Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's a Boy!!!

Not our baby...or not that I know of yet. One of my daycare moms(Karin) is expecting as well. She is due November 28, so 2 days after me! She has a little girl now, and I care for her full time (Makenzie). It is so nice for them, because they have Makenzie now, and then they will have a little boy to finish off the family. I asked Karin about names, but they haven't picked any yet. After her ultra sound she came in beaming from ear to ear!! I couldn't be happier for her.

It makes me VERY curious what we are having. I told Goran, Karin knew it was a little boy, and I suggested, "We could have the ultra sound to find out, its not to late, ya know." To which he replied, "No, its more exciting this way." And I agree, its just driving me crazy:) But this way, when I have the baby, it will make that day even more full of surprises. I think its a girl, and Goran says a boy. 21 more weeks and we find out for sure. We've picked out names for each, for a girl it will be Julia Suzanne, and a boy will be Noah James. Angelina and I have picked out some little outfits for the baby. We bought a little blue and green sleeper, and some blue socks for a boy if it happens to be so, and a little pink night gown with some pink socks to match, if it happens to be a girl. We have talked together and said that after the baby comes out she and I can get the baby dressed together. I want her to feel involved and enjoy the new baby. I know its hard for Grace to understand much yet because she is young, but we will also make sure to have a gift for each of the girls after the baby comes. A little something for each of them, from the new baby.

Following is a picture of Angelina and Grace with the "boy"outfit, and the "girl" outfit.

The midwife appointment went really well today. The baby's heart rate was 150, and she found it right away. My uterus is up a little bit. I'm 19 weeks today, so it should be 19 cm high, with in 2 cm give or take. Mine was 21.5cm. So, yes a bit high, but normal high. We discussed my placenta likely being at the front because I don't feel as much movement as I did with Grace. She agreed but, but for a different reason. She said when she was looking for the heart beat the baby kept moving away, likely having more room in the back then in the front.

I saw my 2nd midwife today. Her name is Pauline, and I actually had her for Graces birth. But the day of the birth she had off, and my 3rd ended up filling in for her. My three midwives are Sylvia, Pauline, and Lisa. Sylvia and Pauline are my 1st and 2nd and Lisa is my 3rd. The first two midwives are suppose to attend the baby's birth. If for what ever reason one can't come then the 3rd fills in for her. (like a weekend off, or they just happen to be at another birth) I had Sylvia for Graces birth, and she was wonderful! She supported me, and was totally awesome during the birth. I click really well with all my midwives, and I'm really excited about sharing my birth with them.

That's all for me. I'm tired, and I'm ready for a long sleep!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Small Baby, Big Baby

Here is our little miracle at my 8 week ultra sound. You can't see to much, but the blob closer to the bottom is Baby's head, and the top is Baby's feet. Baby appears very small and was at the time. At 18 weeks Baby is in the middle of a 3 week growth spurt, where he/she is adding an additional 3 inches to its length, which makes a grand total of about 6+ inches. So now Baby is getting quit big. No matter how many babies I have I love finding out each week what Baby is doing and how big he/she is getting. From what I've read on line, pregnancy websites say that I should be able to feel my uterus about 1/2 between my belly button and my pubic bone. I can feel mine just OVER my belly button. Reasons for a high uterus would be, later dates, or twins. I know neither on these are the case for me because I had a dating ultra sound which showed 1 baby, and that my dates were correct. I see one of my midwives next week and I am curious what she will say.

I have started water arobics again. It has been quite a challeng finding somewhere reasonable to go. The Wayne Gratzky Centre here is Brantford was $6.75 for one session!! I thought that was crazy. This is the only indoor pool in Brantford, so I was feeling pretty stuck for a few days. But I called Hamilton, its $21.75 for a month pass, and that is only 20 minutes away. I thought that was a much better deal, and I am now going twice a week. With Grace I went up until the last month. By the end I was large and tired, and it was also Christmas time so we were very busy getting ready for that. I hope to be able to continue right up to the end with this baby, but I know the end is hard, so I will make a good effort to at least continue until the end of Ooctober.

On the home front, we have had a new friend join the daycare this week. My first boy. He is adjusting to his new friends and surroundings very well. I have 1 full time now, 2 mostly full timers, and a few part time/occassional. Everyone is very understanding about me taking time off with the new baby, but they are all looking forward to when I return to work again in the spring.

Like I promised, the following are a few pictures, of the expanding waist line, and the girls saying "Hi Baby".(even Grace can get something out that sounds very close to that!)

Well thats all for me this week. The week is moving along, and Canada Day is coming soon. Have a good week, and I will post again next week after I see the midwife!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

17 weeks, Baby # 3

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to track my 3rd pregnancy with this blog. That way I can remember how much fun it is, and I can also keep track of how Angelina, Grace, myself, and Goran all react to the new little one that is on his/her way.

So far as we stand, I am 17 weeks pregnant tomorrow, June 19th, 2007. Angelina is trilled, and wants a baby girl. Although she wasn't to sure about a home birth until I told her that Dora the Explores mommy had her twins at home. That she told me it was ok, and she would hold my hand during labor. Grace points to the baby, and will go as far as to say "Hi Baby", but i don't think she understands much, really. Goran and I trilled to being having another baby. After Grace we suffered 2 early miscarriages, so we are joyful that everything is going so well. I had extreme morning sickness, and no energy at all the first few months of pregnancy. But the last month has been a breath of fresh air. My energy has fully returned, and the morning sickness has slowly vanished.

We have decided on as little interventions as possible. The big question being, "Are you going to find out what you are having?" We have declined any more ultra sounds. (I had one at 8 weeks to verify that the pregnancy was healthy) So, no, we are not finding out. With both the girls we found out, and we felt now it is the time for a surprise. Everyone is hoping for a boy, and a boy would be nice because I would like to "give Goran a Son". But seeing as I have little choice in the matter, I will be happy with a healthy baby, which we now call "Baby".

As far as the pregnancy goes, I have some back pain, and I am going to start swimming again. (I did this while I was pregnant with Grace and it was great) But other than that, I am really enjoying being pregnant. I have begun to feel the baby move, which is always a welcomed feeling. The little flips and kicks, throughout the day are a reassuring feeling that things are going well. I am looking forward to the day that Goran and Angelina and Grace will be able to feel the baby move as well.

There is so much to say, and so little time. I will post again soon, with some pictures, and more updates on how we are all adjusting. Thanks for keeping up to date!