Tuesday, June 8, 2010

17 Days Ago....

17 days ago I woke up as my husband dressed for work, and I told him,

"I will not call you from work today. I will be pregnant forever." All week I had told him, maybe today, maybe today....and every day had gone by. We both laughed, knowing how silly that was.

16 days ago I woke early in the morning, knowing it was the day!

3 hours later, I held this beautiful baby in my arms!

Today, today I hold this beautiful baby in my arms. Time rushes past, and I can't believe it was already 16 days ago! Where has the last 16 days gone?

I love you Klara May.
Don't grow up to fast, okay sweet girl?
Mommy needs to hang on to every minute!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pics - Klara's Birth

Laboring....Goran, my constant support!

My midwives, Sarah and Karen. See Angelina in the back, fingers in her ears?

Angelina 'plugging' her ears, because I was making to much noise...LOL

Karen 'checking' Klara over....trying to get her to cry

Bryan showing up in the mist of it all

Talking with her....they encouraged me to try to get her to cry...she never did

Daddy with his newest little girl

All 4 of my kids!!!

Angelina with her new sister

Grace with her new sister

Bryan with his new sister

First Nursing

Nursing, skin to skin

Grace laying out Klara's 1st outfit(I bought it the night before at the mall)

Getting her dressed

2 Grandmas with the new baby

Grace, having a turn

Abby, having a turn

Sarah and I chatting after she had gone home and gotten some sleep, then came back to check us over.

Baby Klara with her 'Paka'