Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

It started very early this morning at 1:30 am! We had just finished putting everything under the tree and were admiring our handy work, when we heard 2 sets of pitter pattering coming down the hall way. 2 little voices, "Oh, Santa was here!" They were very disappointing when we told them they had to go back to bed! But they did, and actually didn't get up until 7:30 this morning. Angelina was so sweet. I was laying in bed and heard this tiny little voice,"Mom? Is it morning time? Are we allowed to get up now?" I opened my eyes, and there she was beside the bed. Her head was tilted just a bit to one side, and her hands were under her chin. She's 5! When did that happen? I told her of course and up we got. We actually had to wake up Grace...of course!

Santa brought Gracie some new suesues. She was so in awe of them, she couldn't manage to open anything else. She didn't know what to do with 3. She had one in her mouth, one in each hand, but then what? We did manage to convince her that no one would take them, and she did finish off her gifts. A few things were, a new movie, new Robeez's, Makka Pakka, a book with CD, and a new (matching to Angelina) outfit.
Angelina was the 'Santa'. 'Reading' the labels and handing out the gifts. She helped Bryan go through his stocking, explaining what everything was. She loved her new Robeez! She thought she had outgrown them, and was so excited, and happy that she got new pink ones. She got a matching outfit to Grace, and loved the little dress. Some other things she got were, a movie, a book with CD, a Thomas the Train (Rosie), and some tights.
Bryan just sorta tumbled around the whole opperation. He went from one person to another happily laughing and smiling and exclaiming over the gifts as everyone else did. He got this Webble Wobble Barn, and figured out how to make it work in just a few minutes, and had it singing and singing....

After everything was all done and sorta tidied up, the kids were on the floor playing. Actually all 3 of them were playing in the new barbie house that Santa had brought. (Thanx Dad!) Angelina had her barbie in there, Grace had her suesues and Makka Pakka in it, and Bryan had his train in there....It was heart warming to see them playing together.

The day flew by! We had a nice breakfast together, and then Goran snuck out to visit with his mom. The kids had a bath, put on clean clothes and went for a nap. I had time to clean up and have a nice long, hot shower. No interruptions!! Afterwards I baked so cookies, and finishes a few cards. I had to get Grace up, and then we all went out down the street to hand out some cards and presents to some friends. One friend we stopped at had a gift for each of the children, and Grace was so happy! It was all the characters from "In the Night Garden". She was so excited as she was opening it, she couldn't do it all at once. She kept having to stop to look and laugh. It was so cute! (Thank you Sandra!)
Afterwards we had some hot chocolate, and watched a movie. Its now past bedtime, but everyone is busy and quiet.

It has been a wonderful day. I have enjoyed watching my family. They are happy, and strong, and growing. They are all different, and at such different stages in life. Angelina is getting so mature and grown up. She wants to help, and is proud to be the big sister. Grace wants to grow up, but is afraid at the same time. She wants to be close to the people she loves and trusts, and she wants them to be happy. Bryan is the baby. He is happy then sad. He wants cuddles, and then he wants down....
Goran is growing so much as a husband and father. He loves his children enormously, and is so patient in helping them learn or try something new. This morning with Grace and her suesues, he held them for her while she opened her gifts. He carried Bryan while I made I could make breakfast LOL! He loves me so much, and wants me to be happy. To the point he would do almost anything I asked!

And so that brings us to the end of the day. I have email, or called a few close friends to wish them a Merry Christmas, and I plan to see a few more tomorrow. I am off until Jan 2, and I'm looking forward to relaxing and continuing to enjoy the family!

I hope you have all had a wonderful day, and a Merry Christmas!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Bryan is managing a few uneasy step. I can't believe it. Where has the time gone?
I will post a video soon.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Over a Month!

Wow, how life can change in such a short period of time. Angelina has started school and luves it! I have plugged though doing daycare upstairs. The kids don't seem to mind, but I'm really starting to missing my space. But we have continues plugging on with the renos as well, and today the digging has started on the foundation. This marks a great day! The work will get done, and once they are done we can go 'full steam ahead' on the inside renos!

As I mentioned Angelina started school. Every day she asks if 'today' she goes. My neighbor drives her to school, and brings her home. I've met her teacher, and she is a lovely warm woman. She is easy to talk to, and quit willing to talk about concerns I might have, or how I can help Angelina at home. I still have concerns and worries. But I see how much she luves it, and I see that school is a good thing for her. Yesterday we saw a friend from school at the park and she was so excited...and so it begins...

Gracey also luves the 'just me and mommy time'. Angelina was at school a few days ago, and I had no extra kids. So I went shopping and bought Gracey some boots that flash. She spent 20 uninterrupted minutes trying them on, stomping, taking them off, looking where the lights come from, and then putting them back on to stomp some more. 20 minutes! It was lovely. She was having a great time. Then all of a sudden she says, "Nope, I can't wear my boots on the carpet". She takes them off, goes to Bryan ( who has, unknown to me, attacked the kleenex box) and says so motherly "No Bryan! No kleenex for you!" I was laughing my - - - off!

And Bryan is almost walking. He is so busy. He pulls up on everything ( the hot stove!) , crawls everywhere, is always jabbering and pointing at someone, and is standing by himself. He is working hard at the park to get those stairs down pat. He goes up a few steps, and mommy gets him down (it scares me). He likes to be among his friends on the carpet to play with the toys. And he is eating. He likes oatmeal, warm bananas, sweet potato's, green beans, carrots, noddles, cheerios, bread, pears, soup, crackers, chicken, yogurt and so on. He waves and says "Hi"or "Bye". I swear he has said mom, and dad, and cat...but maybe its just me:)

It seems we have all grown and changed, but life still goes on the same daily. We are all still here, and its wonderful! We are happy, and healthy.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Did It

I bought Angelina her school bag and lunch bag. We went together yesterday, and I let her pick it. She picked 'Strawberry Shortcake'. She was so proud to put it on and prance around the house. I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday I was getting my first positive pregnancy test, holding her for the first time, watching her walk....She is so excited and she is happy and ok about it all. But am I? My baby is growing up!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I"m Mobile, and Happy

Ok, so here it is. Bryan is really doing it. Crawling crawling crawling....EVERYWHERE! Its only been since Saturday, and he is getting fast! At first, the in the morning he didn't remember. But this morning I got him up and put him on the floor. He was sitting there with this little grin on his face, and then suddenly THUMB his hands hit the floor and off he went. As he can see in the video, he is happy and proud to be moving. The crying has pretty much stopped. He is happy to be on the floor with the kids, moving around, and getting what he wants. He is pulling up on anything that will stay still. He pulls up on the coffee table, and pulls my table cloth (with everything on it) off. He pulls up on chairs, the stroller outside, and the beds. Last night he had his first crash! He was on the deck pulling up on one of the little tike chairs. Well they are only BUMB he went. Oh, did he ever cry then! His lip is a bit swollen today, and he knocked his gum inside his mouth, so its a bit bruised. But did it slow him down...nope! After a cuddle and a nurse, off he went.

And about the girls....Grace is trying so hard to keep up with her friends, but her feet don't want to co-operate, and she is constantly dealing with skinned knees. I feel so bad for her when she hits the side walk 'WACK", and then cries! But a quick hug and cuddle and a band aid, and she's off again..... Angelina starts school on September the 3rd! She is so excited but a little nervous at the same time. We are planning what she will wear that day and how she will wear her hair. Goran's mom has bought her some new clothes but I have yet to buy her a school bag and a lunch bag. Buying that school bag and lunch bag some how makes it real...and I'd rather put it off a little bit longer.....she's ready, but maybe mommy isn't quit yet:)

And the basement. It has turned into one REALLY BIG head ace. We decided to have it done from the outside, because then it is permanent. So we had a guy all lined up...he kept putting us off and off and finally one day just called and cancelled. I was not happy. So after another week of quote after quote after quote we finally picked a company, but are looking at a 3-6 week start date depending on the weather! And then we still have to finish the basement off .....So we are hoping by the time the cold weather sets in we are all done, and can enjoy the space.

Well, now I think that is it. I just sat down to write a few lines....and got all carried away! Until next time....have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good bye

On August 5th, Gorans dad passed away. He has been sick for 2 years, and towards the end was in pain and was suffering. We all miss him and we are sad that he is gone, but at the same time we find great comfort in the fact that he is not suffering anymore. The week of he funeral was hard but the family gathered often, finding comfort in being together and sharing special memories of Stevo.
We layed him to rest him on August 9th, 2008.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm on the Move!

Bryan is working very hard at moving around. He sorta inches around on his bum. The kleenex box is a great incentive, and he'll move pretty fast for it. The potted plants are too. The toys on the shelf aren't to big a deal anymore now that he has the world at his feet - bum I guess :) He is my earliest baby to be moving around. There is so much he doesn't understand, but he does understand the word no. 2 nights ago he had inched quickly across the room for that kleenex box. When he got there I sad, "Bryan, NO!" In a deep mommy means business voice. He looked up at me, and actually turned away from the box. I hope he always listens that well!!
He wants to walk. He luves if you hold his hands and walk with him. He does not want to sit....he will actually make his legs ridged when its time to sit (like when my back is hurting from being all bent over in helping him walk.) He is afraid of being left behind. He wants to get up and go with those sisters of his!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Renos......Need I say more?

We are up to our neck in reno's. Its a bit of a bummer to see the space. We had some cracks in the foundation. This encouraged us to knock down dry wall and find them. This has in turn encouraged us to refinish the basement properly. So here we are, the brick fire place is 3/4 gone, bare foundation exposed, plumbing exposed, ceiling gone, a closet is gone, on and on. I keep picturing the end product, and that is keeping me encouraged. It will likely be a good month anyways, maybe 2, but in the end it will be a leak free, clean, dry, fresh space. Renovating has its ups and downs. Specially at the end of the day, I'm tired, and it is that much harder to stay positive. Usually I'm crabby, and all I can see is a big mess. But after a good sleep I can see the bigger picture again. Keep in mind too, that most of my working time is when the kids are sleeping. So in the afternoon, (my drowsy time), and about 9:00-10:30pm sometimes. Those are usually wind down times, but instead I am smashing bricks, lugging bricks, ripping down walls, lugging out stinky moldy get the idea. We are almost done demo, and the cracks are going to be fixed hopefully towards the end of next week. Then on weekends we can drywall, and start puttying....yuck.....Anyway, here is some pics for you to get the idea!
Oh, and one more thing, thanx to Cheryl for all your help knocking down that fire place. That was fun!

Friday, August 1, 2008

They are Growing, despite my despair!

1. Parker and Bryan, chomp, chomp chomp!

2. Trying out some sweet potatos, he's only nibbling on foods so far.

3. What a face! I'm glad I cought it! check out the cloth diaper.

4. What a sweetie...sometimes!

5. Just playing outside.

5. My big girl went on the train with Daddy.

6. Here is, another face, in his kamono, if you notice his feet, trying to pull up. He is tryng soooooo hard how to figure out to move!

Hope you enjoyed, have a great day!

It Always seems to happen in 3s

That how it seems to be this week for me. I've hit 3, so I should be good for awhile!

  1. Last week we began the renos on our basement. 2 lovely cracks. One is huge! $2000 later...that is taken care of.
  2. I had a wee bit of a fender bender. Oups. My fault 100%, I confess, do the right thing, offer to pay, and outside of insurance. I am wondering if these people are taking me to the cleaners, another $2000 later...
  3. I broke a window. Oh boy! My poor toes. I have this terrible habit of kicking the window if the kids are on the deck and being naughty, or the dog is doing something he shouldn't. Not really hard, just enough to remind them I'm watching. The window has been so strong, never given in to those kicks...until today of course.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I have to say I'm glad this week is coming to an end. I hope for a way better weekend, and productive week next week. I have a basement to work on!

Friday, June 27, 2008

A tooth, and a Check up, and Slap cheek

So, in order of the title,

  1. Bryan's first tooth broke through the gums. Yeah! He is my youngest baby to get a tooth. Angelina was 13 months, and Grace was within a few days of her first birthday. Bryan is a week away from being 7 months. We were sitting at my neighbors house the other day, and he was chomping away on my finger. I pulled my finger out of his moth but as I did, I felt a little something sharp. I had to double check, brushing my finger on it a few times, and finally investigating visually. And there it was, a pearly white poking out. It is the bottom right, and the one beside it is just about through as well. No toothless smiles for him on his first birthday!
  2. Bryan had a long overdue check up last Friday. His weight was 14lb 13oz, and he was 26 1/2 inches long. His weight is on the low side, but he is happy, and healthy, and reaching all his milestone. I did ask the MD if he was concerned about his weight, and he said "No, he is not a skinny baby."
  3. And Slap cheek, or otherwise known as fifth disease. Usually something like this, grumpy moody children, suddenly a high fever along with bright red cheeks. The fever breaks within 24 hours, and the cheeks last a few day. Sometimes they can have a rash as well. Both the girls had it. Grace, first on Sunday, her fever was 103 F, which was scary, but she woke up on Monday, right as rain and happy as could be. Angelina had it Wednesday. Bright Cheeks, high fever, and sleepy. Thursday, she woke up right a rain, and happy as could be. Now I'm waiting for Bryan's turn...

That's it for me, a busy weekend ahead, I'll post again soon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Luv My Feet...and Swimming too!

I was commenting to Kristyn that my kids never really 'found' there feet, and wasn't Bryan to old for that? As usual, I spoke to soon, and a week later he was chomping away on those tiny toes. That was all about a month ago. At first he was sitting and would fold himself in half to get them, but then he realized if he was laying down, it was much more fun, and easier to get in his mouth. I had some great pics. Some in his chair, some on the change table, some color, and some black and white. I toke my camera in, and popped my card in...and oups, wrong slot. But the card was gone inside. So I tell the clerk and she tells me I'm was not the first to do this. Another clerk comes along, and proceeds to get it out with some tweezers. Hummmm. When she manages to get it out it is damaged, and I've lost all my pics. So I get a brand new card for free, and am suggested to go to another picture place to see if I can get my pics back. After all that, I finally got some new pics of him with his feet, although at this point its not quit as exciting to him as the first 50 times he did it. So here he is, chomping away....chewing which seems to be the trend as of late.

We went to my mom and dads on Sunday for fathers day, and Bryan went swimming for the first time. At first he really didn't seem to like it one bit. But he did warm up to the idea, and started splashing and smiling and having a great time. Once we got out, the poor guys feet were blue! So we cuddled up, and he nursed and fell asleep, all snuggled up to my chest. It was sweet and lovely.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Graces Mosquito Bite

Gracey got bit by a mosquito. Poor thing, as you can see her whole eye was swollen. She got up Sunday morning, and said, "Mommy, take it off!" Yesterday it looked worse then Sunday, but did get better as the day went on. I am hoping today its all gone. She's tuffed it out well, and hasn't complain at all. My brave girl!! I will post again later to update.
Its much better then it was. Its still a bit red, and a bit puffy, and she has a red spot just above her eye brow where the actaul bit is. But she can open it now and I'm sure, see out of it!! LOL

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

There was once a time I said I was never having children. Yes, believe it or not, I said that. But I was really afraid that no one would love me enough to want to have a family with me. As I grew into adulthood I realized with careful selecting, I could find someone. I met Goran, and there was just something about him. After a few months of marriage, I thought it would be nice to have a baby. At this point I was willing to admit that I wanted children, and so badly in fact I was fearful maybe it couldn't happen for us. There are those people who try for years, and never have children. I was so afraid I would be one of them. I wasn't. No fancy tricks, or doctors visits for us. With in a few months, Angelina was on the way. I had some trouble with spotting, nothing major, but enough for a first timer like me to be very worried. And then, on November 26th, 2003, I became a mom. Angelina made me a mom. There is something about motherhood that changed me forever. I held the life from inside me, in my arms. 2 years later I experienced birth in a whole new light. I labored at home, surrounded by people how supported me, encouraged me, and I pushed my Gracey into this world. 2 years later I did again. Bryan came into our family, at home, surrounded with people who encouraged me, and loved him.
So now, I go out with them and people say, "Oh wow, are they all yours?" I always smile. "Yes, they're all mine," I reply back. They are my children. They have made me the mom I am. I love them so much. I have guilt about things I wish I had done differently for them. But each day for us is a new day. I fresh day with no mistakes. I try again, every day, because I want the best for them. I want them to grow up, kind, loving, intelligent people. I want them to respect their elders, and love each other. I want them to look back on their childhood with fond memories. I want them to know without a doubt that I loved them from the moment they were conceived inside me. I love them for the individual they are. I tell them every day. I hug them, and kiss them goodnight, and whisper it in their ears. But its more then the words.
My mom has taught me that. She has loved me. Through all the grief I gave her, for all the times I pushed her away, she continues to loves me. She taught me love is more then words, it is actions. Getting up everyday, making sure the children are fed, and dressed. Sometimes going without so they get what they need.
So I want to say thank you to my mom. For being my mom, and loving when I didn't want you to. For showing me what it is to be a mom, and how to put your kids first. For showing me you win over more bees with honey then vinegar:) Happy Mothers Day Mom.
Goran, thank you for making this beautiful family with me. Our 2 beautiful girls, and hansom son. I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else.
Angelina, Grace and Bryan, thank you for making me a mom. Thank you for pushing me to far, and forgiving me when I push you to far. Thank you for wrapping your arms around me and whispering "I love you Mommy," in my ear. Thank you for starting every day fresh, with smiles on your faces. Thank you for showing me the love that only you 3 ever could. You are my passion, and inspiration for life. I will do all in my power to protect you, and keep you safe. Every day of my life, I will love you 3 like it's the last.

So to all the moms out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. I wish you the best mothers day of all!

Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm Sitting!!

Me, sitting in my high chair
Me, sitting and being cute

Me, watching TV.

Me, smiling at Mommy

Hi All

Usually my mom does all the gabbing, but this time its my turn! Take a look at the pics. I've learned how to sit!! Ok, so in the high chair she ties me in, but that is only so I don't slide out. And I have a pillow behind me, but that is only so I don't fall over and klunk my head! But I'm doing really well. At a friends house I was sitting all on my own today, for about 5 minutes. But then I got tired, and I cried for Mommy to pick me up. As you can see in the pics, I have some teething pain. I am chewing on anything I can get in my mouth. (I even tried taking a chomp on my moms nipple, but she didn't like that to much.)
I am 5 months tomorrow. I still sleep with my mom and dad, and eat during the night when I'm hungry. I'm not interested in food yet. I am sitting at the table during supper, and beginning to watch what everyone else is doing. I like to be part of the crowd. I like to sit in my big sisters lap at 10:00 am and watch Mickey Mouse with all the daycare friends. Angelina luvs to carry me around. This is something new, but not to far, because I'm a bit heavy for her. Grace tried to hold me to, but I didn't like that much as I ended up klunking my head. But I luv to watch her play, and we luv to nurse together!!
We are getting over some nasty colds. Mom has been to the doctors 5 time in the past month, but hopefully has something that will help now.
Well that it for me. I'm very tired, and need a nap! Catch ya later!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3 down, 1 to go

Here is the big boy, jolly jumping!!

So, Bryan is on the mend and feeling better. Yeah!! I'm still dealing with a bad sinuse infections and repeated visits to the doctor is doing little for me. On top of that I have a ear infection now too. I am now on a nasal spray, taking a 3rd round of antibiotics, and have a "Neti Pot". This is a tea pot shaped thing, which I put saline solution in. I put it to one nostril, lean forward and pour it into my nose. After a few seconds just when I think I can't take it, swoosh, it flows out the other side. Its an odd, water up the nose feeling. The pressure in my sinuses is better today, but my ear sure does hurt! But hopefully that gets better soon.

To finish off, here is a picture of my girls with their 'piggy tails'. Smiles on their faces, cute as buttons!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

A bit of a Ruff Week

Well, I tell ya, this little guy's had his ups and down this week. Monday was lovely. Happy smiley guy again. Yeah! Tuesday was a bad one. Poor fellow woke up with a ragging diaper rash. What the heck?? Not a good day. More screamy fussy baby. Nothing was working on the rash. Then my co-worker suggested maybe a yeast from his antibiotics. That's makes sense. I put some good old Conenstin on it at bed time, and yeah, happy fellow in the morning. But by this time those antibiotics are reeking havoc in his digestive track. He's pooping 3-4 times a day, and very grumpy about it each time. Oh boy. I'm sure his tummy is crampy, and sore. Poor guy. I called telehealth, and they said there really isn't much you can do at his age. I started taking a pro-biotic again, so he's getting that through the breast milk, and I think his body is adjusting. He seems better today. We went to my local La Leche League meeting this morning and he was quit happy, flashing smiles around, and playing well.

Here's to hoping it gets better as the weekend goes on!
Here's the little man in a milk-drunken sleep!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Poor Bryan

Saturday night Bryan was up crying, no, screaming for 2 hours. By Sunday morning I was 2 things. I was very tired and cranky, but I was also absolutely positive something was wrong with my baby. So back to the walk in clinic I went, again. (I had gone in again on Friday after going Tuesday.) The nurse came in and asked me what was wrong, and I started. "He cries alot!! He cried for 2 hours in middle of the night. He constantly has a low grade fever. I know babies, I have 2 girls, I know this isn't normal. He is miserable. I know something is wrong." The doctor confirmed that he had an ear infection, and likely some kind of nasal passage infection as well. I almost cried. I felt so bad. He's has a cold since March 31st. (I wrote it then in the blog.) He's been fighting this for quit awhile. He's been trying to tell me for quite awhile. Last week was awful. He was hungry and wanted to nurse, but every time he tried it would hurt his ear and he would come off after a few sucks and cry and cry. Oh I felt/feel so guilty!! I should have known. I should have been more insistent!!
But, on the happy side, he is happy today. He is really smiling, and wakes up happy. He has needed the soother 1/2 as much as last week, and he is happy to nurse again!! While he is nursing, he looks at me with thankful, happy eyes. I feel better. When he is sad, I can fix it again!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting Better

We've all been sick. Angelina and I had to be on medication. Angelina bounced back the same day the meds started. It was amazing and wonderful to see her feeling better so quickly. It was within hours of starting the meds. She turned the TV off herself, and started interacting with the world around her. She was the happy, trouble causing 4 year old we know. At the same time I was put on meds. I started to feel better, and Grace and Bryan got sick. 10 days later, still on meds, I came down with a fever again, the chills, and a tummy ace. I wanted to bring in Grace and Bryan, and thought I would have the doctor check me over, just in case. Grace and Bryan he said was viral, and didn't want to give them any thing. After looking me over, he tells me I am not over the original bacterial infection I had 10 days ago. What the other doctor had put me on was not strong enough. Well, that explained why I still felt so crummy! So he put me on some strong super drug, and a nasal spray. (I luv nasal sprays!!) Well 48 hours later I woke up feeling GOOD. "Wow. This is what healthy feels like." I thought to myself. Grace and Bryan's fever broke, and we all had a good sleep last night. Bryan is smiling again. They are both a bit cranky, but its coming. They're noses are slowly clearing up, and they are staying awake longer and smiling more. So we are getting better.
And spring has sprung! Angelina is finally on her 2 wheeler...after 2 summers of coaxing, and Grace is busy finding and watching bugs. Both girls are watch the tulips come up, and loving being able to grab a coat and play in the backyard. Bryan is soaking up the rays, and watching his sisters from the carrier or stroller. And me? I'm just happy to have my healthy children back. To see them run down the sidewalk laughing and giggling. To wake up and see the sun coming in the window. To smell the flowers, and the dirt. To smell the BBQ Goran is frying! Feel the sunshine, and the wind. I didn't realize how sick I was. I wasn't happy, I just didn't realize that was because I was so sick.
But what can I say now. Life is good. I couldn't ask for more.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Growing Up

Bryan weighed in at 12lb, 11 1/2 oz last week, and grew a whole inch and half, bringing him to 25 inches! He was happy, flashing smiles at the doctor, and wiggling all over the exam table. The doctor concluded that he was super, and told me to 'Keep breastfeeding'. Like he has to tell me that! LOL But he is doing good. He is grabbing for things, catching things, and mouthing EVERYTHING. Toys, fingers, clothes, blankets, anything that you put in front of him. He sleeps most nights, only to wake a few times for a little 'nip'. I often don't remember how many times, or which side he nursed on last when we get up. He has a yucky cold at the moment, so night times have been a bit ruff. But he's getting the best, so it should be over soon.
On other news, we had the flue run through the house. It started with Angelina, and then Goran and I had it few days later, on the same day. It was awful and retched, but I'm glad to say my breastfeeding babies didn't get it. YEAH! One up for breastfeeding.
Angelina has started her last session of preschool and continues to luv it. Everyday she asks when and how close the day is for her to go to preschool. And after speaking with her preschool teachers, they tell me she is wonderfully behaved, a joy to have in the class room. I don't know why she is so bossy with her friends here, or so defiant when I ask her to do something. There is alot going on, with day care, a new brother, and a long winter. She is often fighting for my attention, which I am sure is hard on her. But then it seems, when I have a few minutes I can give just to her, she doesn't want it. Go figure! 4 year olds.
Grace is growing and changing. Some times she seems so grown up, and other times, like when she crawls into my lap, and curls up like a baby asking for 'nursies' she seems so little. Sometimes she goes to bed sooo well, I can't believe it. She will take her 'sue sue', give a kiss and hug, and go by herself. Other times she cries, and yells at me, and nothing I can do can fix what ever is wrong. I don't know. I know she is finding it hard to share me as well. But she does have those few stolen moment with me during the day for nursies, which is really just time connecting. And when we go for walks (almost everyday now) she likes to walk all by herself. Off she'll go running to the hydro/cable boxes...which really is just a quick walk for me...but off she goes non the less. All these little steps to 'growing up'.
Well thats about all for now. Life just seems to being going so fast, and I just want to enjoy these years with my little ones :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Whole Month!!

Wow, its been a month! How time flies!
Work has returned for me, and the kids are loving it. Every morning Angelina will ask me who's coming that day, and Grace and the little girl her age are learning how to play together well. And Bryan loves having the other kids to watch. He has never slept so good as now! With all the kids to watch, the fresh air he gets, and all the moving around he does, come nap times and night time, he is out for the count! I also sling him a lot more now then ever before, and he loves that as well. He moves around with me, he can hear my heartbeat, see the kids, and dinner is just a head turn away..LOL! Its very busy for me. I find by the end of the day I'm quit exhausted. But it gives our day a good routine, I'm eating healthier, as I cook better when I'm doing daycare, and I'm getting fresh air being outside every day. NOt much else is new, so I will end with some pictures. enjoy, post much sooner next time:)

1. Mommy and me, my favorit place to hang out, have a nap, a meal...

2. Can you move the book a bit so I can have a look??

3. Just a little further...I've almost got it....YEAH I DID IT!

4. Peek A Boo (This game's a bit over rated)

5. Me and my friend Parker, buddies to the end.

6. Me and my sisters.

7. I think they forgot someone in this picture!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A few random pics

Its all about the food for these three!!

A snack and nap....what could be better. If only we were all trying to put on 2 oz's a day!!LOL

A yummy cupcake for her birthday!

Mmmmm chocolate pudding!

Mama's boy having a peaceful nap.

Daddy's Angel

Daddy's Sunshine

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quick Update

Bryan weighed in at 11lb 9oz, and 23 inches long. Not a huge weight gain, but the doctor said he looks great and, "Just keep breastfeeding." He screamed for his needles...poor guy. I've given him Tylenol to help with any discomfort, which I beleive he must be in because he is a wee bit fussy as the afternoon turns into evening.
Grace weighed in at 25lb. The doctor was very surprized to hear that I was breastfeeding her. His eyes kinda bugged a bit, and he said, "You breastfeed both of them?"
"Yep!" I replied with a smile.
I was worried about her reaction to the needle, but she just watched. No tears, no whimper, honesly, nothing. Just big eyes as she watched it all happen. She got a bandaid and a sucker when she was all done and checked to make sure the bandaid was still there when we got home. Very cute. If you ask her, "Did you get a needle?" She says "Yep!"

I noticed looking though the blog that I haven't posted to many pics. in the last little bit. I will take some in the next few days and post on the weekend with them.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

More about diapers...

I have been busy using that sewing machine. As the piles of diapers grow I need to remind myself that a baby doesn't need toooooo many diapers. I have decided that pocket diapers are by far my favorite. They dry quickly, and I make them a bit slimmer so baby has more room to move around. They take longer to make. Lots of sewing, and cutting, and resewing. But I decided I will be much happier with the finished product if I make what I like, and not second best. A funny story...every time I make a new diaper I am so excited to see how it fits ect, that I can't wait to try it on Bryan. But it never fails, I make one, put it on him, and he poops in it, every time. I am not kidding. I can wait 2 or 3 days, make a few, and he poops 3 times in row to poop in them all. Little stinker!! So I thought maybe I have enough diapers and should make some more soakers. As well he is quickly growing out of the ones he is in. The diapers get bigger, and the soakers have to too. I have a pattern I am going to experiment with a bit plus I found a great one online. Here is the link to it.

I'm all about the 3 R's. So when I am looking for fabric for my diapers I go to Value Village and look there. It’s about reducing the waste in the world, but also reusing, right? That’s how I see it anyways. So I go there and look through bed sheets. As long as they are mostly cotton they are good. I found a Buzz Light-Year one last time so the last 4 diapers I made are Buzz Light-Year and friends. I have more then half the bed sheet left over but thought I would save them for the next size up. The time before I went I got this red plaid stuff, very cute and not gender specific so I could use it on a girl too. (Maybe next time) I thought it was a bed sheet and came home to find it was actually just some fabric from a fabric store. And I'm sure it was like 3-4 yards. Wow, the things people get ride of! I thought I would also try to make wool soakers out of old sweaters. (Another great idea I found online.) There is a great website that tells you how to do it. I would like to try it. It looks much quicker then knitting one. I will keep you posted.

Well that’s about it for now. Bryan and Grace have a Dr.s apt. on Thursday, and I will post after that to keep track of his weight gain. He is growing, I can see it. I am curious to how much he weighs...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Diapers anyone?

I've found a passion, for a while anyways...:) Below are some pictures of what I have made.

Here are the 1st 4 I made. Just a fitted diaper with the soaker sewn right in.
These ones take forever to dry!
And here is Mr. Man showing one off.
This material came from an old pair of PJ's of mine!

Can't forget my wool soakers! This is the 2nd size I've made, and I have 5 or 6. I luv them! A newborn in nice soft cloth and wool! I've had only 2 leaks, in 8 weeks. Really not bad if you think that with plastic covers you get an odd leak. Even disposables you get the odd leak!

Here are the pocket diapers. A pocket diaper is a shell of a diaper, and you add the soakers in the front pocket as you need them. I've made 2, and I like these. They fit nicer in the legs, and dry way faster in the dryer!

And here he is, smiling away! He likes his cloth!LOL

My mom is going away for a week and has promised to let me borrow her sewing machine while she is away! I will make tones of diapers! Well, but then I think, how many does a baby really need? Even if I had more then 36 I would need to do laundry before I used them all. But I figured I would make some for the girls for their dollies and Abby for hers, and make some for Bryan in the next size up as well. Its nice to know I'm doing something good for the enviorment, and for my baby! 2fold actually. Cloth are better for his health, but I am also leaving him a better world by not using disposable, right?

I was thinking of starting a online cloth diapering business! I would sew cloth diapers out of recycled clothes and sell them cheap. And make wool soakers and sell them. But then I was like, "But if anyone wants to cloth diaper their own baby its not hard to do, so who would buy my diapers, really?" I don't know. Its a nice idea because then I'm still at home with my kidz, but I don't really know how practical it is. I will have to think more on it all.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Last Visit

Yesterday was a sad day for me. It was my last visit with Sylvia. That is always such a hard day. She was my midwife, but as my midwife she became my friend. She supported me, had faith in me, and she is someone I confided in. When little Bryan was breech, she gave me my options, but respect my choice to let my body work and let Bryan turn on his own. Each day that I was over due, she reminded me that my body would do it, despite my fears I would be pregnant forever! During labor she supported me but respected my need for space, allowing Goran and I to work together. She cheered me on when I thought I couldn't go another minute, and reminded me to listen to my body when I had to push. She caught my baby, but let me take him into my arms to hold and adore. After the physical need for her was over in the room, after the birth, she quietly left the room giving my new family uninterrupted time to bond. Over the last 6 weeks she has just been quietly standing in the sidelines, giving advice when I needed it, but letting me mother my baby as I needed, and encouraging me at the same time. Yes, that last visit with her is very hard. The last visit with Grace was hard too. Maybe more so this time, because I've now known her longer and respect her as a person that much more. Because during my pregnancy, labor, and birth, she empowered me. She gave me the faith to believe and trust in my body, and in myself. She did this as a midwife, but also just as being the wonderful person that she is.

Sylvia, thank you for it all. For catching my babies, and making a difference in my births.

As for Bryan he is 10lb 13oz yesterday, and 25 inches long. He is a happy content baby. This too, I believe is due to the peaceful pregnancy, and wonderful birth I had.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Glimpse' of a Smile

A few glimpse' of those smiles, but it's hard to get on camera!

And here is the strong little man, trying so hard to lift his head up!

Bryan has begun to smile. If I can get his attention, I can quite easily get a smile now. He has also started to 'baby talk'. He caught me off guard last week one the morning I was changing his diaper and he let out a little coo. He figures he has joined such a noisy house hold, he's not being left out! And he can hold his head up a few minutes now if I place him on his tummy. He's 6 weeks old on Monday. They grow too fast.

I luv my fitted cloth diapers so much, I am going to make some of my own. Last year when I had first got pregnant I bought some from my friend Erin, who had sewn them herself. Well I decided I will try my hand at it. I will keep posted on how that goes.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Grace

Happy Birthday 2 year old!!

I can't believe how much she has grown and changed in the last year. A year ago she wasn't walking, or talking, and she just had short baby hair. She still slept in our bed, wore diapers, and still sat in the high chair. Now Grace runs after Angelina down the side walk and sleeps in a big girls bed with her sister. Her hair is no longer the short baby hair, but has grown 5 or 6 times its length. She is 100% toilet trained, quickly letting me if she's had an accident so she can have clean clothes. She doesn't even use a boaster seat. She's a big girl like Angelina and just sits in the chair. And as far as talking... she's picked up lovely phases from Angelina like "No fair!", "Your Bad!", and an all time favorite from Daddy, "Knock a bonk!" My favorite is when she all of a sudden for no reason at all, hug my leg and say "I love you Mommy!"

Now she fights to hold Baby Bryan, and cries when we take him from her arms. She calls him "Baby Bron", and thinks him pooing in his diapers is "Grooooooss!". She loves her big sister and hangs on her every word. Goran and I got her up this morning and gave her a birthday present. We gave her a dolly swing. She loves it!! But when Angelina first got up, it was war over that toy. (I knew this would happen, and I thought it was a great time to teach Angelina about sharing.) But after a few minutes Grace changed, and I felt sad for her. There they were, Angelina crying because she wanted a turn, and Grace crying because she doesn't understand sharing but she didn't want Angelina to be sad. Her attention was not on the toy anymore, but on Angelina. Now she was sad for Angelina. (Her sensitivity to others is one reason I love her so much!) As the day goes on I will make sure to make the time to spend with her to play with her and the swing.

Tonight we are just spending time together. We are having soup and hot dogs for supper, because that's one of her favorites, and cupcakes for dessert!! And as the week goes on, she has a few parties to attend to get all the relatives in!!

This morning when we got her up and said "Happy Birthday Grace," she would say 'Happy Birthday' back to us. Too cute!