Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Angelina is quit excited about donning on her costume, and taking to the streets. Grace, I'm sure will be happy to tag along. Here they are ready to go in their costumes.

The midwife apt. was yesterday, and everything was splendid. Baby is head down, low, but not engaged as I had thought. Next week Sylvia will come for a home visit to 'check things out'. I always luv when they come into the home. So much more personal. I make tea, and home baked goods to share...its really like a visit with friend.
I also blew up the pool, 'just in case' I go early. I can always hope! Goran is getting the downstairs shower functional, and putting in a nice spray shower head for if I need that for some pain relief. He is also brushing up on his coaching skills, by reading "The Birth Partner" by Penny Simkin. He read it while I was pregnant with Grace and requested it to read again. I'm also gathering supplies. Bedsheets for the futon, old towels, receiving blankets, hats for Baby, space heater, so it can be nice and warm, just birthing stuff. Its nice to be doing something in preparation.
I have also started nesting. Going, room by room, and giving a good cleaning. Clearing out closets, going through cloths, that kind of thing. With both the girls I did this as well, and it was a few weeks before birth. I am also cooking casseroles, and baking breads, cookies, and muffins for the freezer. This way after Baby comes I won't have so much to do. I can put a casserole in for supper, get muffins out for guests, all that sort of thing.
As it turns out Angelina guiltily told me yesterday that she wants to go to Cheryl's house to see her house. It has nothing to do with the baby, and she would actually like to see the baby, and maybe watch some TV when the time comes. So when the times comes, I will just let her come and go from the room as she pleases and see how she handles that. I told her after Baby comes she can go to Cheryl's and tell her if its a boy or girl. She said that was great.
Daycare is going well. My friend, from down the street, and I had a Halloween party for the kidz on Monday. We sang songs, played games, did a craft, and decorated cookies. They had a GREAT time. I am scaling down activities and crafts abit, as I am getting more tired. I am still doing them, as the kids LUV them, just some simplier things. Gluing, coloring, free flow stories and songs through the day, that sort of thing. We are still going outside every day, and walking Angelina to preschool and back on Thursdays.

I have 9 wool soakers complete. I just have to wash and lanalize them. I have enough wool for one more, so I am working on it now, and when I'm done it, that's it for now. I have a few different sizes, and varied that pattern a bit to figure out how to do one I really like. I am happy with what I learned, and with what I made. This way if I do really like them, I can make some bigger sizes when Baby needs them, and I will know just how to do it.

I 'm still feeling good, tired, but nothing unusual. When I get a whole nights sleep I'm good. But if Grace has been up a few times, I'm a bit ruff the following day. Sometimes I think I would really like to be done being pregnant, but then a day like today, I'm ok with a few more weeks. But I guess whether I like it or not, Baby will come on his/her agenda, not mine:)

Following is a picture, as the girls make my tummy into a pumpkin/jack-o-lantern. Such a blast!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

34 weeks and 5 days, Pics!

Here is a few pictures I promised.

Here we are for the Hiemstra Family Thanksgiving walk. The tree behind us is the tree that we usually climb and have a picture done in, but, well, I wasn't quite up for climbing this year:)

And here I am, just last night. Its amazing to see myself. How much my baby belly has grown, and see the 'drop'. Now that I see it in a picture, I can really see the slope of my belly, and how low it is.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Sing Along

I put the baby car seat in the van. In preparation for the baby's first care ride. When I did it I also switched the girls around. Grace is in Angelina's old spot, and the baby car seat is beside her. So they are both in the middle. Angelina is in the back. It is much easier getting them in and out. I don't have to run around from side to side to buckle them up. (I don't know how people did it when vans only had one side door.) And they can't fight either now. I always kept them together thinking they could play, and keep each other company, but they just fought more then anything. Everyone needs a little space, right?
So, off I went shopping last night. Each one in their 'new' spot. On the way home I caught Angelina singing to the music. Just a kidz CD I have in the car. It was very cute. She didn't know all the words, but when the chorus came on, I could here her trying so hard to get the words in time with the CD. She's grow, and becoming such a preschooler.

As for me, I am getting uncomfortable. During the last week, my pelvis pressure has increase. By the end of the night the inside of my thighs are throbbing, and my back is really starting to hurt too. Its almost like a nerve. Just the way Baby sits sometimes...and I can hardly more, it hurts. And the braxton hicks are becoming more frequent, and a wee bit uncomfortable. A few weeks ago, I was getting tired and all that, but I wasn't ready for the pain of childbirth quite yet. I was willing to put up with pregnancy as trade of for that. But now, I would just like to sleep on my back, walk without waddling, and be able to get up off the couch with out help, or grunting, go 3 hours between trips to the bathroom....So now I am ready. I am willing and ready to accept and embrace the pain of childbirth, because when its over, I will feel sooo much better. And I would really like to hold my baby in my arms. Watch the love in Goran's face as he see his new child for the first time. See the wonder on the girls faces when they see their new baby...
Yes, I am ready for that now. But all in good time. Babies tend to have their own time table;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yesterday I was resting on the couch, and I got up to get ready to wake the kidz up. Suddenly I had the urge to pee so bad, I almost didn't make it from the couch to the bathroom. I thought to myself, "That was strange." But continued about the afternoon.
"Oh, my goodness!"exclaimed one of my mom's who was picking up her son when she saw me. "You've dropped."
I started thinking about the when I had gotten up off the couch. Hummm.
So when Goran got home, I lifted up my shirt and asked him, "Does it look like I dropped?"
" Yes!" He exclaimed, pretty much the same way. "Big time!"
And honestly, I can feel it. The past week or so I have had a hard time catching my breath, and my bra has been really digging into me by the end of the day. But, I can breath better! And Baby's feet feel just a bit lower then before when he/she goes on a kicking spree. And, and I can feel extra pressure in my perineum, that is in a different place than before.
So it looks to other people like I dropped, and it feels like it to me. "Dropped" referes to the baby's head descending in to the pelvis in preparation for labor. For a first time baby it is quite normal for it to happen at this time. Usually with 2nd, 3rd, ect baby's it doesn't happen until the woman goes into labor. But, its not unheard of to happen now, and it likely means I will have lots of prodormal labor. This is a lot of start and stop labor. It means changes are happening in preparation for labor. It usually results in a shorter labor, when labor really does kick in. But in the mean time it can be very tiring, and the woman, (me) is in a constant state of alertness.
But, knowing all this will give me an advantage. I am a prepared, and ready to get my rest.
My mom predicted that I would go early. I kept saying "No." But now, I think she might be on to something. Only time will tell. And really, it doesn't mean that much, I could still hang onto well into December!!

The rest of the family is doing well. Grace is still getting up to pee at night, but goes to bed right afterwards. And I am usually up once or twice anyways, so no big deal. Angelina does as well, but she is old enough she does it all on her own. Goran is busy, as usual. He is looking for a deep freezer for me. Just a smallish apt. size one, so I can put some extra food in it, in preparation for the baby's birth. This way I won't have to do to much cooking afterwards. I could make some bread and freeze it too.....

Well, that's all for now. I will get Goran to take a few pics, and post them to see if anyone else notices the difference.

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Great Visit

I had a great visit today at the midwives. Sylvia said everything is running along on course, and baby is doing well. I am 33 weeks today!! I can't believe the time has gone by so fast. It has been such a busy summer, and with the late arrival of fall weather, it is surreal that impending birth is only about 7 weeks away. I see Lisa my 3rd in 2 weeks, and 2 weeks after that Sylvia comes for a home visit. I will be 37 weeks then, and after that point, anything goes! Wow, sometimes I can't believe that by Christmas time our family will be 5!

Grace came down with a nasty virus, and was running a high fever all weekend. So there was some sleep, but mostly broken into a few hours at a time. One night I was up every 4 hours giving her Tylenol, and last night she slept from midnight to about 6:30am, but when she woke she had soiled herself. YUCK! What a thing to deal with at 6:30 in the morning. So needless to say, bedsheets were washed, toddler was washed, and everyone smelled much better after that. Her fever broke, so she is feeling better, but still very tired. She actually went and crawled into bed on her own tonight. I just put her jammies on, kissed her, and let her go.

Angelina and I had 'talk' about the baby's arrival. She really isn't looking forward to it, and when I asked if she would like to go to Cheryl's when the baby 'comes out', she responded with a very definite yes. I was disappointed, but I understand that this is all very hard for her to grasp. So I, with a heavy heart, agreed she could go. But I also reminded her if she changed her mind, she could stay.

So that is really it for me. My comfort level is still good. With the ruff week and weekend past, I've been tired, but my energy is building again, and I feel ready for another 7 weeks.

Have a great week all, and I will post again soon.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Adventures Continue.....

Here is my grumpy girl yesterday morning at 6:15 am. Just as grumpy as mommy!!

And she is this morning, at 7:30ish, feeling much better!

So last night wasn't as bad, and she lasted until 3:45ish am. I heard her pad off to the bathroom on her own, and held my breath hoping she would go back to bed. Nope. After a few minutes I heard her playing with a squeaky book. I waited. A few minutes later I can still here her. OK, so I have to get up. I sit down across from her.
"It's night time. We have have to go back to bed." I tell her.
"Ma ma, pee pee," she says getting off the potty.
"Great," I said.
'But that is not the point," I think to myself
But out loud I say, "You can have a smarties and go back to bed."
She nods her understanding. Off to the kitchen. As I give her her smarties, I notice she's a bit warm. Like Temperature, hot warm. Maybe this explains the last few nightly wanderings. Maybe something is bothering her. I give her some Tylenol, and off to bed.
"And you have to be quiet," I tell her as I slip her into bed, "Or mommy will put you in the playpen." I point to in the corner, so she understands.
She just smiles at me.
I hit the sack, hoping, praying that is the end. Nope. 15-20 minutes, just I am dosing off I hear her voice carrying some off note tune of a song she remembers. Time to follow through.
"Sorry Hunny, you are going to have to sleep in the playpen," I whisper, as I pick her up, her pillow, blanket, and baby.
I gently place her in, put her blanket on, and tell her, "I luv you Grace, have fun."
I know she is safe now, and the mumbled singing doesn't bother me. I didn't hear her after awhile, and eventually drifted off to sleep.
Well, much better. We all woke up at 7:30. Great!! Much better. I will keep working on it. I know she can get through this.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Graces Nightly Adventures

Of course, as it goes, you get over one hurdle and there is another one waiting, right? The potty stuff is done. Hurdle conquered. But now my little monkey has decided that about 1:15 am is a great time to play, and sing, and read stories. But not without several trips to the bathroom. Ok the first 2 nights I struggled through, trying to keep my cool. Yesterday I was very tired and cranky in the morning, but had a mental break though think how lucky I was to have 2 healthy, (beautiful) girls, and be pregnant again! Wow, what a miracle. So I put her to bed bit later last night thinking that might help. Nope. 1:21am I here her little feet pad across the wood floor to my room. "Oh no, not again!" I think to myself. I keep my eyes closed, hoping she thinks I'm asleep and goes back to bed. (Can she even have those complex thoughts?) " Fat chance. I tried that the last 2 nights in a row, why would it work the 3rd night?
"Ma ma!" She sputters around her soother, and hits my hand. "Pee pee," She says as she pats her bum. She's got some books in her other hand, so she has plans.
"Ok, lets go," I say, as I struggle to get up in my large aquard, 8 months pregnant way. Off the the bathroom. I figure I'm here I might as well go myself. I'm pretty sleepy, and have a hard time keeping eyes open. Ok, when we've both finished, I tuck her in to bed, and go off myself, hoping this is the end (just like the last 2 nights.) The sagga begins. For an hour and a half she sings and plays, and I think to myself, 'I'm so lucky to have children. Some people can't.' And I get up 5 -6 times, tuck her in nice, and tell her to go to sleep. The 7th time, (its now 2:51am)I think to myself (as she pads to the bathroom) 'Ahhhhh! This is nuts!!I'm so tired I can't think!'
I go to the bathroom, waddle waddle waddle.
"Grace, if you want to play, you will have to go in the crib," I tell her. "Its night time, time to be sleeping. And its not safe for you to be wondering around playing in the dark."
In she goes, with her pillow, and blanket, and baby.
Ok, she wasn't happy, (but either was I by this time.) She cried for 30 seconds, and quiet. I woke up, unhappily this morning, with head ace. But, I luv my children, and I know I am lucky to have them, and we are going to get through this together.
My plan today, is to make sure she is tired and hope she sleeps though the night. So I had a very unhappy girl up at 6:15am this morning, and she struggled through her nap. But she made it awake. I did put up the playpen in the girls room.
I showed her the playpen, and told her "If you want to sing and play at night time you will have to play in there. Its safe in there for you." She shook her head, no. She is very tired.
Wish me luck, I will post tomorrow with how it goes!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A little disappointed on my Birthday :(

Well my midwife appointment was suppose to be today. But we had to reschedule due to the midwife being at a birth. I understand these things happen, really I do, but it is still disappointing. I always look forward to the apt.s, and I send all the kidz in my care, home early. So we rescheduled for next week, but that means taking more time off, and asking my daycare parents to take time off.....oh well, what can I do?

All in all, its turning out to be a great day. I was pleasantly surprised by Goran, and friends this morning, and Angelina gleefully wished my a happy birthday. I tried to get Gracie to sing to me, but she would here nothing of it.

I am 32 weeks yesterday. I am starting to feel large, and uncomfortable more often then I feel comfortable. I am not walking as often or as far, because honestly, after running after 5 kidz all day I really don't have the energy to walk for and hour. Even the 10 minutes walk to the park with the kidz in the morning, and then home again, seems alot to me right now. But the end is insight!! 8 weeks to go. My tummy is stretching and growing, and the indigestion is becoming more frequent during the day. I keep a bottle of Tums beside the bed...and I really have to take my calcium pills or I get painful leg cramps. But on the upside, Baby is active and busy. Stretching and turning every which way. It feels now like not a few minutes go by without a kick or a roll to remind me of the life inside me!! And that is awesome!

I have now finished 4 wool soakers, and started on my 5th. I received some colored wool for my birthday, so I have started number 5 in a turquoise color with some white striping in it. A friend of mine told me I was doing such a good job I should start selling....we'll see. I think I have enough on my plate for now:) And I also bought some pins! I have some prefolds, which will be handy if I run out of the newborn diapers, so I thought I should have some pins on hand to help hold them nice and snug under the soakers. Goran thought the whole thing was a bit primitive, but I am pretty adamant about using cloth. And I would rather use pins then disposables.

Well I know this is short, but its all I have for now. I will post next week after my midwife apt.