Thursday, February 25, 2010

Febuary - Finally Some Snow

1. Angelina making snow angels

2.Bryan helping Daddy cleaning the driveway

3. Gracie with this crazy lump of snow she found on our walk and insisted on carrying home. Even though we had some at home..LOL She is sitting and resting, because she was tired here

4. All 3 of them, with the 1st snowmen they ever made on their own!!

We have been enjoying some snow, finally. The kids are busy, sledding around in it, and building snow men. They really luv it. And I'm happy to say that I'm glad it stays lighter longer, and we have been able to get out and enjoy some sunshine before supper. We go for a nice walk, and the kids laugh and play and talk along the way.

And I am feeling good. I am between 27-28 weeks, and I can feel the baby moving all the time. Yesterday I was in the laundry room with Goran while he was hammering something, and every time he banged the nail, the baby jumped :) Its so nice, even now while we can't see the baby, or even know whether we are having a boy or girl, this wee one responds to us. He/she can hear us. Sometimes when I am in the kitchen banging pots and pans getting supper ready, baby will be kicking and I imagen, complaining a bit. So I will rub my belly and tell baby that everything is fine, I am just getting supper ready for all the sisters, and brother he has out here :) The baby definitely likes it when I am busy, and moving. He/she seems more settled, enjoying the ride. But I can remember Bryan complaining every time I sat down. Or in bed at night, I can remember him being so active, I couldn't' sleep at times! This baby seems a bit more laid back. Hasn't kept me up once yet. Bryan has a real thing about the baby too. Lifting up my shirt and rubbing my belly. He actually lifts up the arm of his shirt and rubs his forarm on it...LOL. And he talks to the baby. He will ask about the baby, if he sees new baby gear coming in, or the 'baby draw' "When baby come?" he will ask. says baby is jus over 2lb right now about 14 inches long, and will respond to light on my tummy by turning towards it!! I think thats amazing!! So baby is definetly responding to all of us in turn, depending on who is talking with me, or making loud noises, but I'm not sure you could say baby is interacting with us. But I will pretend he/she is, because its a nice thought.

As most people expect, we are planning a lovely quiet homebirth. I day dream more and more about when the baby is here. A nice quiet summer, nice strolls with the baby in the sling, and the other 3 near by. Warm sunny days spent at the splash pad, with a picnic. All in good time.