Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blessings - Challenges of Today

This life I live, is the life I have been waiting for forever. Since I was a little girl, carrying the dolls, dressing up the cat, and pushing around a stroller. Babies babies babies. Kissing hubby goodbye in the morning, and raising the babies.

I didn't know then how amazing it would be! I thought it would be fun, but no idea it would be this fun! The laughter, the joy, the smiles, the feeling of accomplishment, the intensity of luv for all the people in my village of this life. This is amazing.

I didn't know then how hard this would be.

This post isn't about how terrible life is. It isn't. But sometimes it can be hard. I have tonnes and tonnes of post about the joys and smiles, but few about the though stuff. So here we go, digging deep, and in the end the constant reminder of the good.

Sometimes I'm overwhelmed. Sometimes, the dishes, laundry, and toys are piling up, and I can't seem to find a sane thought in my head. The kids fight with each other, with me, and seem to just plain stop listening. And those days are always topped off with a good row with hubby. Leaving me exhausted, discouraged, confused, hurt, and doubt filled.

Doubt filled. Not doubtful. I am filled to the top with doubt. That's when the thoughts like "What am I doing?" start to churn in my head. "I can't mother 5 kids, look at them fighting." "What am I teaching them?" "Where did they learn that from?" "I'm clearly the worlds worse wife ever!"

Fear. That I'm doing it all wrong, and making monsters instead of good happy people....

*Breath deep*

Those are the challenges of my life. The doubts that fill my head when we are having a tough day. Because everyone had tough days, right? Everyone has moments of doubt in those days, right?

I can almost see some of you nodding your heads.

This is life, right?

Yep. (More nodding?)

But these are my challenges.

There are always the moments of pure abundant blessings that spill over and make life the dream I've dreamed since childhood.

The blessings are simple.

Breakfast with my wee ones.

Raking leaves with my wee ones.

Samuel, content again, in a new Boba.

Good morning kiss, goodbye from hubby.

And with all the blessing, the doubts that filled my head are washed away, I throw up my arms thinking 'I must be doing something right!' and join them in the leaves. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wrapping in a Rainbow

The 1st day I got it! It was ruff, and tough, and a little like burlap. A lot like burlap. But I've been  tough on it. Washed, dried, hung....

more dirty, and more washing. Ive pulled in through my steel stair railings countless times,

and wrapped and wrapped....

and wrapped.

It feels more soft and fluffy then ever. It's a beautiful rainbow, and it suits us and our story....but I don't luv wrapping.


I said it. I find it hard, and with a cranky baby who just wants a ride, its takes me way to long to get my boy all wrapped.

And he pulls on my neck hairs...ouch...

So all that work, tying, washing, and softening.

Now what? You might ask.

I plan on having it converted!! Stay tuned!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


I was hesitant to go, but we did it.


It was so worth the drive, to be in this peaceful place.

although 1st impressions didnt mean much here!

48 hours fishing except sleeping. but they were out there by like 7 a.m.

off with daddy. this is why i keep having babies...other wise id be on the shore alone....


no cottage trip is complete without campfire

and smores!

best cottage outfit!

hanging with mom ;)
There were 2 other boys there, and they were patient and kind with my children. They put worms on hooks for them, they took fish off hooks, and let my kids let them free. Over and over and over again. The 1st day, long into the night, and again the 2nd the day, long into the night. The boys were awesome, and all 6 kids got along really well.

I'm so glad we could go, enjoy the outdoors, the lake, the sun sets, the clouds ( they were amazing up there!) and watch the wee ones learn, explore and make new friends! They can't wait to go again next year.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013

{this moment}

Brought to u by soulmama. A moment I want to savor and remember!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


It started on the 1st. Angelina asked what day it was.

"Its October?!" She asked.


"Your birthday, its in.....2 days!" She exclaimed.

I love that she remembers!

Nothing could be better then a surprise birthday party to start off the day!

In pajamas. :)

Angelina and Grace asked me what time I get up. I was afraid they wanted to make me breakfast! But they assured me not, but did ask me to set the alarm early. We agreed on 6:55. I could here them as talking and chatting, and hurrying in the basement. Bryan got up and went down too.

Klara stood in the dark door way.

"Mom, is it yours birfday?"

"Yes honey."

Grace make me close my eyes and lead me down the stairs.

The smiles on their faces were priceless!

I could feel my heart swell 10x bigger then usual. They just wanted to do something special for me. To make my day amazing, something I wouldn't forget.

Friends sent me messages, and went out of their way to make me feel special. The girls had piano lessons, and I sat around my mom and dads kitchen table with them and shared a pumpkin pie. There's nothing quite as special as my dad kissing my cheek and wishing me a happy birthday, and a hug from my mom wishing me the same.

Messages, sugar free chocolate, flowers, and 5 amazing wee ones to share the day with, makes it an amazing start to 35!