Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Don't Know How to Download Pics

Ok, a bit stupid I agree, but we have this fancy picture program and I don't know how to download pics. I wanted to download some from our fabulous trip to Great Wolf Lodge, and Angelina's first day of grade 1, of the house we are going to buy, all the renos we are busy with here, and of my once again growing belly:). So at first I was just procrasitnating writing and figuring it all out, but once I became pregnant again, and as the weeks have gone by, and we've told people the exciting news, my fingers are itching to click away on the keyboard and documet my life agian. So I will make Goran show me this weekend, and get documenting again. I will update everyone on the past few months, and write more day to day stuff :).

As we move on with life, it changes, yet daily stays the same. I want to remember this time when my kids are small. It goes by so fast everyone says....