Friday, November 30, 2007

My Last Day of Work

So today is my last day of work for the next 3 months.At times it has been hard. I'm uncomfortable, and my patience has been low with the kidz on occasion. But now that I'm at Nov. 30th I am so glad they have been here! They have kept my mind busy, and kept my spirits up. They have given me a reason to get up daily and kept the day in a predictable routine. They accept me as I am each day. Whether I'm in a great mood, or I'm feeling a bit cranky. As this week comes to a close, my biggest question for myself is "What am I going to do next week?" LOL!!
Its really bitter sweet. I look forward to the time off, spending time with my 2 girls, and bonding with the new baby(when he/she comes). But on the other hand, these kids have helped me get through a tough week. My over due week. A week that would have been much harder without them. I am going to miss them. And as much as I look forward to my time off, I look forward to their return in March just as much.

And as for being over due...what can ya do? Crying doesn't help just confuses my children. "Why is Mommy crying?" Crabbing at Goran doesn't help, just makes us crabby at each other. And honestly he has been my rock. He has been supportive, and understanding. Giving me an extra hug when I need it, ordering supper out a few times these past few weeks, and offer to help out around the house. I don't want to be crabby with him. I tell him "Thank you Hunny," and hope he understands how much it all means to me. So I just remind myself, 'Baby knows best,' and I keep on going. The only thing I hate (and I mean hate) is the inducton questions from near strangers. I did not want to walk Angelina to school yesterday. I just KNEW that this one woman was going to get on my case. Just like I knew, she saw me and says, "Oh, you haven't had your baby? When is the doctor going to induce?" I'm smiling through clenched teeth. Boy I wanted to hit her.
"I'm not inducing," I replied.
Her eyes just about popped out of her head. "You can have very serious complications from leaving the baby in there to long. Did you know that?"
This is my 3rd baby. Does she think I am stupid?
"I am only 3 days over due at this point," I smiled at her. "And my midwife supports my decision 100% to wait at this time."
"Oh, right. I forgot, your doing all this at home," she sorta rolled her eyes and left.
My blood was boiling. Its only 3 day! This could be a miscalculation of dates! Baby's heart rate was good, baby responds to stimulation, and baby moves around like crazy.
Just wait...I'm not done my story. When I picked Angelina up, the same woman had the guts to inform all the other moms and dads that I was not 'very happy' about being over due.
Really what bothers me, is some uniformed person warning me about how dangerous it is to go over due. She doesn't know the complications of inductons are far far greater.
So that is it for now. I am working one last day, have a parade to go to tomorrow, and I am visiting Kristyn and Mark on Sunday. I do not plan to sit and wait all weekend. That would drive me nuts!
So ta ta for now, and I will keep you all posted!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

1 Day Over!

Well, my due date, came, and went. And I really am ok with it. I know that babies come when they are ready and I want my baby when he/she is ready. The start and stop labor is hard. It can get pretty intense. Last night it was intense enough I had to do my breathing exercises and focusing. I put the girls to bed, layed down, and woke up 1/2 hour later. It had stopped. But every time it starts I wonder, is this is? And the thing is, that is how it will start, and it will just keep going, instead of stopping. I saw Sylvia yesterday, and I was 3-4 cm, and 85% effaced. So the 'early labor' I've been having is making things happen, just not fast enough for me:)

Since last week when I posted, we celebrated a birthday! Angelina turned 4. We have had several B-day parties for her to get in all the relatives, but yesterday was the official day. What we like to do is buy a gift for the birthday person, and Goran and I wake that individual up before he goes to work and give them their gift. So yesterday we woke her up, and gave her her gift. Its this Dora/Mermaid thing, that sings and turns around...she saw it on TV a few weeks ago and requested it. I honestly think she had forgotten about it, so she was delightfully surprised yesterday morning! Its just a few minutes that we get together with our Birthday Girl. And we get to make their day with that 'special gift' from Mommy and Daddy! And it really did make her day. She showed her friends, took it to bed for nap, and when I woke her up it was the first thing she played with. I'm glad that we as her mom and dad can make her so happy!

I have my daycare kids for the rest of the week if I see it through. I am really really glad! It is a wonderful distraction! They really have no idea whats going on, and are happy, and smiling, and a nice joy through the day! They nap in the afternoon, and the routine keeps the morning flowing quickly.

Well that it for now. I will post again, either next week, or sooner if this little one arrives! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Picture!

Me and the girls just enjoying eachother, and the belly!
Any guesses to what we're having?

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Waiting Game

Sorry I am a bit late in posting. I really really thought I would have had this baby by now. Being 3cm last week, and 75% effaced...contractions coming and going. But Sylvia was sorta on call on the weekend, depending on when, so I think my body just stopped, knowing I wasn't guaranteed to have her at the birth. I did see Sylvia yesterday, and there was not much change from last week. My GBS swab came back and thankfully it was negative. She did do a stretch and sweep, and I was uncomfortably contracting for the evening, but again, things slowed down and stopped by bed time.
I am still working, the kids coming in each morning is a nice distraction. I am really glad I have them to look forward to. They keep me busy, and my mind going, so I am not upset about not having had this baby yet. The prospect of getting up with nothing to do is very bleak.

So I will sign off for now. I am feeling peaceful, and relaxed, and want to get as much rest as I can, as soon I know I will need my energy. :)

I will post again for sure next week if I haven't yet had the baby, but hopefully before that with a story of a great birth!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So the great news is, Baby has flipped!! Good to know that all the walking I have done in the last 5 days has increased gravity and brought that little head down to where it should be! Its been an intense 5 days, on the phone with Sylvia, discussing options, and declining, discussing and more declining. I understand and appreciate their position, but I still have the right to refuse, and let my body work. Which it seems to be doing quite well I must say! I was 3 cm's dilated today, and 75% effaced. I saw Pauline, and she did a stretch and sweep to active some hormones, and we will have to wait and see if anything happens in the next few days.
There is lots more to write, but its late, and I just wanted to give a quick update about the progress. I will write again on the weekend to fill in all the rest that's been going on.

Have a great night!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Breastfeeding, Breech, and Snow

I've been waiting for it, and its happened. After I had Grace, Angelina would sit and breastfeed her baby dolls. I understood that she didn't remember breastfeeding and that's why it was after I had Grace, and she saw it, that she did it. It made me so proud! I would tell her, "Good girl, that's how we feed out babies, right?" And she would respond, "Yep!"
So I have been waiting for Grace thinking maybe she would do it sooner, because we are still a 'nursing couple'. Well the other night Goran and I went out together, and my parents came to watch the girls for us. When we came home, there was Gracey, all freshly bathed, in her PJ's, nursing her baby 'Belle". I almost cried. Mom said that a little while before, she saw her tugging and trying so hard to get her shirt up, to nurse her baby! The way I figure it, she likely missed me, and was missing the 'connection' of breastfeeding, so went ahead and nursed her baby. Again, it makes me proud that she 'breastfeeds' her babies. But also she understands the connection and still needs it from me. I luv her so much. I am so glad I decided to nurse through this pregnancy, and I am still able to enjoy this with her. An added benefit, they say siblings that nurse together, share a special bond!

Now our next topic.
Sylvia came today for home visit, and after we chatted, had tea, and baked good, we got down to business. Blood pressure, weight, I did the GBS swab, ect. Then she checks baby's positioning, and it appears baby is breech. All I have to say is YUCK! But I have had a few hours to think this out. I declined all interventions at this time. Why you may ask? Here is why,
  1. Baby could have 3 weeks to turn around yet
  2. So far baby has been head down every time, except this one time
  3. If we do an external version, and baby turns, but baby's cord gets trapped, and heart rated drops, I end up with a c-section.
  4. I have a very adequate pelvis, and I know, and my midwife knows I can do it!(thank you Sylvia for giving me the power to trust my body!)
  5. The % of baby's breech in labor is 3-4 %. So my chances are low.

So there you have it. In 3 weeks if baby is still playing silly, then I may rethink my decision. But right now, I want to enjoy my last few weeks, and trust my body. Its really hard. Everyone seems to get pretty worked up about this. What if this happens, or that, what if, what if, what if? And 99% of the time the what ifs never happen and baby turns, and comes out just fine. And many times a baby is this way for a reason, a tight cord, cord around the neck, ect. I remember now with Grace, it was hard to enjoy the pregnancy because of how she layed. The last month or so was filled with worry, and in the end she came out perfect. I bit strangely, but everything worked out just fine. Right now my plan is to think positive, and enjoy the last few weeks.To soon its over, and I will be wishing I was pregnant again:)

And the snow! November 8, the first day! Wow! I am so surprised! The kidz absolutely luved it! Really all they did was walk in it, and eat it, (another yuck)but they luved it none the less. Angelina kept saying things like,"Look, its on the trees!" and "Its covering the ground!" Boy, is she in for a surprise after our first good snow fall!

Well I'm off to the TV. Hope every ones week is going well, and I will post again soon!