Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Woal Soakers

Here are my 2 finished wool soakers!Beside it is one of the infant cloth diapers I bought off a friend who used them for her son. She said they lasted about 3-4 weeks and he out grew them!!

And here is me. I didn't think I had grown that much until I saw the pictures. And I still have 2 months to go!!!

I have now begun my wool soakers. I have 2 completed, and a 3rd on the way. 'They' say you should have 6 in rotation, so that is my goal. But I'm thinking 8, because the 2 I have done I did on smaller needles than what the pattern calls for, and they are very small. But that's ok, I'm really enjoying it. It is a bit addictive, and quite relaxing. And it feels good to make something for the baby. Its different then buying things. This is a much different feeling of satisfaction. I'm doing something to prepare....if that makes any sense. Now I would like to knit a whole wardrobe.....:)

I'm tired and cranky this week. The weather is really getting to me. The air pressure is bothering me, and the heat is a little drawn out at this point. I'm not sleeping to well, and I'm not feeling rested when I wake up. Mostly because I'm hot and sticky, and usually have a head ace. But we are suppose to get some rain today to break the heat, and then I should be feeling much better. Baby is as active as ever!! About 4 pounds, and gaining 1/2 a pound a week until the last 2 weeks now. But as far as that goes, I still feel comfortable in my body, and I am enjoying Baby's movements.

The family is doing well here. Angelina is enjoying preschool. She went to Sunday school this past weekend and loved it just as much. Grace is doing splendid with the potty. Now if I could get her to sleep through the night a bit more often....:) Goran is busy looking for a new car. His car is really had it, and we've decided that we would rather not put any money in it at this point. We were both a bit disappointed on the weekend about it all; he was suppose to go look at a car, and it was sold before he could get there :( Oh well, there will he another one I'm sure.
Well that's it for now. I will post again next week after I see the midwife. I see them every other week now....boy (or girl), time is just flying by...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

30 Weeks - The Home Stretch

I am 30 weeks today!!! 1/4 of the way to go!! Baby is definitely getting bigger, and stronger. My research tells me that at this point Baby is generally 3lbs, 12oz or more, and up to 16 - 17 inches in length from head to toe. The other night I was laying in bed, probing my tummy, and I could feel that little foot again. I called Goran over, and had him check it out too. He could definitely make out something as well, but he wondered if it was a knee. Honestly I don't know. Maybe Baby's head up and it was a little fist, punching at me telling me to leave him/her alone so they could get some sleep:)
I am still feeling good. Very busy! My days are calculated to the last minute with daycare and the extra kids, and I am very grateful to hit the pillow at night. The last few evenings on my walk I have feeling that extra pelvic pressure a bit stronger, and I've noticed that when I have to pee, I REALLY HAVE TO PEE! Goran and I have started practising some birthing positions so that when the time comes we both know where to stand/sit, and it feels natural and comfortable. It also helps us feel connected to each other and Baby. Getting up off the floor is getting to be a bit more challenging, after sitting with the kids, and running up the stairs by the 10th time of day is a bit exhausting. The skin on my tummy is REALLY starting to stretch as well. I can feel this, and is not very pleasant. But really all things that go with the territory, and nothing that I certainly can't handle.
My visit with the midwife went super. Baby is head down again!! Yeah! Blood pressure was fine, and my weight was good. Slow and steady gain. I have a goal weight in mind that I don't want to go over, but that is only 6lbs away. But I think as long as I watch what I eat and continue being active, I can do it!! It was sooo nice to see Sylvia!! I haven't seen her since my 13 week apt. so it was very nice to catch up, and 'visit' a bit. Because, really, with a midwife, that's what its like. We talked about if the baby does go breach, but I am still pretty determined to do it at home. I know it can be a very serious thing but because of the way Grace came out, my pelvis is well proven, and there is no doubt on my part or the midwives part that I could push out a breach baby. But it appears at this time, that Baby knows the way out, and is going to co-operate.

Grace is doing splendid with the potty! Really, she gets it, and tells me, and accidents can now we counted by the week instead of by the day. I had to buy her some 2 piece PJ's. All I had were some one piece ones that have a zipper or buttons, and she peed 2 mornings in row with those on. So I went and got 2 pieces and it stopped. I think it was a bit of a mental thing. I think she worried how she would get them off, and then just couldn't hold it. But, happily now the problem is solved. Although, she won't sit on the big toilet and I have to drag that potty with me everywhere I go, if I'm going to gone for more then 3 hours.....but I guess one thing at a time. Not to many 21 months old are really 'potty trained'.

Angelina continues to grow and change as well. Her growth is a little more suttal at this age, but non the less, I pick it up. Her imagination is really coming out. I can here this as she plays with her friends. We have this toy crocodile thing. Angelina pretends its a pet, and she lets the other children 'taking care of it'. She takes it for walks, and asks grown ups (mostly me, or other parents picking up) if they would like to 'pet it'. Funny kidz!!

Well thats really it for me. I will post again soon, with some pics of the growing little one, and the other 2 girls!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

First day of Preschool

So off she went, with a smile on her face. I was missing one daycare child today, so the walk was quick. We got there, she turned to me, waved, and went through the door. Never looked back. So afterwards, like any mother, I asked her, "How was your morning? Did you have fun?"
"Yep," she said
"Well, did you do circle today?"
"Yep," she replied as we walked.
"What did you talk about?" I continued to probe her.
"I don't remember," she shrugged.
WHAT!!! I'm paying $10.00 a day for 'I don't remember?'
Ok, ok, lets try again.
"Did you talk about bumble bees?"
"No!" she laughed. "Leaves." Short and simple.
"Well, what do they do?"I asked.
"Fall off the trees," she giggled like little girls do. At this point we met her friends and she was off. So I didn't get much out off her. But then at lunch time, all she could talk about was the little girl she played with, and she didn't play with the boys, but Jemma and Payten weren't there. (They were friends in last years class.) And on and on....but nothing educational, it was just about friends ect. But then I guess that's why she's going. The social aspect of it all. I did mention to the teacher that she is missing JK, and could they work on her name with her. She said absolutely, and then asked, "And when are you due?"
"Uhh?"I actually had to stop and think a minute. First what is she talking about? Oh yes, the baby, and then, the date? Oh yes November 26th.

Honestly, I am so busy, I really don't have time to sit and think about Baby. I know he/she is there. Baby is moving and my belly is large, but really, I feel good. I'm up and down alot, and walking with the kids every day, my body feels great. And Baby is busy, but I feel more comfortable then when I was pregnant with both the girls.

That's really it for now. I will post next week after I see Sylvia. Have a great weekend.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Quick Update

I just wanted to post a few quick updates.

Grace is dry through the night!! She's been doing it on and off the past 2 weeks, and last night was so upset that I was putting a diaper on. I asked her, "No diaper?"
"NO DIAPER!" She wailed.
So I took it off, put on the panties, and she was dry this morning. And even when she had to go it was no big rush to the potty either. Just a small part of her morning.

I took Angelina shopping for new "school" clothes. She got some really cute shoes, and a cute little jean dress to wear with it. She is counting each day that goes by. I will be sure take a picture her first day and post it.

And me, I'm just growing and stretching. I can feel more and more that my skin is stretching as each day goes by. Baby is very active, sometimes enough to make my whole belly move! On Tuesday I'm 29 weeks! Once I hit 30, I'm in the home stretch...so to speak.

That's it for now, I will post some pics at the end of the week.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A few pics

Here is a few pics from the weekend.

1. Our little Hollywood girl catching the rays!

2. A peaceful nap after an afternoon in the sun.

3. A little quiet time and some singing.

4. All packed up and ready to go.

5. Good-bye hugs as we head off home.

Tick tick tick.....

That's what the days and weeks are doing. Slowly ticking by it seems. But then when I look back on it all, I'm like, "Wow, where has the time gone?"
Baby is 28 weeks old now. 'They' say that Baby is just over 2 pounds now, and about 15 inches long. (These are averages. Feels like 10 pounds and 30 inches long at times.:))Also, Baby can see the difference between light and dark. If I stand it the direct sunlight with my belly exposed, Baby can now 'see' the sunlight filtered through my tummy. I've always thought it was cool when I reached this stage with the girls. The baby can see! I am feeling more pelvic pressure as each day goes on, but nothing as bad as with Grace. My skin is also stretching as it grows, and I can feel that. One spot on my tummy will hurt for a day or so, kinda like a scratch, and then, POP, oh a stretch mark! But my overall comfort level is still good, considering I am 7 months pregnant. When I have had a good day, and I don't have any disturbances at night, I get a great sleep.
Daycare is going super good. The kids are all back from summer vacations and program is in full swing. They are enjoying new songs, and crafts of painting, gluing and colouring.
Angelina is signed up for preschool to start on the 13th. It is every Thursday morning, for 2 hours and 15 minutes. She went last winter and luved it. She is very excited about going and asks everyday if this is the day. We are going to buy some new running shoes for her to wear the first day!
Grace is doing spended with the potty! She now tells me when she has to go, by telling me "Mom mom, potty," and as she says it her words fade to a whisper. She pats her bum at the same time. She has 1 to no accidents a day. She is dry during nap time, and most mornings when she gets up. All I can say is, "Way to go Gracey!!"
We had a great weekend camping with Kristyn, Mark and Abby! The nights were not to bad at all, and there was so much food.....I put on a few extra pounds! But really its all baby :) Little Abby hurt her leg, so it was a quick pack up and head home on Monday morning. But reports are that she is recovering quickly.
Mean well Goran was very busy here at home! He did a wash on the deck, fixed the lattes fencing we have, and stained it all. It really looks like a new deck! I couldn't be more happy with it.
Well that's about it for me now. We have a busy evening ahead. The girls and I have a dog waiting for a walk, and then we are going to the library to return some books and get some new ones. So, have a great week and we'll see ya soon!