Monday, March 31, 2008

Growing Up

Bryan weighed in at 12lb, 11 1/2 oz last week, and grew a whole inch and half, bringing him to 25 inches! He was happy, flashing smiles at the doctor, and wiggling all over the exam table. The doctor concluded that he was super, and told me to 'Keep breastfeeding'. Like he has to tell me that! LOL But he is doing good. He is grabbing for things, catching things, and mouthing EVERYTHING. Toys, fingers, clothes, blankets, anything that you put in front of him. He sleeps most nights, only to wake a few times for a little 'nip'. I often don't remember how many times, or which side he nursed on last when we get up. He has a yucky cold at the moment, so night times have been a bit ruff. But he's getting the best, so it should be over soon.
On other news, we had the flue run through the house. It started with Angelina, and then Goran and I had it few days later, on the same day. It was awful and retched, but I'm glad to say my breastfeeding babies didn't get it. YEAH! One up for breastfeeding.
Angelina has started her last session of preschool and continues to luv it. Everyday she asks when and how close the day is for her to go to preschool. And after speaking with her preschool teachers, they tell me she is wonderfully behaved, a joy to have in the class room. I don't know why she is so bossy with her friends here, or so defiant when I ask her to do something. There is alot going on, with day care, a new brother, and a long winter. She is often fighting for my attention, which I am sure is hard on her. But then it seems, when I have a few minutes I can give just to her, she doesn't want it. Go figure! 4 year olds.
Grace is growing and changing. Some times she seems so grown up, and other times, like when she crawls into my lap, and curls up like a baby asking for 'nursies' she seems so little. Sometimes she goes to bed sooo well, I can't believe it. She will take her 'sue sue', give a kiss and hug, and go by herself. Other times she cries, and yells at me, and nothing I can do can fix what ever is wrong. I don't know. I know she is finding it hard to share me as well. But she does have those few stolen moment with me during the day for nursies, which is really just time connecting. And when we go for walks (almost everyday now) she likes to walk all by herself. Off she'll go running to the hydro/cable boxes...which really is just a quick walk for me...but off she goes non the less. All these little steps to 'growing up'.
Well thats about all for now. Life just seems to being going so fast, and I just want to enjoy these years with my little ones :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Whole Month!!

Wow, its been a month! How time flies!
Work has returned for me, and the kids are loving it. Every morning Angelina will ask me who's coming that day, and Grace and the little girl her age are learning how to play together well. And Bryan loves having the other kids to watch. He has never slept so good as now! With all the kids to watch, the fresh air he gets, and all the moving around he does, come nap times and night time, he is out for the count! I also sling him a lot more now then ever before, and he loves that as well. He moves around with me, he can hear my heartbeat, see the kids, and dinner is just a head turn away..LOL! Its very busy for me. I find by the end of the day I'm quit exhausted. But it gives our day a good routine, I'm eating healthier, as I cook better when I'm doing daycare, and I'm getting fresh air being outside every day. NOt much else is new, so I will end with some pictures. enjoy, post much sooner next time:)

1. Mommy and me, my favorit place to hang out, have a nap, a meal...

2. Can you move the book a bit so I can have a look??

3. Just a little further...I've almost got it....YEAH I DID IT!

4. Peek A Boo (This game's a bit over rated)

5. Me and my friend Parker, buddies to the end.

6. Me and my sisters.

7. I think they forgot someone in this picture!