Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Outfits and Rubber Boots

Happy Easter from our house to yours!

Its been a crazy six weeks since sweet boy Sam joined us. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. It seems a good day is one when everyone has gotten dressed, eaten 3 meals, gotten outside, and been put to bed before 9:00pm. In there is ballet, gymnastics, trips to a breastfeeding clinic in Toronto, sleep overs at Nana's, library, and other such fun. Its not bad, just busy.

I have felt distracted. Sam has a tongue tie, that we are trying to hard to break, but its refusing, causing me pain, and him frequent feeding, (day and night). As this is my passion, and so important to me, we will figure it out, and keep pushing forward.

In the mean time 'they' continue to grow. All 5 of these amazing children of mine.

I'll try to blog again this week, but I'm hanging on, as it promises to be another whirl wind!

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