Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Angelina

Dearest Angelina

Happy Birthday my sweet girl! 7! Today you are 7 years old! I am so so proud of the 7 you are! You are sweet and kind. Thinking of others before yourself, and being so quick to help. Whether it is to share a toy, help mama with the baby, help Grace with her school work or help Bryan brush his teeth, you a an amazing helper!!
We started a new journey this school year. We began homeschooling. As much as there is for you to learn, there is as much for me to learn. As we figure out the balance of book learning, to social learning, to self taught, to mama lead, I see you are learning! We are doing it, you and I! You can do things you couldn't back in September. You can add with a remainder, and your spelling is coming quicker the I can believe! It seems every time I turn around you are spelling a new word, or asking questions I don't know the answers too!
I also see a sensitive young girl emerging. You listen quietly to what is being said around you, and are quick to pick up on someone's sadness. Giving a hug, or offering an encouraging smile. You also quick to pick up on a light hearten mood, saying silly things to make others laugh, and giggling a long. You also seem to pick up a air of secret, and whenever you do, that sly smile slides over your face....and I reminded that you are a very smart little girl.

Some exciting things happened this year. You became a big sister again! And you show mommy all over again what a big girl you are. From Klara's first day you have wanted to help. Sing to Klara, rock Klara, and bounce her around. She looks up to you and trusts you so much :)
We also moved. You were nervous and a bit uneasy about moving away from our street. You talked to me about your fears and your desire to visit your friends. We went back for Halloween and you trick or treated up and down the familiar street and saw your friends.
In the new house you and Grace share a room 'downstairs'. You have been a big girl, enjoying the space and helping Grace adjust to being a bit further away from mommy and daddy. I see more and more what good friends you and Grace are becoming. I see the 2 of you are building a friendship that I hope lasts for your whole lives. Please remember Angelina, friends will come and go, but Grace will always be your sister, and she will always love you.

So on your birthday, we visit Boca for lunch and celebrate, and after wards your cousin Abby and friend Isley come for supper. We will sing for you, and hug you and kiss you extra. You will get a special 'birthday' gift, and brownie cake for dessert. We will celebrate you!! Rachel is coming on Saturday, and we will celebrate again with cupcakes, and the Santa Clause parade!

It is to celebrate you, my sweet sweet girl! All the wonderful you are and the joy give to us, just by being you. We celebrate the last 7 years we have had you, and for the years to come.

Happy Birthday Angelina.

I love you.

Love Mommy

Monday, November 22, 2010


I was in inspired to write something. Just to let the blogging world know I'm alive and well. Well for anyone who reads it. The family grows, we have moved, and prepare for a 1st Christmas with our baby girl, and in a new house.

I will get to it.


Turns into today.

And still no time.

Life goes on. Rushing past. Children sitting, talking, spelling, writing, adding, growing.

Mom and Dad struggle with life's questions. Bad choices people make effecting us all to such huge extremes. Trying to figure out what is right for us, were we stand, how to make everyone happy, and still do what is right for us.

Some way we find away, smile and kiss, and the children run around happy. A happy home is all they need.

Replace an old floor, fix a leaky roof, gain a room, plans for painting...some day soon :) But later, because time is short and they are growing fast....

I am blessed!!