Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back to Mother Earth

Here we are at the beach, while we were camping!

Here's the girls having an awsome time on the beach.

Sorry, but we can't forget Duke, who was a great camping dog!

We had a great time camping! As the title says, some time to get back to "Mother Earth". It was very peaceful, and relaxing for the most part. The girls just luved going to the beach! Gracey had a hard time standing in the water because of the waves, so she would crawl in backwards!! Too cute! And Angelina played for hours at a time. On the beach and in the water! Filling her pails, and dumping her pails. It was quite shallow, so Angelina could really enjoy the water, just splashing and wading. And we had nice warm nights, so that was great for us too.

I am now 23 weeks along, and everything is going well. Baby is moving lots, although no one else has felt he/she give a kick or a punch yet. The family gets to impatient waiting, and is off before Baby has a chance to kick again. Oh well, soon enough I will be wishing Baby would settle down, or get that foot out of my rib!!

The midwife apt. went well. I saw Lisa, she is my 3rd. She measured my uterus and it appears to be evening out. We did discuss the possibility of gestational diabetes, in which case I could be growing a bigger baby. She didn't seem concerned about it, and said we would check my uterus again next time. If it hasn't evened out by that time, we would talk further about the testing for diabetes. But Lisa did say she wasn't concerned, and she thought it would even out by my next visit. She was making me aware of possibilities, and discussing them with me. This is one of the reasons I luv midwives. They make you aware, encourage you to do research, and encourage you to make the decision that is right for you. They will offer their opinion if asked, but really, it is up to you. Baby's heart rate was 140 beats a minute. This too, Lisa encouraged Angelina to get involved.She got a chair for her, and let her hold the doppler so she would feel included. (The doppler is a device used to find Baby's heartbeat.) Another reason I luv midwives. We discussed a few minor concerns I had. I have a varicose vain, that has just popped out(lucky me). The isn't a whole lot you can do for it, and as long as its not causing me pain, that is the most important thing. We discussed GBS testing as well. I was worried if I tested positive I would have to go to the hospital. Lisa said that all 3 of my midwives feel comfortable giving the medication to me at home, if I test positive. But here again, she told me to do some research online. There are conditions that are very favorable for you to have the medication, (a prolonged ruptured membranes) and others conditions that don't merit the medication. For example if you have a fast labor, the medication doesn't have time to get into your system, so then it is quite pointless.
All in all it was a great visit, and I go back again in 4 weeks.

I have been enjoying a lovely vacation. Just some time off work, but its still been very nice. The girls and I have been busy visiting friends. I've also been cleaning up my daycare, and moving things around. Tomorrow I have an apt. to get the girls pictures done together, something I have been meaning to do for many months now:)

As the week as been moving on, I have actaully missed my other kids. The smiles, and laughter, the songs and stories. Ofcourse I do that with the girls, but like I always say, "The More the Merrrier." I am looking forward to the weekly routines, and smiling faces coming and going through the door again. Actaully Angelina has been asking everyday if her friends are coming "today", so I know she will be happy next week too.

Well thats all for this week. Keep updating weekly, and thanx for reading!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter Mania!!!

The movie is out, the book is out, and its all whirling around in my head!! I luv Harry Potter! I started the books maybe 5 years ago, and since then have bought the last 3 books the day they came out. And each time I have bought a book, I've been pregnant! The last 3 movies I've seen, have all been while I was pregnant too! My sister in law, Kristyn and I went on the weekend to see the movie, and it was fabulous! But before I went to her house I was at Shoppers Drugmart at 9:30am, getting a copy at the newest and last book for 40% off. So far I am about half way though, and it is really good. I know its the last one, so I am trying to read slowly and savour it. I don't get caught up in to may books anymore, but Harry Potter, is just one of those books!

Well, I am are 22 weeks on Tuesday July 24. On the the 26th, I have 4 months until my due date! Baby is more and more active every day. Sometimes I can give my belly a poke and Baby kicks me back! I remember that with Grace and I loved it. Already he/she is responding to the outside world! From my reading material I understand that in the next week or so Baby can hear sounds and voices from outside my belly, and will begin responding to them as well! My belly is losing some of that extra "fat" that I had picked up at the beginning of my pregnancy, and the skin is starting to stretch. My tummy itself feels harder, I suppose, because my uterus is growing and taking up the space. Over all I feel really good. I am sleeping well, with only a few wake ups during the night, if Grace calls out for me, or mother nature calls for a trip to the bathroom.

I have been busy reading birth stories online. I find it so inspiring to read and watch other woman's experiences. Especially the women who labor for hours and hours, 16-24 hours, and stay home and have a natural labor and delivery. I read a quote today that went something like this "We have a secret in out culture. It is not that labor is painful, it is that women are strong." It was empowering, and comforting! Reminding me that I am not alone in my quest for a natural birth. I'm not crazy. There are good solid reasons for wanting this, and doing this. I'm glad I came across that today.

At home here Angelina went over to a friends house to play for the first time today! A big step for her (and me). She had a great time, and was not ready at all to come home when I went to pick her up.
Gracey has joined the world of sleeping in a big bed! She is now sleeping with Angelina. She is great at nap time, but night time is a bit of a struggle keeping her in there long enough to fall asleep. On well, all in good time!

I have a midwife apt. next week. I will be sure to post after that, with any updates, and general wellness of the whole visit. I always look forward to them!
We will be going camping to the Sandhills, on the weekend! I am so looking forward to it! I went just about every year as a child, and had so much fun. I am looking forward to taking the kids and letting them have fun! I will be sure to take lots of pics!

Well I had beter go an savour my book some more. Have a great week!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

An awsome deal!!

I got the most amazing deal the other day!!! Because this is our 3rd baby, there really isn't a whole lot we need. We have a bassinet, (actually 2) a crib, a change table, and clothes for a girl. I even have different carriers, a swing, and cloth diapers, so I won't need diapers! But as a woman and a mother I am trying to think when people ask me, "What do I need?" I've come up with a few things that I would like. I don't need them, but would like them. One of those things was a wooden highchair. I already have 2 plastic ones(don't forget I do home daycare)but they are such a pain in the butt! Food is always getting stuck in the bottom, and the cloth cover forever needs to be washed. I looked on line, and found a few, but was looking at $200.oo. After careful consideration, I had decided this investment was well worth it, and planned to buy one before Baby arrived. (It could be passed down to Baby when he/she has a family.) Well yesterday I was shopping at a second hand store, and what did I fall upon but a WOODEN HIGHCHAIR!! I tried not to get to excited. (I had found one before, and it wasn't much good.) So I went to check it out. It was nice and sturdy, the tray went on and off well. It was a bit dirty, but just surface stuff. How much was it? $14.99!! I just about fainted!! So, I took it home, washed it up, and I am so happy with it! Just about the best deal I have ever gotten. Below is a picture.

In the last week its like Baby has suddenly realized he/she has the ability and room to move. Everyday, and frequently through the day I can feel this little one dancing away. Its almost as if Baby can hear all the commotion out here, and just doesn't want to be left out! Whatever the reason I really enjoy feeling Baby move. A reminder that he/she is there and getting ready to make the "Grand Entrance". I think anyone who knows me knows that I am planning another home birth for Baby's grand entrance, right? I did this with Grace and loved it. Don't get me wrong. It was painful. But it was wonderful. It was in my own home, and I was surrounded by people I knew and trusted. People who knew what my goals were, and wanted to help me achieve them. The whole birth team supported me, and each of them helped me cope during labor in a different way.Goran and the midwives were right in there, massaging my back, and reminding me to breath. My mom was there taking care that everyone had what they needed and would give a shout out "Your doing great, Kathryn, you can do it."(She took some really great pics as well.) And my sister-in-law, Kristyn was there taking great care of Angelina so my mind was at peace about that. After the birth it was very peaceful, and I felt save. No doctors or nurses running in and out. No one checking on me, or asking to take the baby to be checked over. My midwives knew that I had a really hard time at the hospital when I had Angelina with the nurses taking her. They respected that and never took Grace out of my sight! And I knew that the best thing for Grace was an unmedicated labor and delivery. And I did it!
I am beginning to and continuing to prepare for the birth. I have begun exercising on the birthing ball. I know that labor is alot of physical work, so I am walking, and doing water fit to keep my body strong and healthy. The birthing ball also really helps as it makes me aware of how my body is growing and changing. It helps me to feel comfortable with the extra weight that pregnancy naturally brings on. I am also beginning to gather reading material to help me prepare mentally for the birth. So that when labor begins I can centre myself and concentrate on the task at hand.

I have taken on the notion of having some wool sokers made for Baby. (Something else I would like.) It is a knitted diaper cover you put over top of a cloth diaper. You need to use at least 70% wool, and it will absorb 40% of their weight. I have enlisted the help of my mom, and mother-in-law, (I have no idea what to do with knitting needles) and given plenty of time should have a 4-6 by the time Baby comes.

It is so much fun, planning for Baby, and getting things ready. I know I have 2 children already, but each one brings their own new joy and excitement. I luv to watch his/her own little personality blending in with the family and finding their own niche, as to where they belong in the family unit. Below is a picture to compare with a few others I have put up to see if there is any growth change. It certainly feels like it! We did it a bit different with the mirror reflection in it. You can also see the 2 girls in the background who are not going to be left out.

Well this is a long post. I will say good night, and take the girls out for my evening walk. Have a great week!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Half Way There

Well, I am now half way there! 20 weeks done, and 20 weeks to go. I am really starting to feel Baby move now, mostly every day, a kick, a punch or a flip. I enjoy the movements and look forward to it during the day. I talk to Baby, trying to coax him/her to move, but its usually when I am busy and my tummy relaxed, "bump" I'll get a reminder of our growing baby. Grace has taken to saying "Hi Baby" every time my belly is exposed. She will even lift my shirt to get the words in:) Angelina is an old pro, and will rub my tummy, and even go as far as to kiss it. Sometimes to much for me, and I'll cover up, saying "All right, its not just Baby, Mommy's here too!" But despite that, I enjoy watching the girls and see how much each of them really understand at their different ages. I am truly enjoying my pregnancy. I love to watch and feel my body change as Baby grows. Sometimes I feel aquard, and whalish, but so many women never get this chance. It is a blessing. To carry life, give birth, and raise a child. One that I thank God for daily.

Goran has been extremely busy here around home getting the yard looking ship shape! The front flower bed has been done, and he's been busy in the back with a veggie garden, (fresh onions and radishes already!) planting grass, breaking up old cement blocks from something or other, putting gravel under the patio stones, moving dirt from one place to another...the list goes on! This weekend, with my dads help, he is planning to put a new roof on the shed, and make a trip to the dump. We are really hoping to get most of the yard repairs done this year, so next year we can just maintain and enjoy it.

Daycare is going really well! The new little guy is settling in wonderfully. Angelina at one time didn't want "her friends"(as I call them all) to come and play. But now when its the weekend she is sad that, "My friends aren't' coming to play!" Its funny how quickly they change their mind about what is a bad thing, suddenly being a really good thing. This week we are celebrating a birthday! One of the girls turns 3, so we will be sure to make her feel special that day! Speaking of birthdays, Grace has picked up the "Happy Birthday" song in the last 2 weeks because of a lot of birthdays in the extended family. In the last week she has begun to sing "Happy Birthday Daddy" in her play around the house. It is wonderful to hear her talking, and to know that she wants to talk because she is understanding that talking is a great way to communicate your thoughts and feelings to others. Even just in daily things, she will say "Thank-you" when we give her something or "Yes please" if I ask her if she wants something.

The week is yet to start, and the chore list gets longer and longer:) It keeps me out of trouble! Hope you can all manage to stay out of trouble, have a great week!!