Saturday, June 16, 2012


I started this Thursday night after we went strawberrry picking. I wanted to write about traditions, and how every year they get older, we build these yearly traditions. Traditions that they talk about all year long. Whether its birthday party favorites, Christmas cookies with daddy, or strawberry picking at Farmer Toms, the traditions hold strong cord for them.

I here them reminicing, "Do you remember when we made cookies with Daddy?" or "Do you remember Baka slept over Christmas Eve?" and this week, "Do you remember strawberry picking when Klara was a baby? And Farmer Tom?" 

Yes, we are building memories and traditions. Things we all look forward to. Things we enjoy as a family. And things they will talk about their whole lives. Now they talk to each, and Nana, and Pake, and cousins, and friends. In time they will roll their eyes and laugh when they tell their teenage friends they have to make go to the pumpkin patch on Mom's birthday. And one day, when they are grown and have wee ones of their own they will say,

"When I was little...." and hopefully these memories are great memories for them and they can bring some of them into their own families.

Its been a week of traditions. Strawberry picking (o yes). summer traditions with cousins, and the evening of dollies outside. 

o these ceder trees. how they luv them, spending hours playing in them!

We've also begun some new traditions.

A piano recital for my girls. As with the ballet recital, my heart was in my throat. Their dedication, and concentration, and sheer beauty of the people my 2 big girls are becoming, filled me with so much emotion I had a hard time keeping myself in check.

They seemed to small at that grand piano in the big hall.

Shyly they each took their turn, fingers finding the right keys, and their hard work all winter long showing through.

They made their momma, and Nana so proud.

A new tradition we began just today.

A Fathers Day Special, not for my dad today, but for the father of my wee ones. A man I treasure, and value. A man who luves to fish in a boat. We counted life jackets, buckled up kids, and set off in the boat.

O yes, yes I did. (I have even had fun - but don't tell him that!)

Seeing him there, in his element, was moving for me. I found it hard not to stare at him, studying him, trying to imprint it all in my memory. I don't ever want to forget. For all the differences we have, all the times we might shout a bit to much, he is an amazing man. He was gentle with the children, letting them try to steer the boat, and explaining to them how it worked. He let them look at the lures, and explained different things to them.We drove fast and the wind blew hats and hair, and everyone laughed. We cruised slow and we watched birds dive for fish, and herons fly and settle in the shallow water.

This day filled my heart with goodness and luv. Memories, and a new tradition, we are all looking forward to next year.

And for tomorrow, I am looking forward to an old tradition of a good long visit at my mom and dads, celebrating my dad on Fathers Day!

Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just Have Faith

"So how do I know if it's ok?" I text a friend today.

"You don't." She replied. "You have faith, and enjoy each moment."

Life has its ups and downs.

Sometimes you wonder if its all going to be ok.

Just have faith.

Even in the bad have faith that the good it coming.

Flurry of phone calls and discussions lead to a  flurry of towels and bathing suits flown on in a hurry as we packed sandwiches, canteens, and cameras for the beach.

This renews my faith.

Strength in numbers.


Just watching them play.

Making friends,

whether big or small.

Its these things, these simple things that renew my faith.

These 4 little people are the reason I renew my faith. They keep my moving, through their luv, their innocence, and their faith in me.

Just have faith.

Hows that? Right before I hit post, Angelina yells, "A rainbow!!!" A sign, right outside my window!! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

In Their Honor

We gathered. Ballet mom's and dad's. Some grandma's and grandpa's and neighbors and friends. We brought plastic covered treats and tupperware containers of  more treats. We talked nervously as they practiced one last time.

We filed in and found seats. The room hushed.

I sat in silence at magic unfolded before my eyes.

My camera lay forgotten in lap for a bit as watched in aw.

The concentration.

The dedication.

The beauty.

I finally remembered my camera in my lap, and picked it up, snapping what I could between the tears that kept slipping out of the corners of  my eyes and sliding silently down my cheeks.

The opportunity to raise them, luv them, watch them, and be part of their lives.

Oh what a blessing