Saturday, July 16, 2016

Klara *6*

Some how these days sneak up on me, and slip past, and I CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. My last baby girl is 6. She is tall, strong, independent and determined. She keeps up with those big kids so matter how hard it try to hang onto her littleness.


There is so much I can say, I don't know where to start.

But....6 things, for 6.

1. She luvs her dad.
2. She idolizes her sister Grace. Hangs on every word, plays with her, listens to her, and dresses like her.
3. She got baby Annabel her birthday. She luvs her baby!
4. She can hop Bryans bike ramp as good as Bryan
5. She can swim the deep end of the local indoor and outdoor pool!
6. She is luving soccer!

She's busy. She has a zest for life. Her smile lights up her face. She can't wait for the next thing.

A whole new year of possibilities!

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