Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A few random pics

Its all about the food for these three!!

A snack and nap....what could be better. If only we were all trying to put on 2 oz's a day!!LOL

A yummy cupcake for her birthday!

Mmmmm chocolate pudding!

Mama's boy having a peaceful nap.

Daddy's Angel

Daddy's Sunshine

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quick Update

Bryan weighed in at 11lb 9oz, and 23 inches long. Not a huge weight gain, but the doctor said he looks great and, "Just keep breastfeeding." He screamed for his needles...poor guy. I've given him Tylenol to help with any discomfort, which I beleive he must be in because he is a wee bit fussy as the afternoon turns into evening.
Grace weighed in at 25lb. The doctor was very surprized to hear that I was breastfeeding her. His eyes kinda bugged a bit, and he said, "You breastfeed both of them?"
"Yep!" I replied with a smile.
I was worried about her reaction to the needle, but she just watched. No tears, no whimper, honesly, nothing. Just big eyes as she watched it all happen. She got a bandaid and a sucker when she was all done and checked to make sure the bandaid was still there when we got home. Very cute. If you ask her, "Did you get a needle?" She says "Yep!"

I noticed looking though the blog that I haven't posted to many pics. in the last little bit. I will take some in the next few days and post on the weekend with them.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

More about diapers...

I have been busy using that sewing machine. As the piles of diapers grow I need to remind myself that a baby doesn't need toooooo many diapers. I have decided that pocket diapers are by far my favorite. They dry quickly, and I make them a bit slimmer so baby has more room to move around. They take longer to make. Lots of sewing, and cutting, and resewing. But I decided I will be much happier with the finished product if I make what I like, and not second best. A funny story...every time I make a new diaper I am so excited to see how it fits ect, that I can't wait to try it on Bryan. But it never fails, I make one, put it on him, and he poops in it, every time. I am not kidding. I can wait 2 or 3 days, make a few, and he poops 3 times in row to poop in them all. Little stinker!! So I thought maybe I have enough diapers and should make some more soakers. As well he is quickly growing out of the ones he is in. The diapers get bigger, and the soakers have to too. I have a pattern I am going to experiment with a bit plus I found a great one online. Here is the link to it.

I'm all about the 3 R's. So when I am looking for fabric for my diapers I go to Value Village and look there. It’s about reducing the waste in the world, but also reusing, right? That’s how I see it anyways. So I go there and look through bed sheets. As long as they are mostly cotton they are good. I found a Buzz Light-Year one last time so the last 4 diapers I made are Buzz Light-Year and friends. I have more then half the bed sheet left over but thought I would save them for the next size up. The time before I went I got this red plaid stuff, very cute and not gender specific so I could use it on a girl too. (Maybe next time) I thought it was a bed sheet and came home to find it was actually just some fabric from a fabric store. And I'm sure it was like 3-4 yards. Wow, the things people get ride of! I thought I would also try to make wool soakers out of old sweaters. (Another great idea I found online.) There is a great website that tells you how to do it. I would like to try it. It looks much quicker then knitting one. I will keep you posted.

Well that’s about it for now. Bryan and Grace have a Dr.s apt. on Thursday, and I will post after that to keep track of his weight gain. He is growing, I can see it. I am curious to how much he weighs...