Saturday, November 15, 2014

Snow November 1

I went running this morning. I quite LUV what I saw. Happy November 1st :) 

Bring It On

We are getting our Christmas on. The calendar is filling up with our Christmas activities. The 'Jesus' walk with Aunt Joyce, St Nicks with Nana and Paka, birthday party's, Christmas parties, movies, food....oh lala! My head is whirling! 

This year, setting up the kids tree; 

Angelina - was trying to keep it all organized, and quickly got frustrated with disorder. 
Grace - rediscovered favorite ordemants, and saved some for our real tree coming soon 
Bryan - was awesome helpful with lights, fixing the standing, and hanging beads. 
Klara - often is heard saying "when I was 3...." So as they set up the tree is was "When I was 3.....we put this on the tree!" 
Samuel - the disorder that was driving Angelina crazy.