Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valintines Day - 30 Things

30 Things I Love...Because that's my age...

  1. My mom and dad, thanks for raising me with good old fashion values!
  2. Goran, for sticking with me though some bad times, and making the good times with me. For being my best friend, and loving me when I'm hard to live with
  3. My children, Angelina, Grace, and Bryan, and God willing another one sometime not to far down the road
  4. My siblings. Each of them is different and brings different things to my life. Some trying, some great. Looking back in my life I can remember great memories with each of them
  5. My sister in law and her growing family. Kristyn is my best friends, my 'go to person' Goran says.
  6. My pets, Duke, Bob, and Kalli
  7. My house, yes its old, but its ours, and getting better with every dollar we put into it!
  8. My van, I'd be stuck at home with out it...and we need a van with a family of 5!
  9. Nursing baby's. Giving them what nature provides, the way nature intended. And the bonding and love is amazing
  10. Birthing my babies. Ok, not the ouch this hurts part, but the part when I reach down and pull them to my chest and look into that tiny face and meet the human that's been growing inside me for 9 months
  11. Being pregnant. The positive pregnancy test, the first time I hear the heart beat, the first movements, the first contraction....that's what I love
  12. Pancakes after birthing!
  13. Pizza. Whatever diet I'm on goes out the window when pizza comes in my door
  14. Chocolate...I couldn't live without the promise of chocolate
  15. Warm cozy days on the couch with hot cocoa
  16. Big comfy sweaters
  17. The promise of a fresh tomorrow
  18. Good neighbors, Sandra & Rob, Cheryl & name a few
  19. Hot summers evenings on the deck, watching the kids play in the backyard
  20. Facebook...I love keeping in touch with everyone, and reconnecting with old friends
  21. Cloth diapering, it makes me feel good to know I'm doing something good for the environment
  22. For diets that work....10 lbs to go
  23. A hot shower
  24. Clean, fresh kids, just out of the shower, dressed in PJs and ready for bed!
  25. The sound of my kids laughing
  26. Chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven
  27. Hot cocoa with some Irish cream thrown in...hummmm!
  28. Watching Angelina's eyes light up as she reads a new book
  29. Watching Graces face full of mischief as she shrugs and says 'nothing'
  30. Watching Bryan tumble around after his sisters!