Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Littlest Girl is Growing

We celebrated Klara's FIFTH birthday this month. 

Each day that goes by, her babyhood and toddlerhood and preschool years are slipping away like sand through my fingers. Its bittersweet. 
Watching her come into her own person is a gift. I treasure with every breath and heart beat. No matter how old they get, their arms around me, hugs and kisses I can't help but stop and breath in their scent. I can't help but brush the hair out of her face while she sleeps and kiss her forehead. 
She talks a lot. When we are all in the van she shouts from the back, (so everyone hears her!) and some times we ask her to whisper because its loud. When we leave the big kids at home she talks and talks from the back seat. She tells me her friends dads names, (I'm not kidding) she reminisces about things with "Do you remember when...?" She helps her baby brother every chance she gets. She wipes up her own messes, but only eats what she wants, and refuses the meal if she doesn't like it. She baths herself picks out her own clothes, and if you look really close, you'll see the earrings she picked out the day before when she got her ears pierced. And didn't cry a bit. 

Her determination spills over in her life in every way. A lot like mine :) She refused to wear that dress all year last year. And a week before her party she decided to wear it for her birthday. 

She has passion for the things she luvs. Things like, 100 kisses from her dad, fairies, her friends from the bus, clothes, sleep (she's the last one out of bed every day) purple and pink cupcakes (determined!) scootering, letters, reading, and swinging. 

i know its blurry but its beautiful

My girl also luvs to dance. She had he ballet recital this month too. She has practiced and worked hard since January. She has this way of sticking her tongue to the side of the mouth when she is watching her teacher and concentrating so very hard. It is so adorable. 



Her lovely teacher Miss Sarah. She is so patient and kind, and unconditionally encouraging with every single girl.  

Miss Sarah made book marks for all the girls, and she made a monkey for Klara!
5 years since she had her 1st cry, since i reached for her and held her in my arms. I was in awe that I had another little girls, and so thankful the gift of her. 

Happy Birthday my Klara! 

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Kristyn Hiemstra said...

Oh, I love those ballet photos! What a beautiful birthday post for your sweet girl :) We love you, Klara May!