Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It was a day of just that! Enjoying. Friendship, laughter, tears, teaching, watching, sunshine,` food, tidying, laundry on the line, kisses, hugs, more laughter and more sunshine. Man it was a good one :)

Things weren't all roses, but even the thorns were manageable, and dealt with easily. 

So a few pics!

We turned soil over, 

Growing chives, luving given to us by Tony. We'll keep these forever!

They planted. They hardly need help anymore. I just dig around, and make neat rows. And I watch the big ones teach little ones.

These two play a mean game of 'Busses" What else would it be? :D

the gloves are just to make u think he was helping in the garden. don't be fooled!

Our new (used) climber. A little bit every day! We are both home tomorrow, so hoping with team work the kids can play!

The day draws to a close. The washer hums, the dishwasher hums, the children's rooms are quiet, and  me and Sam get some quiet, quality time. Days like this fill me up with contentment and peace. Kind words, soft hands, laughter and joy. I feel like a good mom today. I feel like I did my job well, met the needs that were demanded of me, and more. 

Maybe, just maybe, I'll get a few more posts in before May! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Ack, its been to long

I was really proud of myself for getting some good blog posts in during March. I am now feeling pretty disappointing as April comes to a close with 1 in the running.

But 1 is better then non. So lets not waste time :)

We greeted April with Easter! It was fast and fun! Eggs, gifts and smiles.

beautiful girl

A few things to note as April comes to a close....

- I'm tired of snow.
- there really is just 2 seasons in Canada. Winter and construction. This is very obvious to me as we maneuver the bus around to avoid long delays.
- ditching the winter coats makes leaving so much easier every time we leave the house!
- the children sleep better the more time they spend outside.
- I'm learning to savor anticipation. You know that feeling of anxiety u get, the excitement you get when something is going to happen, and you want it so bad you want it to happen now, but then its over and so it that feeling of anticipation. I hang onto the feeling now by not rushing the process. Or the other people involved. I sit back and watch. For as long as I can!
- the garden is calling me

We've started/joined a homeschool coop, and we are all luving it. Monday with coop and Thursday with ballet, are Klara's 2 favorite days of the week. Both leave me exhausted, but its a good exhausted, know how much goodness I am giving to these people growing and changing and learning.

I am blessed.

These 2 hang out a lot.

On the floor,

in the bed....lol!

By the way, they are watching Netflix on the ipad. Sam as that figured out better then me! He can find it favorite show (Fireman Sam?!?!) in 12 seconds flat!

And this, the brotherly luv, understanding they have....without words, since Sam hasn't chosen to speak yet...fills my heart with goodness :)

My post is coming to a close, as I can no longer keep my eyes open.

I long for May, warm weather, t-shirts, sandals and sundresses.

We got a new climber! I'll update with pictures on the weekend.