Friday, January 31, 2014

January - A Month in Review

Oh the month has flown by faster then I can believe. A whole month, disappeared in a blink. But there, filled with memories, I tuck away, hole dear, and memories that fill my heart <3 nbsp="" p="">
We spend time being sick, laying on couches with buckets tucked close by pillows, time reading, family stories, beginning board games, story times, skating, walking, school work, hot cocoa, and snuggles by the fire. Its been ruff, but we've made the best of time together.

Lets start at the very beginning.

New Years Eve

I don't luv New Years, I'd rather be in bed getting my sleep :) But Goran does luv News Years Eve, so we stay up and ring it in like we should. We discussed and agreed to let the girls to stay up. Unexpected, but so very happy to have close friends and luved ones here, our elderly neighbors Tony and Lynn ended up coming over, spending the night quietly enjoying company, laughs, DS gaming, playmobil and baby snuggles.

The best New Years Eve I've ever had. And its only going to get better.

Happy 8th Birthday Grace

Between illness's we managed to have a few friends over and celebrate my girl.  

she was up late the night before, making one for each person.

she picked out rainbow butterflies herself and spent time cutting out each one. they are still hung up!



I can't believe it.

8 years since I birthed my baby, in my home, in my bed, into my arms. It was an amazing day, one I will never forget, and always treasure.


We luv and treasure you. You are part of our family, you make us who we are. Without you, we wouldn't be the same. You are luving, and kind, and sensitive. You are learning to empathize. In the last few weeks we have had numerous encounters where your face suddenly changes and you understand how powerful your words are. You feel so strong, often your face will crumble and you I can't help but hug you and luv you, knowing you are growing into a more amazing person every day.

Luv you forever Grace


The Rest

The dishwasher broke. It has been over 2 weeks. It has been frustrating. But we have adapted, and the time together, washing dishes, soapy hands, chatting with the kids, baby on the floor playing with the mop or broom....The dishwasher is at the doctors, and we hope to have it back this week.

Skating.....its been an adventure, but they are getting it. I'm so excited to see Goran involved, teaching, engaging, sharing something new with the kids. And the kids!!! Wow! I'm so excited to see them try, and try again, the excitement, and joy on their faces.   

Oh and Samuel is pulling to stand. Slow down baby!

I'm thinking of writing every day of the 'work week' - 1 day for each child. The whole point of the blog is to celebrate each of my kids. The great and small things they do, learn, experience. . I was thinking of giving each child their day, but I might see how each day goes, and make sure by the end of the the week I've got each child in.

Here is for trying new things!