Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Did It

I bought Angelina her school bag and lunch bag. We went together yesterday, and I let her pick it. She picked 'Strawberry Shortcake'. She was so proud to put it on and prance around the house. I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday I was getting my first positive pregnancy test, holding her for the first time, watching her walk....She is so excited and she is happy and ok about it all. But am I? My baby is growing up!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I"m Mobile, and Happy

Ok, so here it is. Bryan is really doing it. Crawling crawling crawling....EVERYWHERE! Its only been since Saturday, and he is getting fast! At first, the in the morning he didn't remember. But this morning I got him up and put him on the floor. He was sitting there with this little grin on his face, and then suddenly THUMB his hands hit the floor and off he went. As he can see in the video, he is happy and proud to be moving. The crying has pretty much stopped. He is happy to be on the floor with the kids, moving around, and getting what he wants. He is pulling up on anything that will stay still. He pulls up on the coffee table, and pulls my table cloth (with everything on it) off. He pulls up on chairs, the stroller outside, and the beds. Last night he had his first crash! He was on the deck pulling up on one of the little tike chairs. Well they are only BUMB he went. Oh, did he ever cry then! His lip is a bit swollen today, and he knocked his gum inside his mouth, so its a bit bruised. But did it slow him down...nope! After a cuddle and a nurse, off he went.

And about the girls....Grace is trying so hard to keep up with her friends, but her feet don't want to co-operate, and she is constantly dealing with skinned knees. I feel so bad for her when she hits the side walk 'WACK", and then cries! But a quick hug and cuddle and a band aid, and she's off again..... Angelina starts school on September the 3rd! She is so excited but a little nervous at the same time. We are planning what she will wear that day and how she will wear her hair. Goran's mom has bought her some new clothes but I have yet to buy her a school bag and a lunch bag. Buying that school bag and lunch bag some how makes it real...and I'd rather put it off a little bit longer.....she's ready, but maybe mommy isn't quit yet:)

And the basement. It has turned into one REALLY BIG head ace. We decided to have it done from the outside, because then it is permanent. So we had a guy all lined up...he kept putting us off and off and finally one day just called and cancelled. I was not happy. So after another week of quote after quote after quote we finally picked a company, but are looking at a 3-6 week start date depending on the weather! And then we still have to finish the basement off .....So we are hoping by the time the cold weather sets in we are all done, and can enjoy the space.

Well, now I think that is it. I just sat down to write a few lines....and got all carried away! Until next time....have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good bye

On August 5th, Gorans dad passed away. He has been sick for 2 years, and towards the end was in pain and was suffering. We all miss him and we are sad that he is gone, but at the same time we find great comfort in the fact that he is not suffering anymore. The week of he funeral was hard but the family gathered often, finding comfort in being together and sharing special memories of Stevo.
We layed him to rest him on August 9th, 2008.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm on the Move!

Bryan is working very hard at moving around. He sorta inches around on his bum. The kleenex box is a great incentive, and he'll move pretty fast for it. The potted plants are too. The toys on the shelf aren't to big a deal anymore now that he has the world at his feet - bum I guess :) He is my earliest baby to be moving around. There is so much he doesn't understand, but he does understand the word no. 2 nights ago he had inched quickly across the room for that kleenex box. When he got there I sad, "Bryan, NO!" In a deep mommy means business voice. He looked up at me, and actually turned away from the box. I hope he always listens that well!!
He wants to walk. He luves if you hold his hands and walk with him. He does not want to sit....he will actually make his legs ridged when its time to sit (like when my back is hurting from being all bent over in helping him walk.) He is afraid of being left behind. He wants to get up and go with those sisters of his!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Renos......Need I say more?

We are up to our neck in reno's. Its a bit of a bummer to see the space. We had some cracks in the foundation. This encouraged us to knock down dry wall and find them. This has in turn encouraged us to refinish the basement properly. So here we are, the brick fire place is 3/4 gone, bare foundation exposed, plumbing exposed, ceiling gone, a closet is gone, on and on. I keep picturing the end product, and that is keeping me encouraged. It will likely be a good month anyways, maybe 2, but in the end it will be a leak free, clean, dry, fresh space. Renovating has its ups and downs. Specially at the end of the day, I'm tired, and it is that much harder to stay positive. Usually I'm crabby, and all I can see is a big mess. But after a good sleep I can see the bigger picture again. Keep in mind too, that most of my working time is when the kids are sleeping. So in the afternoon, (my drowsy time), and about 9:00-10:30pm sometimes. Those are usually wind down times, but instead I am smashing bricks, lugging bricks, ripping down walls, lugging out stinky moldy get the idea. We are almost done demo, and the cracks are going to be fixed hopefully towards the end of next week. Then on weekends we can drywall, and start puttying....yuck.....Anyway, here is some pics for you to get the idea!
Oh, and one more thing, thanx to Cheryl for all your help knocking down that fire place. That was fun!

Friday, August 1, 2008

They are Growing, despite my despair!

1. Parker and Bryan, chomp, chomp chomp!

2. Trying out some sweet potatos, he's only nibbling on foods so far.

3. What a face! I'm glad I cought it! check out the cloth diaper.

4. What a sweetie...sometimes!

5. Just playing outside.

5. My big girl went on the train with Daddy.

6. Here is, another face, in his kamono, if you notice his feet, trying to pull up. He is tryng soooooo hard how to figure out to move!

Hope you enjoyed, have a great day!

It Always seems to happen in 3s

That how it seems to be this week for me. I've hit 3, so I should be good for awhile!

  1. Last week we began the renos on our basement. 2 lovely cracks. One is huge! $2000 later...that is taken care of.
  2. I had a wee bit of a fender bender. Oups. My fault 100%, I confess, do the right thing, offer to pay, and outside of insurance. I am wondering if these people are taking me to the cleaners, another $2000 later...
  3. I broke a window. Oh boy! My poor toes. I have this terrible habit of kicking the window if the kids are on the deck and being naughty, or the dog is doing something he shouldn't. Not really hard, just enough to remind them I'm watching. The window has been so strong, never given in to those kicks...until today of course.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I have to say I'm glad this week is coming to an end. I hope for a way better weekend, and productive week next week. I have a basement to work on!