was laying with its bum/back left of my belly button, and Lisa and I were both quit certain baby is head down. Grace didn't do this until 36+ weeks! So Yeah! Baby already knows which way is out! I had a hunch the last few days that Baby was head down, because I have had some extra pelvic presure. So it everything is going really well.

A bit about the girls. One of the other girls I care for, was away last week. This made Angelina very sad, as they are close in age and play together alot. Well this week she came back, and every day this week at circle time I ask Angelina,
"How are you today, Angelina?"
"I am very happy that Alexis is back this week!"has been her reply every day so far.
And for Gracey, the big thing is the potty training. She definitely understands the hold and release part. She can be very stubborn, and will sit for a very long time. I got her up from her nap today and tried to put her on, but she told me, "No Mommy, no."
"Ok," I said, "but no pee pee in your panties,"
And this went on all afternoon. We went to the midwives and I tried her on the toilet there before and after my apt. "No Mommy, no." This didn't surprise me to much, as she is afraid of the big toilet. "No pee pee in your panties," I told her.
"Ok," she said.
We got home at almost 6:00pm. I told her she had to go pee pee, and I had no argument from her. She went to the potty, sat down, and did she ever go!! It had been since about 1:15pm.
So she really is getting the concept, and understands alot. I'm hoping by the end of the week, we are just about done.

I am going camping with the girls and Mark, Kristyn, and Abby this weekend. We have a family re-union at Byng Park, and decided to make a weekend of it.
Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Beautiful Day with my Girls!

I was a bit disappointed when Goran told me he was going fishing, all day. Home all day by myself, and on top it all off, he needed the van so I couldn't take the girls out anywhere. But its turning out quite pleasant. The girls are both relaxed, and enjoying one on one mommy time. Something they don't get everyday. This is also a great opportunity to work with Grace and her potty skills...which she is doing ok with. (An accident a day's not to bad.) I have some extra time, as well, to get some organizing done, and get my work week planned out.
I was listening to the girls play. Grace was sitting on the potty and Angelina was busy leading her in song, and reading stories. As I listened I realized she was mimicking me at circle time. She was being the teacher, and Grace was her student.
"Do you want to do circle?" she asked.
"Yeah," Grace replied.
"What week is it? Do you know?" Angelina continued.
Grace answered something in toddler gibberish, I couldn't make out.
"Its Monday!" Angelina exclaimed.
"Monday!" Grace copied excitedly.
To which Angelina began singing some version of the 'There are 7 Days of the week', song.
Ok, so she doesn't quit have her weeks and days figured out, but the play was amazing to listen to. They were co operating together, and listening to each other, and waiting for their turn to talk. Angelina does understand weeks and days go together, and she is teaching Grace. And through it all she taught Grace to say a new word, "Monday".
The day is quickly coming to an end. Although the weather has been unpredictable, we did get out for a walk this morning and this evening. The wind was blowing nice warm air from the south, and the tress were swaying in the wind. It was making fall seem along way off yet. Both the girls were pretty quiet. Each busy with their own thoughts, I guess.
We are all looking forward to a fun day with Kristyn and Abby tomorrow!! I am going to buy a few maternity shirts. I was hoping to be able to get a way with extra large t-shits, but they aren't covering my baby belly anymore, and I have 3 months to go. So, it looks like I will have to hit the stores! Yeah for shopping! The girls always enjoy a day at Aunt Kristyn's. Good company, and good food!
So the day turned out to be great. In fact, I'm really glad I had this day with the girls!

Here they are, ending the day with a joyous bubble bath!!

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

There is never enough time

Here is Angelina with her Chachie.
Here Angelina is painting with a cotton ball.

Here Grace is painting with a cotton ball.

Here is the big girl sitting on the potty!

And here is #3, growing, growing....

There are so many things I'd like to write. But never enough time. I would like to post all the family happenings in here, but there is so much, it feels like sometimes I am just rambling. And I don't want to seem like I favor one child over the other, by writing more about one then the other. They are at very different stages, both growing and changing so much, really with each passing day.

Well I will write a tid bit about one and then the other, and then Baby.

So Angelina. She has been a bit hesitant about the whole 'home birth'. Not sure if she wants to be there, or upstairs, if she wants to watch, and a few times she even suggested I go to the hospital! (Imagine my dismay! Haven't I taught her anything?) But yesterday we were watching A Birth Story on TLC, and the lady and her husband were getting into the car to go to the hospital. It was dark. She mentioned that is wasn't very nice that they had to go in the dark. I agreed. A few moments passed and she says, "Its good we're having the baby at home and you won't have to go anywhere in the dark." Maybe its just some unknown fear of the dark, but my heart filled with pride and I thought, 'I have taught you something.' I thought maybe giving her a job would make her feel more useful, like she is doing something to help. A few weeks ago I hurt my back and Goran was rubbing it alot, trying to get the knot out. Angelina picked up on this and one day got the stool, (while I was doing dishes) got up behind me and started rubbing my back. She said, "Does that feel better, Mommy?" (my heart melts again. I have, somewhere along the line, taught her empathy!) This is where the idea of giving her a job come into mind, so I asked her, "When Mommy is in the pool, in labor would you like to come in and rub my back?" She agreed this was a great idea, and she wants to do that. I really want her to be part of the birth, and witness it. It is our families that we learn the concept of family, and the importance of the bonds that we share. This put my mind at ease, for now.

She is growing leaps and bounds in other ways as well. We are doing crafts almost daily, and she is getting super good at painting, and gluing, and cutting with scissors. She asks daily what friend are coming to play, and voices disapproval, or approval, depending on my answer. She is always disappointed when its the weekend, and no friends are coming, unless we have plans to visit cousins or grandparents. She loves her dad! She luves Sunday mornings, because Daddy is home! Mondays and Thursdays are great evenings as well because I go swimming and she gets special Daddy time when Grace goes to bed. She calls him, Chachie, and gets jealous when Grace is on his lap and there isn't room for her. She shares her bed with Grace now. It usually doesn't work to put them to bed together, but most mornings they come groggy eyed, and messy haired together to me. Most times she luves her little sister. She gritters her teeth together and tells me, "I luv my big sister!" To which I reply, "You luv your little sister. You're the big sister." Then she nods and says "Yep." and off she runs.

And then we have Grace, our soon to be middle child. 19 months is such a time of extreme mental growth for them! I luv to sit and watch her thinking and working things out. She can be very demanding, and stubborn. But I realize that is a developmental phase she is going through too. The last few days she has been following me to the bathroom and wants to sit on the potty with me. So I oblige. Yesterday I suggest she wear big girl undies. She thought that was great. She's been dry since then, (except night time)and she can hold it for hours! Like 2-3 hours at a time. She did have a BM after her nap, which I wasn't too happy about. But her concept of it seems to be there, and I'll just keep rewarding her. She gets quit excited when I tell her, "You go pee pee and Mommy will give you chocolate." "YEAH!" she replies. She still takes her soother to bed, but knows it should stay there. She will often leave it in her bed, or bring it to me in the morning. If she is having a bad time of something during the day, she will go to her bed herself, and suck on her soother for a bit and lay down. She sleeps through most night. If she does wake up, I get up, give her the soother, and she's quiet again. But those nights that she's up 4-5 times, I'm not happy by the 4 time, and I can be pretty crabby. She has a real thing for shoes. She wore the soft soled Robeez for along time, but this summer, she kept swiping Angelina's sandals, so I thought it was time for her own. And since she has started wearing them her feet have grown! Her first pair were a size 3, and now in the last 2 months, she has gone up to a size 5. (I should mention here, Angelina wears a size, 6-7)She brings her shoes/sandals to us many times through the day to go outside. I like to go on my super walks in the evening, but she doesn't like to sit anymore. She wants out, and cries and cries! At 19 and 1/2 months she has loads of words. No thank-you, juice, crackers, more, all done, mommy, daddy, Bobby, Callie, Duke, are a few. We do a circle in the morning, and sing songs. So she is picking up tunes, and words from that, and will often 'sing' away during the day, on the potty, or while they are sitting in the wagon together. We are still nursing on demand. Its been a few days since she last asked. Every time she does this, I wonder, is that it, is she done? And then suddenly she has a 'catch up' day, and she will nurse 10 times to build the supply back up. When she wants to nurse, she climbs up onto my lap and points to a breast(usually the left), and says something that sounds like milk. I say to her, "Show me with you hands." She will then use sign language, and 'show' me what she wants. I never thought I would nurse at all. Before I had Angelina I thought I would bottle feed. But my mom convinced my to try, and it was amazing. Gazing into their little eyes, watching them fall asleep so peacefully... and after doing research, I've learned, this is one of the best things I can do for my children. For their health, and even their emotional well-being. The bonds and security they learn from breastfeeding can not be mimicked by anything else. And it turns out to be very good for myself as well. It cuts my chance of breast cancer way down, and after a birth, it helps your hormones regulate quicker, and your body get back to shape.

Well onto #3. We are 26 weeks now. Baby is 2-3 pounds, and about 15inches long. Movement are becoming more pronounced, and maybe a wee bit uncomfortable. When I'm laying down, I can see Baby kick. My side will pop out, or baby will be sitting a certain way, and we can see a bum sticking out to one side. As far as I can tell, baby is still turning and moving all over the place. My Internet info says many babies begin resuming the head down position already, but as Grace didn't do that until 36 weeks, I'm not to worried, yet. Many of the ladies at my swimming class are quit concerned that I'm showing large, and I'm going to deliver early. I remember with Grace I was HUGE! It looked like a beach ball at the end. But I went 2 days before my due date. So I reassure them telling them, "It gets much bigger." And I know it will. But for the most part, I can't complain about pain, or discomfort. By the end of the day I'm tired, but I'm very busy as well. A few weeks ago, I was feeling really good, not tired at all. I thought to myself, "Why are women in such a hurry to give birth, really, its great!" But I remember now, from the two girls, the tiredness I feel in the evening now starts to catch up with you, and you feel that way all the time. But in the mean time I will enjoy it as much as possible. All to soon its over.

I see Lisa, my 3rd midwife next week and will post after that.

Thank you so much for reading!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Ate Way Too Much!!

Oh the things we forget about!! Last night we all went to a friends house for dinner. And it was a really great dinner. Roast, seasoned potato's, broccoli, cauliflower salad, corn, and some great chocolate dessert. I don't usually eat a big dinner, but I did last night. 2 helpings of everything. I'm eating for 2 right?I payed for it. Sometime after I ate, I start to notice my tummy was hurting. I could remember it from somewhere, but couldn't put my finger on it. I ignored it. But as the minutes ticked by, it was getting, worse. Ouch, Baby gave a kick. Then, suddenly the light goes on. I've had this before. There just isn't enough room in there for all that food, and baby. I could really feel my skin stretching, and all my organs squashing together. Well after some digesting, the whole situation feels much better. But even this morning I still feel uncomfortable. So, I've learned my lesson. I will not be stuffing myself for the next 14 weeks just because the food tastes good. (And that will be really hard with Thanksgiving!) Its much more pleasant to enjoy a bit, and have some leftovers the next day. But I stop to think, Baby is only 1/2 as big as it is going to be in 14 weeks. So the room in there is only going to get smaller, and smaller. That means eating less and less, and I guess move often. I remember it with the other 2, now. But, I had forgotten. I know in the long run, its all worth it!

Thanks for reading, I will post again in the next day or so with pics too! I just thought this was too funny, and wanted a record to remember for the future!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

An Anniversary a Wedding, and 15 weeks left!!

On the 9th, Goran and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary! It turned out to be a very busy day, but we had planned to spend an hour or 2 over a quiet dinner together, after the kids went to bed. We did get a very nice dinner, and a wonderful chocolate dessert :) and I was pleasantly surprised with some very thoughtful gifts. We always do exchange gifts, but Goran is very good at really thinking about hobbies and interests that I have and getting me something amazing, but at the same time, something I would never have bought myself. I do home daycare, which I luv and take great pride in. I plan menus, weekly crafts, outings, and field trips with the kids. Well, Goran knows my luv for it and thoughtfully had a t-shirt made that says "Kathryn's Daycare" across the front!! I have also taken a liking to the 'Willow Tree' figures, and included in the gift was one of them. There was the traditional card, which Goran included his own romantic text in, and lots of yummy chocolate. It was a lovely evening together, in which we were able to remind each other of the vows we took, and the last 5 years we've spent together!

The 9th was followed by a wedding on the 10th! Laura is one of my oldest friends! We have known each other for 14 years +. A few years ago she told me she was seeing someone new and we had the privilege of meeting Tim last year. (Just after we had moved into our new house.) At the time, my thought was that they suited each other very well. I also got the impression that Laura was quit determined to snag this one:). Just before Christmas I got the email, announcing the pending wedding for sometime in the summer. So my mom came to watch the girls around 2:00 and off we went. It was beautiful wedding followed by a great party afterwards. We got to see some old friends we haven't seen for along time, and enjoy some really great food! My congratulations goes out to the newly weds, and I wish them luck in all that the future holds for them!

Now, like I said in the title, 15 weeks to go! I am 25 weeks, on August 14th. I'm sure that in the pictures you can definitely see that the baby is growing, and my belly is full prof of that! My back has been giving me grief, but I am stretching daily on my exercise ball, and continuing to swim. At this point with Grace I had an ultra sound which showed she was about 2.2lbs. So figuring that both my girls were about the same size, and that I likely grow babies the same way, this baby too is likely about that size, and from info online, the baby could be anywhere from 9-13 inches long. The baby is moving, and tumbling around alot now. I like to lay in bed in the morning and wait for Baby to move before I get up. Just a little "Hello, I'm still here!" I've noticed if Baby is overly active, making me a bit uncomfortable, getting up and walking around usually settles Baby down very nicely, giving me some peace again. I remember after my girls were born, walking was a favorite for both of them.

Well, I will finish with a few pictures.

Goran and I before leaving for the wedding

The happy couple exchanging vows.

Grace and Angelina helping pick tomato's!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Spoke to Soon

Well, isn't that the way it usually goes? I'll explain.

Last night Goran comes home from work at 2:00am(afternoons) gets into bed, and cuddles up. I'm pretty groggy, and mumble "I love you hunny," and begin to drift off back to sleep. Suddenly he says, "Did you feel that? The baby is kicking!" I pull myself out of slumper, and wait. Sure enough Baby gives a kick, or a punch, either way making him/herself known. All women know this is a special moment, when your spouse can actually feel the baby moving. At that moment, the baby suddenly becomes truly alive for them. I smile, "Yes," I said. "That's the baby." We cuddled for a few minutes, enjoying the moment, each of us feeling the baby move, turn, and kick. Then Goran says, "Yep, definitely kicks like a little man!"

So there you have it. Baby's movements have not been felt by just me alone. And Goran's conclusion is still the same; it must be a boy!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back to Mother Earth

Here we are at the beach, while we were camping!

Here's the girls having an awsome time on the beach.

Sorry, but we can't forget Duke, who was a great camping dog!

We had a great time camping! As the title says, some time to get back to "Mother Earth". It was very peaceful, and relaxing for the most part. The girls just luved going to the beach! Gracey had a hard time standing in the water because of the waves, so she would crawl in backwards!! Too cute! And Angelina played for hours at a time. On the beach and in the water! Filling her pails, and dumping her pails. It was quite shallow, so Angelina could really enjoy the water, just splashing and wading. And we had nice warm nights, so that was great for us too.

I am now 23 weeks along, and everything is going well. Baby is moving lots, although no one else has felt he/she give a kick or a punch yet. The family gets to impatient waiting, and is off before Baby has a chance to kick again. Oh well, soon enough I will be wishing Baby would settle down, or get that foot out of my rib!!

The midwife apt. went well. I saw Lisa, she is my 3rd. She measured my uterus and it appears to be evening out. We did discuss the possibility of gestational diabetes, in which case I could be growing a bigger baby. She didn't seem concerned about it, and said we would check my uterus again next time. If it hasn't evened out by that time, we would talk further about the testing for diabetes. But Lisa did say she wasn't concerned, and she thought it would even out by my next visit. She was making me aware of possibilities, and discussing them with me. This is one of the reasons I luv midwives. They make you aware, encourage you to do research, and encourage you to make the decision that is right for you. They will offer their opinion if asked, but really, it is up to you. Baby's heart rate was 140 beats a minute. This too, Lisa encouraged Angelina to get involved.She got a chair for her, and let her hold the doppler so she would feel included. (The doppler is a device used to find Baby's heartbeat.) Another reason I luv midwives. We discussed a few minor concerns I had. I have a varicose vain, that has just popped out(lucky me). The isn't a whole lot you can do for it, and as long as its not causing me pain, that is the most important thing. We discussed GBS testing as well. I was worried if I tested positive I would have to go to the hospital. Lisa said that all 3 of my midwives feel comfortable giving the medication to me at home, if I test positive. But here again, she told me to do some research online. There are conditions that are very favorable for you to have the medication, (a prolonged ruptured membranes) and others conditions that don't merit the medication. For example if you have a fast labor, the medication doesn't have time to get into your system, so then it is quite pointless.
All in all it was a great visit, and I go back again in 4 weeks.

I have been enjoying a lovely vacation. Just some time off work, but its still been very nice. The girls and I have been busy visiting friends. I've also been cleaning up my daycare, and moving things around. Tomorrow I have an apt. to get the girls pictures done together, something I have been meaning to do for many months now:)

As the week as been moving on, I have actaully missed my other kids. The smiles, and laughter, the songs and stories. Ofcourse I do that with the girls, but like I always say, "The More the Merrrier." I am looking forward to the weekly routines, and smiling faces coming and going through the door again. Actaully Angelina has been asking everyday if her friends are coming "today", so I know she will be happy next week too.

Well thats all for this week. Keep updating weekly, and thanx for reading!