Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!!

I home school for lots of reasons! I enjoy ALL the perks of it. No lunches to pack, teacher meet and greets, no pizza days lunch money to dig in the bottom of me purse for, and cold late afternoons pick ups to rush out the door for, freezing, standing with a bunch of other parents trying to make small talk with. Nope, not me!! These are the perks.

Except when I want to. There is this one little girl, that me and me wee ones luv. We are happy to rush out the door, drive an hour, and rush around the corner, through the cat walk, and across the school yard for. Someone my kids wait eagerly at the door to see. Someone they greet with smiles and hugs.


O the joy! It makes me smile, and so happy to choose to stand out there with frozen fingers and wet socks. The joy and the smiles make it so so so worth it!

And they play. I listened to made-up of games of Harry Potter, Hermonie, and Jack and Annie mixed together.

And my weeist one and I sit close by, snacking on those chips, and she is going to get the very last one!

big bag, small girl, i luv u so!
And my best friend comes home, and we talk, and throw our heads back and laugh. The topic gets serious, and our voices becoming urgent and strong. Its so important make the other see the point we have to explain.

Salmon, rice,  carrots, coconut pie, strawberries and the many children disappear off the table as the sky gets dark, and stars twinkle and its time for us to go home.

Thank you my friend! For the chance to pick up your precious daughter. For the chance to have supper with you. For chance to listen to the new words your sweet boy says. ( I heard them!) For the chance for all our 6  kids play together. For the chance to talk, to share, to listen, to clean up, and leave a wee bit to late! Have a great night, and yes, thank you for a wonderful Leap Year Day!

What did u do with your extra day?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Days Like These

O I luv days like this. Everyone gets time to do their things, we get things done, and I get a few other things knocked off the list. I get to talk with them, hear there thoughts, and take it all at the pace that works. That might be a fast one for kids with lots of energy, or a slower one for small ones. Depends on who and when.

It been a day of this.

i luv to listen to my self taught reader reading to her brother

And this.

I watch her tiny fingers grasp the crayon and color vivaciously. 

Smiling so proud. "Mama?" she questions, looking up at my face. My heart melts.

I have been settled, moving slow, enjoying the time. No rushing, or shushing. Letting the baby fall asleep at the breast and slipping her into bed for an early nap. A mix matched lunch, sitting at the new counter with them all, listening to the sillies, and giggles.

As they scooted off to play, I got a few minutes to do a few of my things!! I got to organize some of my kitchen cupboards. I have 5 bins of stuff to be replaced in the kitchen. I'm honestly dreading it, but looking forward to it at the same time. Maybe Friday......

I also got to this ever messy school book cupboard.

Such a feeling of satisfaction every time I clean it up.

Lets see how long it lasts!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

One Day at a Time

That's how it goes around here. Slow and steady. Moving through the day, turning to weeks, living, watching as they grow, right before my eyes.

Some times things break up those days. Walks, visits with friends or a trip to the library.

Some times things break up those weeks. Mini vacations, weekly ballet lessons, a trip to Nana and Paka's or a day spent with a friend.

Today was one of those days spent with a friend. Not just any friend. A friend, that time and misunderstandings had drifted apart. It was a day filled with a wee bit of excitement the minute I woke up. Knowing that soon the misunderstandings and time would wash away under the bridge and we would be end to end on the couch, talking and chatting, tea in hand.  I packed up all the kids, clean face's, home made pizza to go, and a small gift to give. (You never show up empty handed you know!)

Butterflies twirled in my tummy as I buckled up my seat belt and started the van.

It had been a year since we were last there.

"Is this her house?" Grace asked as I pulled in.

Really? In a year she forgot?

Hugs and smiles at the door. Oh, it was good! She understood that kids needed to settle in, and needed me close. We chatted near by and once they were settled made tea, and heated pizza's and chatted some more.

We shared light thoughts and grew more and more comfortable as the sun moved threw the house. Subjects  got deeper, and the bond grew stronger.

Plans for a visit soon were made and me and wee ones headed home. A smile on my face knowing the bridge of friendship never really went away. We just needed to get the water flowing again.

Once we got home is was quiet simple time together. Everyone unwinding, relaxing, and settling in.

O we figured out the problem, timing is perfect now, and E-I-E-I-O is played often throughout the day...
she's got a cold, and a thing for Kleenex's...
after a quick walk in the O so  cold - a cup of cocoa!
Now my wee ones are tucking in bed. The house is quiet, and I feel it washing over me. "It" you ask? Exhaustion of anticipation for this day, and satisfaction - no, elation, knowing that friendship is there.

So I join my wee ones in going to bed, happily looking forward to quietness tomorrow.

One last picture to share....I'm not sure how it fits in, I was trying to think of some clever thing about fingers prints of friendship never leaver the heart or something...but my brain is tired, and I just want to share :)

I need to clean my window, but hate wiping those wee prints away. I know the day will come where there will be no more one day at a time they are growing up.

Stupid Scale

AHHHHHH!!! I just need to vent for a minute, and then I will be done, and should be done for the day, and will blog a nice post later.

So people, lots of people tell me things like, "Wow, all that exercise, you shouldn't need to worry to much about points/food/calories!"


I luv food. I eat food when I'm stressed/happy/sad/angry_________(insert emotion here). Chocolate being my choice, but when I'm stressed anything will do (accept healthy stuff).

So that being said, last week I was up .8lb, and this week I was down .2lb. Running twice, and the exercise, I was mad. Mad at the scale, mad at me, mad at everyone. Just mad. I still am.

Weighing in once a week? I tried not to, but it was too hard last week. And the weigh in everyday keeps me accountable. So that didn't work last week.


I'm so mad I skipped my workout this morning. :( I know that wont help, but I have lots to do....not a great way to start the week, I know.

But my angry has got me reconfirming the things I know. Its got me recommitting and making a game plan in my head. Continue the exercise, and count count count.

It works well when I have the time in the morning to plan my meals in advance for the day. I'm committing to do that everyday.

I am down 7lb in total since, January 2. I'm down 1.8lb since January 30. Its something. Slow steps, enough to get me mad and pick things up? I hope so!!

I'm really hoping this looks different in a month!
I will blog again later today. I have somethings (not about weight) I need to record!

What are you reconfirming/recommitting to today??

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blessings Big and Small

Sometimes the blessings are huge! Meaning, they are easy to see and be thankful for. Last Monday, a pregnant friend called me crying and terrified. She had a wee bit of spotting, and she was certain her baby was gone. There is so much surrounding this baby. So much luv, desire, hope, concern and because of all that, the desire for this wee one she grows in her body has only multiplied. We talked. About the fears, what ifs, I shared stories, and consoled her. I told her I hoped she was wrong and that baby was alive and kicking. I encouraged her to call the midwife in the morning and request an ultra sound.

I thought about her on and off through the day. A quick prayer being said every time. I know her fear. I have lived that fear.

It was about 5ish when my cell phone rang. Not many people call it, and it was a bit odd.

"Hello?" I always question, thinking it to be a telemarketer.

"You were right!" my friend sobbed into the phone. "The baby is alive!"

The blessing were felt on so many levels. It was huge.

Sometimes the blessings are small, and I need to look for them. All the laundry done in one day without interruption. My dishwasher that I luv. Klara getting dressed on her own. Sunny afternoons spent outside with my wee ones for a walk. Chasing the dog through the neighborhood (this was about living the moment, and a lesson for wee ones. 'A blessing in disguise' my mom calls it. And it resulted in a morning at the park!) The back-splash slowly going up in the kitchen.

Big or small they are there. Everyday.

This week we had a blessing of throwing a belated Valentines party. Friends, food, goody bags, and a morning off.

in his old age, he is living life to the fullest.

It was such a blessing to be with friends, sharing and laughing. And added with watching  the small ones play, laugh, grow and learn - it made a near perfect day. (The only sad part was our party goers going home.)

Other blessings - I call big but some might call small - are

hugs and kisses

finding him so peaceful after an early morning workout

seeing the evidence of her brain growing as she sorts and organizes. (and she cleaned it up!)

check out the due. It took hours for that one. a shower before bed, and all night work'n on it! LOL

I hope your week was full of blessing big and small that you could see! I would luv to hear some of them!

I'm off for an early bedtime, and ready for a new week full of blessings!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Family Day in Canada, and a Check In

Family Day 

Family Day was a whirl wind really.We were getting ready for company, and I had some cleaning to catch up on, and laundry to keep was one of those days.  But sometime after noon, we got coats and boots on, and headed outside to the sunshine. The sun was warm. I stopped and just felt it on my back. I could feel the warmth seeping through my coat, warming my back and shoulders. Spring is arriving. Its not 'going' to come. Its here! Early and slowly spreading its warming fingers over the earth, and bring life out of the ground.

It was a good Family Day walk. My family, talking, laughing, smiling, and holding hands. Just being together. Just being us.

Dinner was a hit! Grandparents came to celebrate family. My kids luv when Baka, Nana, and Paka are here. The anticipation. Waiting at doorways and windows, and the excited cheers when the cars and vans pull up. Clambering for laps, asking questions, and more and more smiles. We all got a taste of Goran's fresh cought fish, homemade potato salad, Caesar salad and more.

look at that smile!

making cookies after supper

It was a good day.

Check In

Today I have lots of thoughts and feelings on my journey. I was up .8 of a pound. It has to do with weight loss rhythm, and  just maybe a few to many chips the other night, but there is more to this then weight. Is this being naive, of realizing something important? I'm not sure. This does not mean I am going to stop counting points. I am not going to stop exercising. This is important for me. For my health, my example I'm living for my wee ones, and the way I feel. I don't feel good after a night of TV and binging. I feel awful going to bed with indigestion, and I feel awful getting up the next day. I don't like it. But after a morning exercise, or a healthy lunch I feel invigorated, refreshed, and strong. I seem to manage my stress better, smile more, and laugh more.

before my 'run'

I went running. Well jogging really. It was good. It took about 5 mins. and I fell into a rhythm. I was breathing big gulps of air, my heart pounding in my ears, and my feet flew over the sidewalk. I liked it. No, I LUVED it! Its been 3 years since I ran. I'd forgotten how good it feels, and how alive it makes me feel. I'm going to make it part of my week workout routine.  Hopefully getting out once or twice a week.  I was out for about 30 mins. Running for about 23-25 of those minutes, and walking the last block to cool down. Oh I hurt the following days after. My thies protesting every time I sit, or have to go up/down stairs. But I like the pain. it reminds me of the running, that my body is getting strong, and that I will do this!

I've decided to weigh myself once a week, and maybe go to once a month. There is more to life then the scale.

Into the week I go!! Life is great!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.
If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.
inspired by SouleMama


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Luv

The day is grooving! Things are getting checked off the list, everyone is happy, and the I'm feeling the luv.

Maybe it was the start of it? Valentines surprises for everyone when they got to the table? Maybe the routine and vigor I stirred up? Maybe because my cold is finally losing the battle and my head has stopped bounding, and I can think clearly for the 1st time in a week....

she wanted crackers soooo bad!!

Last year....o, last year.....I was sad. Goran had thought maybe we were to old, or maybe I didn't care. He feels its such a gimmick to get people to did nothing. I was upset and hurt. It brought back those days in high school, the other girls with flowers, and chocolates, and teddy bears...and I was empty handed. I didn't have anyone to share the Valentines traditions with, and it hurt.

So now I do. And last year I was hurt all over again. Yes, yes, I know. Your thinking, "How many boxes of chocolates or roses, that die anyways, does she need?" It's not that. Its not the flowers, its not the roses, or teddy bears, or even the gifts! Its being thought of, and being treated a little bit extra special, because someone luvs me THAT much. To marry me, have babies with me, put up with me, share their life with me and promise to do this till the day I die.

But today, today was different. He thought of me!! Getting up this morning, tired and groggy, stretching into my exercise clothes, I slipped quietly down the stairs so not to wake the baby. I spied the table out of the corner of my eye to make sure the kids surprises were there. I slowed and stopped. A pink envelope was at my spot.

I'm a sap. A complete and udder sap. My eyes pooled with tears, and the biggest grin every spread across my face. I slip into my chair to read my card and just felt the rush of emotions. He thought of me. He took a moment in the last few days to think of me, pick it up, and even left it on the table. That is all it took, and he made my day.

I hope that someone makes you feel special today!