Saturday, December 5, 2015

Half a Dozen + 2

I'm trilled to say, we are adding one more! 

We will have 1/2 a dozen beautiful children!

"Every good and perfect thing comes from above..."
James 1:17 The Bible

Everyone is excited to welcome OUR baby. 

+ Goran and I, we are a family of 8. 

My heart is so full, I'm afraid it might burst. 

8 is Great

I'm 2 days late. On the day he was born 8 years ago, I was 7 days 'late'. I was grumpy and tired all week long. But that morning, I had renewed energy, I was ok waiting, and looking forward to meeting him when he was ready. 

Little did I know, by 7:45 pm my first son would in my arms. 

He is a boy full of energy, wakes up happy and ready to take on the day. Hes eager to please, sad to see others sad, and he likes to hang out with his dad and his paka. 

He has taught me so much. He has taught me that love has now bounds. He loves with no conditions, and now exceptions. Sure he gets mad, stomps his feet all the way to his room. he shouts "Thats not fair!" and slams the door! But he comes back later tear streaked and sorry, hugs and kind words. He tries to make it better by helping or giving, or sharing. 

I am so thankful for the gift of my son. For his love, lessons, and smile.