Friday, October 9, 2015

#4 Takes Off

On Thursday while walking to ballet Klara says,

"I can almost ride my bike without the wheels."

"Hu um," I replied pretty unconvinced.

Did she prove me wrong!

When we got home she asked if she could practice.

"Of course Hunny." I replied.

I had just gotten in the house and she at the door yelling at me to came and see.

"I can do it!"

And she can!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


On Sunday cousins came over for a craft afternoon :)

We've been discussing how to get these 3 girls to get weighs heavy on my mind as I don't want these feels of frustration, sadness and alienation to overshadow the visits that Kristyn and I so very much look forward to and thrive on!

I had a thought that maybe keeping all 3 busy 'together' was one way to do it. We have left crafts out for them, given them instructions, and given them a whole bunch of open ended craft stuff. That doesn't seem to end positively. I continued to think and watch, watch how they mimic everything I do...

It hit me like a bolt of lightening,

They need the example.

The example of working together, talking things out, listening to one another, taking turns, and helping, Kristyn and I do so much of that already, but it doesn't hurt to be more proactive. So we discussed the afternoon, I put together poncho kits for the girls to sew and cut for their Maplelea dolls and Kristyn put together the 'ocean in a bottle' for the boys.

The most part it went well. It was a it crazy at one point when everyone needed something....a needle threaded, next step mom?, I don't know how to do this!...and supper needed cooking, but it was just a better example to them of talking, waiting, listening and following direction.

I know there is lots more of this before the problem is solved. Sharing, helping, example settling, ect, but it felt like such a good step in the right direction, and the girls were so very happy with their final product!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Just the Two of Us

We went away, Goran and I, just the 2 of us!

Julie, Ron, and Kurtis came to watch and care for my 5. It was so good to go away AND know my family would be so wonderfully cared for.

So we went to a Bed and Breakfast close to the falls. Catland Estate is a beautiful country property. It has a feeling of elegance with deep wall colors and slate tiles. The furniture is modern and new and everything was well organized and planned. The owners are kind, friendly and warm. They have 2 beautiful well mannered dogs that met us upon arriving at the door. It gave the atmosphere and very homey and well loved feel.

So we visited the Butterfly Conservatory . It was really beautiful. The butterflies were very active and we got in just before it closed so we were almost the only ones there. We were able to walk through slowly and marvel at the butterflies feeding and the way they blended in so nicely with the surroundings. It was amazing to take my time, relax, take pictures, sit, wait, and watch.

The next morning after a lovely breakfast we headed to the falls for a sunshiny walk and some selfies!

The Falls are stunning. I told Goran I love it there. Its majestic, and beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. It doesn't matter how often I go, I find it truly amazing.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Dolls = Finding Common Ground

My SIL and I have run into '2s a couple, 3s a crowd' with the 3 similar aged girls. It has been difficult and heartbreaking to see the tears and struggles these 3 girls have gone through finding that place or sharing each others attention and love. 

(This seems off topic but will come together in the end!)

5 weeks ago we got our Kids National Geographic Magazine. With it came a Maplelea doll magazine. At first I was a bit annoyed and frustrated....we have SO MUCH STUFF! And it became clear very quick that this was going craze was going to happen. 

Angelina was the 1st, since she had the money saved. 

(Wait for it...) 


But suddenly there was common ground with her cousin. This shifted some attention, and although it was hard for Grace to adjust, she did so with grace (ha!) and joined in! 

Klara was the next one, I found a used one with wacks of clothes and this placed more common ground with her big sister. 

Grace was now saving every penny, wanting to get in on this train! 

Facebook message and texting with the cousin was taking place with all 3 big girls. Much less stress and sadness and more smiles and laughter.

Graces doll came this week. My big girls are hanging out more, talking about their dolls, about clothes for their dolls, writing in journals ect. And they are including Klara. 

A impromptu walk led to these,

We are looking forward to a quick and easy clothing project to keep their dolls warm in the cool fall chill! Keep posted for Sunday :)