Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sam and the Green Dinosaur

Sam started speech therapy this week. I wasn't sure what to expect, but after being there, and watching, I was so very pleased.

Sam was playing with Lindsey, and I was sitting on the floor helping with interactions, acting as a bit of a 'translator'. He was playing, and pointing and grunting and she was keeping it really fun and light, as this was our first 1st visit. He was playing with a toy, but getting upset, and frustrated - almost angry like he does, because he can't communicate whats in his head.

He finally crumpled into my lap, crying, spent and overwhelmed with his frustration.

"Awe, you poor guy!" Lindsey said. "You have so much to say and can't get it out."

My heart jumped! Someone else see's what I see. Not a boy refusing to talk. Not a 'stubborn' child. Not a 'disobedient' child. But a boy, a little boy with so much to say, who is frustrated and upset, and so so so badly wants to share what he is thinking. He wants his desires met. He wants his voice heard.
I understand how people might think hes being 'difficult' or 'stubborn', but they aren't with Sam all day long. They don't see the desire in his eyes. The way he stands there sometimes, looking into my eyes, grunting and gesturing, almost begging me to understand. Crying because something is not where he left it, but no one can help him, because no one knows what he's thinking about.

He didn't want to leave. He was mad, and angry. He threw his hat on the floor and kept trying to go back. he understands what this is for. He understands this is the key to sharing all this thoughts!

The Dinosaur

There's this episode of Peppa Pig where her little brother George goes to daycare. He paints a picture of a green thing that some what resembles a a green dinosaur, and holds it up and says "Roar Roar" so everyone knows what it means. They all laugh, because they understand that he has painted his dinosaur.

Sam has been painting with green a lot the last week. He purposely picks the green, fills his pallet with green and then paints.

Yesterday while I was a way he did the same thing. Only this time he found Grace, held up his picture and said.....are you ready for it?

"ROAR! ROAR! ROAR!" Grace immediately knew what was going on.

He was happy to paint and show me his dinosaur and do lots of "ROAR"s when I got home. He nodded lots and smiled big when we talked about Georges dinosaur, how awesome Sam's dinosaur was too.


I'm so glad we are on the right path, and I am SO excited to hear all the things Sam has to say!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Special Post

I have never done one of *these* posts. I'm excited, and my fingers are tingling a tiny bit.

As we prepare for this baby, in our hearts and minds, all of us, have plans, ideas and LOVE. We all adore this person, who's growing and kicking, and listening to us.

It only seemed so natural and so right, that we know what kind of baby it is, so we can be that much more prepared.

My heart skipped a beat when the tec said the sex, and my eyes searched the room to see the reactions. Excitement, joy, elation, and a bit of disappointment with one.

I promised Klara that once she saw him, and held hims, and kissed him, she'd forget she ever wanted a girl!

We've named him Caleb Shephan! We can't wait to see him!
Caleb Stephan 
And to commemorate our baby,