Friday, June 27, 2008

A tooth, and a Check up, and Slap cheek

So, in order of the title,

  1. Bryan's first tooth broke through the gums. Yeah! He is my youngest baby to get a tooth. Angelina was 13 months, and Grace was within a few days of her first birthday. Bryan is a week away from being 7 months. We were sitting at my neighbors house the other day, and he was chomping away on my finger. I pulled my finger out of his moth but as I did, I felt a little something sharp. I had to double check, brushing my finger on it a few times, and finally investigating visually. And there it was, a pearly white poking out. It is the bottom right, and the one beside it is just about through as well. No toothless smiles for him on his first birthday!
  2. Bryan had a long overdue check up last Friday. His weight was 14lb 13oz, and he was 26 1/2 inches long. His weight is on the low side, but he is happy, and healthy, and reaching all his milestone. I did ask the MD if he was concerned about his weight, and he said "No, he is not a skinny baby."
  3. And Slap cheek, or otherwise known as fifth disease. Usually something like this, grumpy moody children, suddenly a high fever along with bright red cheeks. The fever breaks within 24 hours, and the cheeks last a few day. Sometimes they can have a rash as well. Both the girls had it. Grace, first on Sunday, her fever was 103 F, which was scary, but she woke up on Monday, right as rain and happy as could be. Angelina had it Wednesday. Bright Cheeks, high fever, and sleepy. Thursday, she woke up right a rain, and happy as could be. Now I'm waiting for Bryan's turn...

That's it for me, a busy weekend ahead, I'll post again soon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Luv My Feet...and Swimming too!

I was commenting to Kristyn that my kids never really 'found' there feet, and wasn't Bryan to old for that? As usual, I spoke to soon, and a week later he was chomping away on those tiny toes. That was all about a month ago. At first he was sitting and would fold himself in half to get them, but then he realized if he was laying down, it was much more fun, and easier to get in his mouth. I had some great pics. Some in his chair, some on the change table, some color, and some black and white. I toke my camera in, and popped my card in...and oups, wrong slot. But the card was gone inside. So I tell the clerk and she tells me I'm was not the first to do this. Another clerk comes along, and proceeds to get it out with some tweezers. Hummmm. When she manages to get it out it is damaged, and I've lost all my pics. So I get a brand new card for free, and am suggested to go to another picture place to see if I can get my pics back. After all that, I finally got some new pics of him with his feet, although at this point its not quit as exciting to him as the first 50 times he did it. So here he is, chomping away....chewing which seems to be the trend as of late.

We went to my mom and dads on Sunday for fathers day, and Bryan went swimming for the first time. At first he really didn't seem to like it one bit. But he did warm up to the idea, and started splashing and smiling and having a great time. Once we got out, the poor guys feet were blue! So we cuddled up, and he nursed and fell asleep, all snuggled up to my chest. It was sweet and lovely.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Graces Mosquito Bite

Gracey got bit by a mosquito. Poor thing, as you can see her whole eye was swollen. She got up Sunday morning, and said, "Mommy, take it off!" Yesterday it looked worse then Sunday, but did get better as the day went on. I am hoping today its all gone. She's tuffed it out well, and hasn't complain at all. My brave girl!! I will post again later to update.
Its much better then it was. Its still a bit red, and a bit puffy, and she has a red spot just above her eye brow where the actaul bit is. But she can open it now and I'm sure, see out of it!! LOL