Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3 down, 1 to go

Here is the big boy, jolly jumping!!

So, Bryan is on the mend and feeling better. Yeah!! I'm still dealing with a bad sinuse infections and repeated visits to the doctor is doing little for me. On top of that I have a ear infection now too. I am now on a nasal spray, taking a 3rd round of antibiotics, and have a "Neti Pot". This is a tea pot shaped thing, which I put saline solution in. I put it to one nostril, lean forward and pour it into my nose. After a few seconds just when I think I can't take it, swoosh, it flows out the other side. Its an odd, water up the nose feeling. The pressure in my sinuses is better today, but my ear sure does hurt! But hopefully that gets better soon.

To finish off, here is a picture of my girls with their 'piggy tails'. Smiles on their faces, cute as buttons!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

A bit of a Ruff Week

Well, I tell ya, this little guy's had his ups and down this week. Monday was lovely. Happy smiley guy again. Yeah! Tuesday was a bad one. Poor fellow woke up with a ragging diaper rash. What the heck?? Not a good day. More screamy fussy baby. Nothing was working on the rash. Then my co-worker suggested maybe a yeast from his antibiotics. That's makes sense. I put some good old Conenstin on it at bed time, and yeah, happy fellow in the morning. But by this time those antibiotics are reeking havoc in his digestive track. He's pooping 3-4 times a day, and very grumpy about it each time. Oh boy. I'm sure his tummy is crampy, and sore. Poor guy. I called telehealth, and they said there really isn't much you can do at his age. I started taking a pro-biotic again, so he's getting that through the breast milk, and I think his body is adjusting. He seems better today. We went to my local La Leche League meeting this morning and he was quit happy, flashing smiles around, and playing well.

Here's to hoping it gets better as the weekend goes on!
Here's the little man in a milk-drunken sleep!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Poor Bryan

Saturday night Bryan was up crying, no, screaming for 2 hours. By Sunday morning I was 2 things. I was very tired and cranky, but I was also absolutely positive something was wrong with my baby. So back to the walk in clinic I went, again. (I had gone in again on Friday after going Tuesday.) The nurse came in and asked me what was wrong, and I started. "He cries alot!! He cried for 2 hours in middle of the night. He constantly has a low grade fever. I know babies, I have 2 girls, I know this isn't normal. He is miserable. I know something is wrong." The doctor confirmed that he had an ear infection, and likely some kind of nasal passage infection as well. I almost cried. I felt so bad. He's has a cold since March 31st. (I wrote it then in the blog.) He's been fighting this for quit awhile. He's been trying to tell me for quite awhile. Last week was awful. He was hungry and wanted to nurse, but every time he tried it would hurt his ear and he would come off after a few sucks and cry and cry. Oh I felt/feel so guilty!! I should have known. I should have been more insistent!!
But, on the happy side, he is happy today. He is really smiling, and wakes up happy. He has needed the soother 1/2 as much as last week, and he is happy to nurse again!! While he is nursing, he looks at me with thankful, happy eyes. I feel better. When he is sad, I can fix it again!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting Better

We've all been sick. Angelina and I had to be on medication. Angelina bounced back the same day the meds started. It was amazing and wonderful to see her feeling better so quickly. It was within hours of starting the meds. She turned the TV off herself, and started interacting with the world around her. She was the happy, trouble causing 4 year old we know. At the same time I was put on meds. I started to feel better, and Grace and Bryan got sick. 10 days later, still on meds, I came down with a fever again, the chills, and a tummy ace. I wanted to bring in Grace and Bryan, and thought I would have the doctor check me over, just in case. Grace and Bryan he said was viral, and didn't want to give them any thing. After looking me over, he tells me I am not over the original bacterial infection I had 10 days ago. What the other doctor had put me on was not strong enough. Well, that explained why I still felt so crummy! So he put me on some strong super drug, and a nasal spray. (I luv nasal sprays!!) Well 48 hours later I woke up feeling GOOD. "Wow. This is what healthy feels like." I thought to myself. Grace and Bryan's fever broke, and we all had a good sleep last night. Bryan is smiling again. They are both a bit cranky, but its coming. They're noses are slowly clearing up, and they are staying awake longer and smiling more. So we are getting better.
And spring has sprung! Angelina is finally on her 2 wheeler...after 2 summers of coaxing, and Grace is busy finding and watching bugs. Both girls are watch the tulips come up, and loving being able to grab a coat and play in the backyard. Bryan is soaking up the rays, and watching his sisters from the carrier or stroller. And me? I'm just happy to have my healthy children back. To see them run down the sidewalk laughing and giggling. To wake up and see the sun coming in the window. To smell the flowers, and the dirt. To smell the BBQ Goran is frying! Feel the sunshine, and the wind. I didn't realize how sick I was. I wasn't happy, I just didn't realize that was because I was so sick.
But what can I say now. Life is good. I couldn't ask for more.