Monday, September 29, 2008

Over a Month!

Wow, how life can change in such a short period of time. Angelina has started school and luves it! I have plugged though doing daycare upstairs. The kids don't seem to mind, but I'm really starting to missing my space. But we have continues plugging on with the renos as well, and today the digging has started on the foundation. This marks a great day! The work will get done, and once they are done we can go 'full steam ahead' on the inside renos!

As I mentioned Angelina started school. Every day she asks if 'today' she goes. My neighbor drives her to school, and brings her home. I've met her teacher, and she is a lovely warm woman. She is easy to talk to, and quit willing to talk about concerns I might have, or how I can help Angelina at home. I still have concerns and worries. But I see how much she luves it, and I see that school is a good thing for her. Yesterday we saw a friend from school at the park and she was so excited...and so it begins...

Gracey also luves the 'just me and mommy time'. Angelina was at school a few days ago, and I had no extra kids. So I went shopping and bought Gracey some boots that flash. She spent 20 uninterrupted minutes trying them on, stomping, taking them off, looking where the lights come from, and then putting them back on to stomp some more. 20 minutes! It was lovely. She was having a great time. Then all of a sudden she says, "Nope, I can't wear my boots on the carpet". She takes them off, goes to Bryan ( who has, unknown to me, attacked the kleenex box) and says so motherly "No Bryan! No kleenex for you!" I was laughing my - - - off!

And Bryan is almost walking. He is so busy. He pulls up on everything ( the hot stove!) , crawls everywhere, is always jabbering and pointing at someone, and is standing by himself. He is working hard at the park to get those stairs down pat. He goes up a few steps, and mommy gets him down (it scares me). He likes to be among his friends on the carpet to play with the toys. And he is eating. He likes oatmeal, warm bananas, sweet potato's, green beans, carrots, noddles, cheerios, bread, pears, soup, crackers, chicken, yogurt and so on. He waves and says "Hi"or "Bye". I swear he has said mom, and dad, and cat...but maybe its just me:)

It seems we have all grown and changed, but life still goes on the same daily. We are all still here, and its wonderful! We are happy, and healthy.