Thursday, November 26, 2015

Halloween Fun 2015

The excitement began REALLY building already at the beginning of the week. I say 'REALLY' because truth be told, the kids started with questions and costume discussions back in September! So last weekend we did some shopping, and decorating, and planning for pumpkin decorating, and a small festive party. 

I let myself get into a bit. (play!)

I worked out a fun craft,

Angelina made cupcakes late into Friday night for our party on Saturday with cousins and a few friends.

It was rewarding in a peaceful way to watch the children talking and laughing with their cousins/friends during the party. I say that because is wasn't all on me. The bigger kids really took on themselves to workout what they would wear, and how they could help. Angelina made the cupcakes. what a relief not to have to worry about that.

Its been almost a month since I started this post. I think Samuel dragged me away to bed, because he is often ready for bed before me, but wants my warmth, and smell, and luv to snuggle up too. And as I know these days are short, I go. Sometimes grumbling and frustrated, but mostly I go, and as we settle down and I'm often asleep shortly after him.

So I was thinking about blogging this Halloween post today actually, and I was drawing on memory to come up with word to jot down with pictures I took that week.

Mostly I remember feeling how things lined up so well, with cousins visiting the day of Halloween, Ang having a friend over, and the cooperation as every crafted and enjoyed muffins, and talked and laughed at the table.

Goran took the kids trick or treating, in their decided costumes :)

Overall a really fun celebration for us.

Happy 12th Birthday Angelina

We've had a bit of a build up for sweet Angelina's birthday. She had a semi private horse riding lesson with a friend, we had a dinner party on the weekend with grandparents, and Aunt Kristyn and the kids.

She took it all in stride. She enjoyed each celebration, feeling special, and knowing she was luved.

Today she got to sleep in, received a special necklace from Goran and I (which she luved), and the annual Tim Hortons treat with just Dad.

Today my girl turned 12! She's old enough to babysit, matured enough to see the bigger picture in many situations, and she's getting to the point where she needs more. In the last year I've noticed that she longs for outings, and experiences that we can't always provide.

She wants to visit with friends.  I don't mean, play dolls, or imagination, but hang out, talk, ect. Even with this I implement crafts, swimming, ect, so they are busy, interacting and learning. Often the best times I've had with friends is when I was doing something fun!

In the summer Angelina volunteered for VBS and luved it. What a wonderful opportunity for her in a safe environment, to learn, grow and develop a sense of herself. The youth pastor said Angelina did an amazing job transitioning from 'camper' to 'assistant leader'!

She is branching out and developing friendships, really deciding which ones are important and which ones she let go of. She's worked hard on being kind and generous when others are not always kind to her. I know how hard that is, but its such an amazing quality of hers.

My dearest girl, Angelina, 

.....go forth and live your dreams. Life isn’t as cruel as it seems. Yes, sometimes it’ll be tough. It’ll feel as if you’ve had enough. Stride ahead, shun your fears. For you, we’re always here. Happy birthday.

I luv you my Girl! 
Happy 12th Birthday!