Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Camping In a Ontario June Hurricane

I learned a few things this weekend. 

Rubber boots are essential for camping in the rain. 

Sometimes when you're are camping you have to go out for supper. 

Bring quiet actives comes in very handy. Plan for more then you think u'll use! 

Putting your tent up on a good foundation is essential to weathering the storms. 

Camping lists are amazing! 

Mostly, if you keep positive, and remember the sunshine is coming, you can get through the storm. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It started strawberry picking with a friend and 7 kids this morning. Continued with a strawberry snack with whipped cream. 

A break in the day. 

The sun is sinking and I return to see the trays of berries on my counter. A flashback of hauling strawberries with my sister and my mom pop into my mind. It makes me smile. 

Samuel is still up. Munching on berries as I haul. He talks with his limited vocabulary  of grunts and gesters. 

The berries turn and roll as they boil. A vision of skimming the foam and eating it on fresh toast that same day with sisters and my mom return to my mind. 

I add cups and cups of sweet sugar and stir and stir. The steam pillows. 

Cool. Stir. Mix. Cool. Stir. Mix. 

Small boy hanging on my legs. 

Scoop, pour, lid. Scoop pour, lid.

10 jars of sweet sticky jam. Come a very cold February morning this will remind  me of this day. It will remind all of us that warm days are coming. 

But, right now I'm waiting for the sound of  popping lids so I know they sealed! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

DSLR Pictures From Family Party

A few pics from our Fathers Day party - by request! 

I think you can tell who's feeling a bit tipsy....


i have the case of the giggles....
 A beautiful photo! Kurtis was say 'plane'!

 Julie Ron and Kurtis!

Hope you all enjoyed you weekend!

Happy Fathers/Mothers Day

My parents are strong parents.  I am proud of the strong values that I learned and by the strong people who taught them to me :)

They taught me to admit when I have made a mistake, and to say sorry. Sorry is a loaded word. They taught me that 'sorry' didn't just mean "I'm sorry for what I did," or "I'm sorry that I hurt you,". 'Sorry' also means "I will try everything in my power not to do it again."

They also taught me that when you commit to something, you are bound by your word. You don't 'decide' not to do it last minute because you don't 'feel' like it. You don't over book and cancel because something else more 'important' comes up. Before you commit, you check your dates, decide your limits, and make the decision. And you do your best to follow through,

I know I missed Mothers day, but here I combine both days in one post.

Happy Mothers Day Mom.

Happy Fathers Day Dad.

Thank you for strong values. Thank you for helping become strong and capable. For showing me how to be true to my word and dependable. Values I will continue to pass down to my wee ones.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekly Moments

Moments from iPhone photos. 

Hair cuts, wild hair, cousin sleepover, art, reading, and a double clothes line! 

I'll do a real post and post pics of my garden and the new shed! 

It's been a busy week! 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Moments I Treasure

Treasure moments from IPhone photos. 

This goes by so fast. Each day I vow to stop more, take a deep breath, watch more, teach more, help more, hold more...the more I try to hold onto it the faster it goes. Clichè, I know, but so true, and what my mind and heart comes back to over and over again. 

Happy Sunday! I'm off to do my best to live this day to the fullest I can!