Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Grace

We luv you so much Grace!!

4 years ago, I did it! I had my coveted home birth. I battled childbirth, 100% naturally, just like I had so badly wanted, and I won! I cried out in pain, when the contractions became to much, and breathed deep to catch myself in between. I remember the support and encouragement from my birth team. I remember Goran wanting so badly to go out for a smoke and begging him not to. ( He didn't! He stayed!)

I remember the first glimpse of her face! I remember what it felt like when I pushed her from my body. The first feeble cries, and Goran cutting the cord. I remember them tucking her in beside me, telling me she needed "Mommy" and feeling so proud to here those words.

Here we are 4 years later. Now we celebrate this sweet girls birthday. Sometimes I think she is a 4 year old monkey! She is rumbustious, and clever. She likes to playfully repeat..."Daddy said______". Sometimes she comes up with her own dialog, using this time to use forbidden words....LOL....yes that is my 2nd child:) She can be the sweetest and most caring child, sharing new toys, and be the first to give a hug to someone who's hurt. She seems to so really understand feelings! Even when someone is just feeling 'blue' she wants fix it. Or if someone is really happy, she wants to join it the fun, and giggle and shout with glee. She is tender and sweet with babies, and really luvs them. She holds them gently, and will sing and rock them for hours on end - real or just dolls! She like to help out. Doing some dusting, folding face cloths, or feeding small ones that need a hand.

She is our Grace. Silly and funny, sweet and lovable and irreplaceable!

Happy Birthday big girl! I hope you have a fantastic day, love your new PJ's, and have enjoyed spending the day in them!!

This is what I mean. 'Gracie, smile!"


Gracie gave her sues sues to Baby Zachary this year!

Gracie and her cousin Abby!